Cheil UAE Trend Report 2012


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Cheil UAE - Middle East Trend report 2012 - made in the region

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Cheil UAE Trend Report 2012

  1. 1. §   SPRING SUMMER TRENDSJh/june2012/cheilUAE   2012
  2. 2. INTRO…What will make the world tick in 2012? What will the consumer do in 2012?What is the forecast of trends in the near future? Planners and intelligencedepartment did their share of the job and thousands of reports everywhereare evaluating, analyzing, studying and demonstrating the crucial trends ofthe coming year..At Cheil UAE, our observation skills, trendspotting & pattern recognitionare “made in the region”. From different global and local research tosupermarket visits, café ear-dropping, social behaviourism and practicallyanything that showcases or hints to any new pattern being built, wedeveloped our MEA 2012 collection of trends.
  3. 3. #01Voyeurism
  4. 4. #01Voyeurism  Whether we like it or not, Social Media addiction will grow even moreintense in 2012 as we witness the rise of the consumer 2.0. The socialconsumer is becoming more and more curious and his curiosity is nowleading him to spy on brand activities (if they know what interest him)collecting more and more “likes” for those brands to watch. Example: Hear the voices of the youth, in the Regions Biggest Youth Initiative from Coca Cola “ Today I will”. Hear their stories, how they made it.. What they say about their day and how they eventually find their way through to pursue happiness. Interesting and engaging for the brand’s consumers!
  5. 5. #02Womenthe new Men  
  6. 6. #02the new MenWomen  Women in the region are becoming as powerful as men if not more.Women are the majority of the workforce in Dubai where expat womenare Managers and CEOs of international companies. Local women arebecoming ministers and directors of major governmental companies.In the Middle East the power of the purse has never been morepowerful. Example: Lebanese Actress and Director Nadine Labaki is the new face of the Scottish Whiskey brand Johnnie Walker. This new campaign marks the first time ever a woman has appeared in a Johnnie Walker Ad.
  7. 7. #03SupermumSyndrome  
  8. 8. #03 Syndrome  SupermumBaby yoga, organic food, aqua gym, rhymes & lyrics, play dates, painting, pottery.. and waaaaaaay much more. “Quality time” is the Supermum new motto, and “green” is their most important concern. Supermums want it all for them and their kids. Brands who smartly address those Gen.X mums solving their “bad parents” anxiety are winning brands. Example : In Dubai multiple ads for baby play center, development center, baby gym, baby socializing club etc… tap on `   those mothers’ concerns. Giving the best for her child, spend time-even better- spend “quality time” with him.
  9. 9. #04Cross-Gen   `  
  10. 10. #04Cross-Generation    Take brands like Apple, whose stores worldwide are crowded with all different age groups, or take super-in Skype App used all day, every day, by kids, their grandparents and teenagers alike. When it comes to some brands, age becomes nothing but a number. Example : The new Emirates Hello Tomorrow campaign took the lead with new advertising featuring different age groups mixing teens with seniors along with the usual 20-40 mainstream consumers usually featured in the perfect advertising world.
  11. 11. #05MovementMarketing  
  12. 12. #05 Marketing  Movement  Brands must find a new way to keep their edge today at a timewhen marketing is once again going through revolutionarytimes: Brands must look beyond their products and STANDFOR SOMETHING! Movements aim to drive positive changeand have a higher purpose! Example: Pepsi Arabia “express yourself” Campaign or even Vodafone Egypt “let nothing stop you – power to you” campaign, are all inspired by the region’s torments and the will of a new generation that need change. Brands who are taking part of the social movement are more appealing to Youth.  
  13. 13. #06Tablet ®wanted!  
  14. 14. #06Tablet Wanted!  Tablet is the most wanted item of 2012. Tablets is the “new” hype and the most seen accessories just after the Smartphone. Whether it’s the portability or the personal relationship established with the tablet, tablets are being seen everywhere. From coffee shops to parks, at the mall and even at work, where employees take their personal tablets to the office just like they do with their personal phones. Example: Tech forecasters at Future Source Consultants estimate that the sale of 15 million tablets in 2011 is expected to grow up to 25 million in 2012. But is this trend expected to affect the notebook sales in the region like it did globally? We’ll wait to see.
  15. 15. #07DigitalTravel  
  16. 16. #07Travel  DigitalThe biggest digital trend of the year is definitely the absolute supremacy of Digital Travel. Travelers not only use the social networks to make informed travel decisions, but everything related to travel, from looking up destinations packages, booking flights, checking bags, or even the best cities destinations, all are done Online! Example : launched in 2009 Fly Dubai is the leader in its category and is the second biggest passenger carrier operating out of Dubai International Airport After Emirates. The ease and convenience of the online services makes it appealing to consumer while prices are very similar to competitors.
  17. 17. #08PamperedMan  
  18. 18. #08 Man  The PamperedThe pampered man is not only alive and multiplying but he’s as we speak, shopping at a mall near you. The “metrosexual” very limited edition of men of the last decade evolved and embraced the new lifestyle where health and beauty are part of his routine. Example: In the UAE and the region, men smell good, look good, and have a haircut every 3 weeks* The manicure pedicure “treatment” is the natural *in Dubai   annex of haircut and beard grooming, every 3 weeks too.
  19. 19. #09DecisionFatigue  
  20. 20. #09 Fatigue  DecisionIt turned out that in this always-on, 24/7 hyper-connected world, modern people become subject to Decision Fatigue. The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain which looks for shortcuts: one is to become reckless and act impulsively, the other is the ultimate energy saver: do nothing! Example: Brands should take this into consideration thinking next “when to reach best our consumer” instead of the traditional “how to reach the consumer”. Cheil Lifeshare™ is one of the tools that allows us to get this consumer’s insight.
  21. 21. #10DigitalDetox  
  22. 22. #10Detox  DigitalJust like with all addictions, it was only logical to hit Detox Next! We live in a digital world it’s true, and the connected 24/7 working force in the region is especially addicted to this modern business drug, the “BB/FB”. End result: Executives take vacation out of technology and during the weekend, they willingly disconnect from all digital media and turn this BB/FB off. Example: 80% of executive asked, have 2 phones and turn off their BB during the weekend keeping their personal phone on. It’s only a matter of time now before we see Detox holidays packages flowering in the city.
  23. 23. ABOUT CHEILCheil worldwide is Korea’s largest and one of the world’s leading advertisinggroups. Established in 1973 with headquarters in Seoul, Cheil operates 49offices in 27 countries with 3,000 employees.Operating in Dubai since 2006, Cheil UAE is an integrated ad agency producing creative and added value solutions for its clients through“ideas that move” - Ideas that move consumers, brands metrics, products. Jh/june2012/cheilUAE  
  24. 24. To find out more about our “ideas that move” or more info on our trendspotting & strategic tools and how it can help move your business, please contact: or Jh/june2012/cheilUAE