New facebook ad makes testing priority over increasing number of ads


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New Facebook Ad Makes Testing Priority over Increasing Number of Ads

There are many who noticed that not only did Facebook create more ad space on the right side of your news feed. They also started rotating ads through the longer you stayed on the feed.

This was in an effort to be able to show more ads to its users. And the method they did it, really didn't change the looks of the site all that much.

Now they have announced a new ad size, which for marketers, could actually bring more clicks for your advertising dollar.

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New facebook ad makes testing priority over increasing number of ads

  1. 1. clint but Clint Butler Thursday,April 10, 2014 New Facebook Ad Makes Testing Priority over Increasing Number of Ads It really was only a matter of time bef ore Facebook ran out of areas to put advertising on the site. The f act of the matter is though they were under signif icant pressure to make more revenue through their ads. That being said I f or one was glad they created a new Facebook ad without adding more to those already there. New Facebook Ad Placement Offers More Engagement One of the hard parts about marketing online is that you always have to be prepared to test new ideas, concepts, or methods in order to f igure out if they are going to be ef f ective f or you, especially when using Facebook advertising. Facebook is clearly doing the same thing and as such have announced that they are rolling out a new ad design f or the right side of your news f eed. The announcement stated that the roll out of the new ad will happen over the course of a couple of months, however there are some advertisers who could see it as soon as the end of the month. I guess that will be determined by how much you spend on your advertising. At least that’s what I would do. As you can see f rom the image above the new ad is actually going to be bigger than the typical right side ad. Facebook says that this larger size right hand column ad actually saw more engagement. According to
  2. 2. them, up to three times more engagement as the old Facebook ads. Advertisers will love that, as well as the ability to upload just one image into the Facebook ads manager versus several. “For advertisers, this of f ers a simpler way to create ads and an enhanced creative canvas on the right- hand column of Facebook.” says the Facebook Blog. So instead of having to create two sizes f or each image your testing you just create one and then Facebook with resize your photo f or the new Facebook ad dimensions. Something they should have been doing all along. Implications onAd cost Facebook hinted that this may have an ef f ect on your advertising dollars, as in these ad will cost you more than the current right side ad size. This makes sense because they are reducing the number of ads overall, which is good f or users. I wouldn’t get to worried about the increase in pricing however, because your engagement will go up f or a while making your return on investment much higher. And the new Facebook ad will require you to do a bit more research when your targeting, which is also a good thing. So high f ive to Facebook all around f or this new Facebook ad and I look f orward to using it right away in my Facebook marketing strategy! Your Name: Your Email: