Search Engine Script To Build Google Clone Website


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Search Engine Script To Build Google Clone Website

  1. 1. SEARCH ENGINE SCRIPT HOW TO BUILD GOOGLE CLONEThis search engine script enables you to make your own search engine with thousands ofkeyword rich, automatically generated Adsense and SEO optimized static pages generating tonsof free traffic and with that great revenue. It is more than just a simple Google clone script sinceit gives extra search possibilities for users at one place like mp3, auction, shopping, electronics,videos and others.You can run a Niche-specific, Language-specific or Country-specific search engine which cangenerate a lot of free visitors – potential clickers on your Adsense ads, potential buyers onAmazon, Clickbank, Ebay, making you money.Why I like this SearchEngine ScriptPersonally, I like this Google clone scriptas the visitors are able search in eightcategories (web, auctions, mp3, videos,autos, news, books, shopping) and in theadmin area you can add your affiliate Ids,so if anyone buys something you can getcommissions for those products. So youcan not only get money via PPCadvertising which is also highlyoptimized on the pages, but you can getmoney via affiliate links, too. That’s why I like this search engine script.You can check out sites built on this Google clone scriptFeatures of Automated Search Engine Script  Keyword rich, SEO and Ad optimized static pages generated automatically.  This is a meta search engine script, so special or expensive host is not needed, as it can query several other search engines and collect their results into a final results set. SCRIPTECH.NET
  2. 2.  Results pages are optimized for search engine spiders, all pages are presented as static HTML pages and are indexed by search engines very fast. The generated URL will look like this:  The engine has integrated Google AdSense, Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank programs which can maximize your online income . (Affiliate revenue, PPC)  Fully customizable. Easy to install, PHP search engine script.  Bonus: 40’000 Top-paying AdSence Keywords Database to know the best paying keywords of Google AdsenseThis software can be used to be build a standalone website as a Google alternative, but it is also agood solution to add it an existing site to offer an extra service for the visitors and at the sometime getting some extra income.So this turnkey, PHP search engine script using it as an extra for your website or use it as astandalone site can be very effective in the point of online earning or as an extra service for yoursite. Start your own online business in minutes, by using this professional search engine script. CLICK FOR DETAILS & DEMO SCRIPTECH.NET