Everything You Need for Event Photography


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When shooting event photography, it's important to be prepared for anything - including a variety of shots, lighting conditions, and even weather events. To help, we've put together this practical set list of the things photographers need for event photography. If you're just starting out, or if you need a refresher, this presentation is for you.

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Everything You Need for Event Photography

  1. 1. Event Photography Everything You Need to Get the Right Shot
  2. 2. Because Moments Won’t Wait One of the most challenging aspects of event photography is the need to be prepared for virtually any situation. Weather, technical failures, personalities and location variabilities are all out of your control. What’s not out of your control is what you do before the event to prepare. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the equipment necessary for getting the right shot – no matter what the conditions.
  3. 3. Lenses for Event Photography To create the type of photographic record clients often want, it’s important to bring along several lenses. These include:  Macro lenses  Wide angle lenses  A fisheye lens  And, of course, a standard camera lens
  4. 4. Lens Filters To ensure you’re able to capture stunning shots no matter what the conditions, it’s important to carry an array of lens filters.  Use a polarizing filter to reduce glare and improve color saturation.  Use a UV / haze filter to filter out atmospheric haze.  Use a neutral density filter to add an element of drama to your photos. For more on this subject, please see our SlideShare presentation on how to use a lens filter.
  5. 5. Extra Batteries and Memory Cards Of course, extra batteries and memory cards are a must. Pack more than you think you’ll need in order to ensure you’ll have enough. In addition, you might want to bring replacement cables and chargers – because you can never be too safe.
  6. 6. A Professional Grade Camera Of course, the camera you carry has more to do with your ability to get the right shot than any other piece of equipment. If you haven’t already, consider investing in a professional grade camera that will help you capture spectacular images. For this purpose, we love the Canon Mark III and the Nikon D800.
  7. 7. A Good Camera Bag You’ll need a stellar camera bag to help you tote all of this equipment from job to job. Most event photographers use a full-sized gadget bag, as well as a wearable sling or belt pack.
  8. 8. About Cameta Cameta Camera is a true brick-and-mortar camera store in Amityville, NY. We’ve been selling photography equipment and distilling advice to professionals and hobbyists alike more than 25 years. For more photography tips, visit our blog at Cameta.com/blog.
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