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Top Takeaways from #PRSAICON


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Top Takeaways from #PRSAICON

  1. 1. Top 12 Takeaways From #PRSAICONPresented by: Co-Communications
  2. 2. PRSA national reported that 60% of PRprofessionals are reporting directly to the c- suite, yet 80% of MBA programs do not include communications and reputation management. - PRSA Chair and CEO Gerard F. Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA
  3. 3. A great dialogue is necessary for creating alignment in an organization. Internal corporatesocial collaboration is the next big thing. - Melissa McVicker, Director of Employee Communications, Intel
  4. 4. Research shows that if you have a bad rep and show thatyou are trying to change, you get even more props than a company who regularly engages in Corporate Social Responsibility. A bad reputation can be overcome.- June Cotte, Ph.D, Consumer Behavioral Expert and Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Western Ohio
  5. 5. There is a need for regulated industries to be part of theconversation on social media from a relationship management perspective. Regulators are looking at what regulated industries are doing...who is complaining about entities? - Denyette DePierro, J.D., Senior Counsel, Office of Regulatory Policy, American Bankers Association
  6. 6. Loyalty is making acomeback because it can be integrated and tracked via mobile. - Dawn Marie Yankeelov, President and Founder, Aspectx
  7. 7. Opportunity can be manufactured.Prearrange opportunities and take advantage of them. -Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter
  8. 8. There is no substitute for face-to-face communication.-Tim Westergren, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora
  9. 9. To recruit top talent, small agencies should think aboutcreative compensation strategies - perks, sign on bonuses, flex schedules, professional development opportunities, etc. - Jean Elizabeth Gonsoulin, President, The Gonsoulin Group
  10. 10. Transparency is a powerful tool for helping is a powerful tool forconsumer helping consumer brandsto move brands to move the needle. theneedle.
  11. 11. D, do you have any examples of companies/images to be used here. Gamification has proven an effective workplace training tool.Employees trained by video games learn more factual information, attain higher skill levels and retain information longer. - University of Colorado Business School, 2010, via Shel Holtz
  12. 12. An organizations actions speak more loudly than its words.- Bey-Ling Sha, Ph. D., APR. (Recipient of PRSAs 2012 Outstanding Educator Award)
  13. 13. How you prepare a client to be his or her own PR is very important. - Michael Steele, Political Analyst, MSNBC; Former Chairman, Republican National Committee
  14. 14. Jessica Lyon @jesslyon | Danielle Cyr@daniellecyr | New York | Connecticut