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Insite Presentation Slide

  1. 1. Insite Realtime is a trademark of Market Reason, LLC and is marketed by
  2. 2. Ideology is a new agency mindset, a new approach, a new attitude. We’ve tossed-out the old model and started fresh. We’re not in the business of data, advertising, or web design. We’re in the business of captivating consumers. We create experiences, touch points and connections that compel people to make that magic transition from passive observer to customer. Our behind- the-scenes team specializes in harnessing data and delivering analytics that feed the intelligence behind brilliant marketing content. It is with this mission and focus that we proudly introduce Insite Realtime.
  3. 3. Insite Realtime With one simple addition to your current marketing or advertising efforts, you can increase response rates, gain highly qualified leads and yield trackable, measurable results—with virtually no financial risk. That simple addition is Insite Realtime, a unique online advertising product that turns any general communication into a personalized ad message targeted to each prospect’s demographics, psychographics and known purchasing motivators.
  4. 4. How Does It Work? Beyond adding an Insite Realtime URL, you won’t need to make any other changes to your current marketing or advertising campaigns, no matter the channel or channels. All Insite Realtime will need is a consumer’s name and zip code. Insite Realtime then pulls data in real-time from the two leading pri- mary national consumer databases, which when combined, include detailed information on up to 85 percent of U.S. adult consumer households.
  5. 5. How it Works in 3 Easy Steps 1 Choose your marketing channel or channels below. Beyond adding an Insite Realtime URL, you won’t need to make any other changes to your current marketing or advertising campaigns. Insite Realtime will boost responses to anything from direct mail to print advertising to billboards. Plus, your results will now be 100% trackable and measurable. Broadcast Direct Mail Offset Print Sponsorship Point of Purchase Internet Other Mass — Newspaper — signage and Communication — FSI/Inserts — related products Media — Brochures — — Door Hangers — — Magazine — — Other Print—
  6. 6. How it Works in 3 Easy Steps 2 Based on the marketing channel, or channels the consumer might have seen, they will be directed to visit your existing company web URL or a campaign-specific URL. They will then be prompted to input their first name, last name and zip code on a specially designed campaign landing page. First Name Last Name Zip Code
  7. 7. How it Works in 3 Easy Steps 3 The consumer is then presented their own VIP (Valuable Insite Page), an online advertisement that fills instantly, in real time, with relevant, personalized content addressing their specific interests and your unique offerings targeted to those interests. In the background, Insite Realtime has simultaneously collected valuable demographic, psychographic and known purchasing motivator data on that consumer. The once unknown consumer is now a known consumer, thanks to Insite Realtime! The Prospective Customer Responds Highly Targeted The pinpoint personalization greatly appealed to the consumer, Follow Up converting them to a customer or generating a response. With demographic data in hand, you can now focus on marketing to these new prospective customers/leads with a targeted follow- The Identified Consumer up—one that addresses The Prospective Customer Doesn’t Respond that person’s known No worries! We’ll send you all their data on a scheduled basis. A demographics and customized online dashboard will display instant summarized interests. visitor readings. These consumers are now highly qualified leads.
  8. 8. The Opportunity BMW of North America advertises a large variety of automobiles to a large number of consumers via a wide array of broad-based marketing channels. In the following example, the opportunity to add relevant, individualized personalization to its marketing efforts is a perfect fit for Insite Realtime.
  9. 9. Campaign Landing Page Example *Notes: Consumers are prompted to input their first name, last name and zip code on a specially designed campaign landing page offering a personalized experience for those willing to provide this basic information. Once they click “Go” Insite Realtime works its magic! *
  10. 10. VIP (Valuable Insite Page) Example Consumer Data Query: MALE, 25-35, $50,000+ *Notes: Relevant imagery as well as both main and secondary-offers populate the page based on the consumers * age, sex and income. The secondary offers shown along the bottom are triggered by the data query and targeted to the needs of the consumer. **
  11. 11. VIP (Valuable Insite Page) Example Consumer Data Query: FEMALE, 25-35, PRESENCE OF CHILDREN, $40,000+ *Notes: Each consumers VIP Page experience can be a little different but still fit within your brand or * overall campaign. In this instance a warm, friendly, feminine approach is used based on a “presence of children” alert in the consumers data query. *
  12. 12. VIP (Valuable Insite Page) Example Consumer Data Query: MALE, 50+, $120,000+ *Notes: Purchasing Motivator Data can also be used on any VIP page. Here, the data query revealed a strong “brand loyal” consumer. Sub- messaging adjusts to speak to the solid reputation of the decades-old company. *
  13. 13. The Insite Realtime Sweet Spot Insite Realtime transforms your anonymous web consumers into known prospects while simultaneously producing immediate, significant financial returns that can be quantified through trackable, measurable results. The best part (as if everything above wasn’t enough?) — All without making any changes to your current marketing efforts. Whether the consumer becomes an immediate customer or not, Insite Realtime has generated a list of highly qualified leads. With data in hand, you can now focus on marketing to these new prospective customers/ leads with a targeted follow-up—one that addresses that person’s known demographics and interests.
  14. 14. Product Features 1 Individual VIP pages are tightly targeted and personalized with relevant content for each prospective customer, determined only by a modicum of personal information. 2 By adding Insite Realtime to your marketing mix, gain the ability to promote targeted marketing efforts to a much greater number of people through your choice of mass media channels. 2 Insite Realtime populates its VIP pages by querying the top consumer information databases containing over 500 characteristics for nearly every adult consumer household in the U.S., including demographics, lifestyle interests, location and known purchasing motivators,... all in less than 2 seconds!
  15. 15. Product Features continued 4 The Insite Realtime solution provides an Online Dashboard for immediate, measurable results of key information about each online visitor. 5 Insite Realtime is a turnkey solution. Based upon the target audience and the goals of your marketing efforts we will design a personalization strategy, campaign landing page and VIP page to match any campaign or brand.
  16. 16. Product Benefits 1 Transform anonymous web consumers to known prospects and customers. 2 Quantify performance of each campaign with trackable, measurable results. 3 Produce immediate, long term, significant financial returns. Plus, you won’t need to invest in an expensive digital print run for personalized mail; simply use Insite Realtime for more targeted and effective marketing. Invest in digital printing only when you know it will pay off—for example, when you mail to your highly targeted database of prospects drawn from your Insite Realtime online visitors!
  17. 17. Product Benefits continued 4 Beyond adding a simple Insite Realtime URL to your campaigns, you are changing nothing to your current marketing efforts. You’ll launch quickly at virtually no financial risk — you are only being charged for the segmentation of those who actually visit the site. 5 Adjust campaigns to the market or tweak your messaging on-the-fly based upon the collected visitor information. 6 With our extraordinary expertise in marketing data and technology we can provide valuable input and guidance on which demographics should work best for your needs and assist in each step of the process.
  18. 18. What Are Your Objectives? 1 What product and/or services campaign can Insite Realtime promote and can it benefit from the power of relevant personalization? 2 What are the particular target markets being focused upon? 3 What are the specific marketing goals for this campaign? 4 What media channels are being utilized to drive awareness/response? — How many impressions are expected? — What is the expected response rate? 5 How will success of this campaign be defined?
  19. 19. Smart Move. Insite Realtime is a trademark of Market Reason, LLC and is marketed by