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Presentation at CMIS11 by Thanh Le, AusAID Liaison Officer to the ADF.

Presentation at CMIS11 by Thanh Le, AusAID Liaison Officer to the ADF.

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  • To put it into context between development and humanitarian / disaster responses. Development is about building the capacity of partners and it is driven by the partners and their owership This line get a little grey in hum/dis responses settings
  • To begin, we observed a deployment of international military assets that was truly remarkable in its size and scope. By our count, 35 nations dedicated 75 helicopters, 41 ships, 43 airplanes and more than 30,000 troops (including medical teams, engineers, air traffic controllers and many other needed specialties) to the relief effort. This was in many ways precedent-setting and we should capitalize on the opportunity to prepare ourselves to be (even) better the next time.
  • 37 USAR teams – over 1500 rescuers and equipment


  • 1. Civil-Military Interaction Seminar “ Local Ownership ” Nov 2011 Thanh Le AusAID Liaison Officer to the ADF
  • 2. Local Ownership Bam 2003 Pakistan 2005
  • 3.
    • “ I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.”   ~John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
    • “ We've gotten to the point where everybody's got a right and nobody's got a responsibility.” - Newton Minow
  • 4. 2004 Tsunami - US Military INDIA THAILAND CHINA INDONESIA PHILIPPINES Colombo Diego Garcia SRI LANKA 2 P-3, 1 C-21 ALCSG LINCOLN (CVN) (10 x SH-60) SHILOH (CG) (2 X SH-60) SHOUP (DDG) (2 X SH-60) BENFOLD (DDG) RAINIER (T-AOE) (2 x MH-60) Maritime Prepo Ships PLESS, LUMMUS, BONNYMAN Medan Utapao FORT MCHENRY (LSD) 3 CH-46 3 LCAC Phuket Langkawi WESTPAC EXPRESS (HSV) CSF-536 2 HH-60 Singapore Personnel 19,500 Air Assets 3 C-17 (USTRANSCOM) 2 C-5 (USTRANSCOM) 2 KC-130 2 P-3 4 C-2 13 fixed- wing (+52 TACAIR ALSG) 36 Helos Ships 6 USN 3 MPS 3 USNS Logistics 1 Survey Ship 1 HSV LUMMUS (MPS) BONNYMAN (MPS) Logistics Ships SAN JOSE (T-AFS) TIPPECANOE (T-AO) NOTE: USNS RAiNIER w/ALCSG 4 X C-2 Jakarta CONCORD (T-AFS) 2 MH-60 A LINCOLN CSG CSG-I SAN JOSE (T-AFS) 2 MH-60 TIPPECANOE (T-AO) Kadena 2 KC-135 on alert ESSEX (LHD) 4 MH-53, 4 MH-60, 2 LCU 5 CH-46 MCDONNELL (T-AGS) MALDIVES PLESS (MPS) MERCY (T-AH) Futenma 2 KC-130 SWIFT (HSV) ON STATION CSG AIRFIELDS IN BOUND OUT BOUND
  • 5. INDIA INDONESIA Colombo U-tapao SRI LANKA Medan Med Team Aceh 2 x C-130 LPA – CJTF 629 Helos x 2 Khao Lak 1 x DVI Team Male Med Team Ships x 1 Helos x 1 Ships x 1 Helos x 1 Eng Team C-130 x 6 B-707 x 1 UH-1 x4 LST x 2 C-130 x 5 CH-47 x 3 Darwin Hospital Ship Helos x 2 Ships X 2 Med Team Eng Team Ships x 3 LST/AOE/DD CH-47 x 3 UH-60 x 2 SH-60 x 2 Med Team 211 pax C-130 x 1 Ships x 2 C-130 x 2 Ships x 2 Eng Team C-130 x 1 Water System Field Hospital C-130 x 2 Ships x 2 Helos x 3 Med Team Eng Team Field Hospital Eng Team Fixed wing x 1 MP Team C-130 x 1 Ship x 1 C-130 x 2 Helos x 2 Med Team Eng Team RNZAF B-757 in region Meulaboh Ship x 1 Helo x 1 DART Team ROWPU x 4 Med Team Eng Team Forensic Team LST: RTHP Helos x 1 K.L. C-160 x 2 Helos x 5 Field Hosp Eng Team x 2 ALT x 2 HH-60 x 2 Field Hospital Ships x 7 Helos x 3 Fixed Wing x 2 C-130 x 2 Helos x 2 Helos x 4 Helos x 1 C-130 x 1 LST to SL ETD: 29 Jan 35 Nations 41 Ships 43 Airplanes 75 Helicopters 30,000 + Troops 2004 Tsunami – Other Militaries
  • 6. Bam, Iran Earthquake – 26 Dec 2003 – Overview of International Teams
  • 7.  
  • 8. Local Ownership Challenges
    • Different level of investment in disaster preparedness and emergency response capabilities
    • Be in a position to manage the in-coming support
    • Temporary “tasking” of the ownership
    • Effective transitions of external assistance to local system
  • 9. National capabilities
    • The preparedness and response priorities of countries need to be respected and supported
    • All humanitarian partners – from the community level up to the national level – need to be included to meet these challenges
  • 11. Ownership = Partnership
    • Investment in partnership
      • Long term
      • Predictable
    • Linkages, networks and system before the required interaction
    • Understand that everything is important but not everything is a priority .
  • 12. Thanh Le phone: +61 2 6128 4419 web: www.ausaid.gov.au Email: thanh.le@ausaid.gov.au