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Newsletter october 2010

  1. 1. A sociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario October 2010 ___________________________________________________________ Dear Membe r,We are pleased to forward the October issue of our monthly ne wsle tte r. Important note:You will soon be re ce iving an email from indicating you havebeen subscribed to the group A sociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario .com .ar/group/aprir. We have notice d some se rve rs are block ingour emails so we would like to ensure our information reaches you in a time ly manne r.Please check out for it (it may land on your Spam folde r - appare ntly Yahoo does this,though not Hotmail). It would he lp if you could add to yourcontacts.Once you subscribe , you will continue to receive information in your mailbox, but youwill also be able to che ck for an archive ofour updates.If you are not re ce iving our Newsletters in digital form , please write asap.Recent activitiesDuring the month of Septembe r we shared two e ve nts. The Importance of Being EarnestOn Sept 22nd we enjoyed the pe rformance of The Importance of Being Earnest, starredby the membe rs of St Patrick’s drama group. The pe rformance was he ld in Spanish,afte r an introductory talk by Prof. Mónica Rapp. Our gratitude to all of them for anunforge ttable e ve ning. A short video with highlights of the pe rformance may be seen athttp://www.facebook .com/video/video.php?v=1521323945591
  2. 2. FAAPI ConferenceThe XXXV FAAPI Conference he ld in Córdoba was an ex tremely succe ssful eve nt,with about 1200 participants.You can watch the institutional video at http://www.facebook .com /pages/ACPI-Asociacion-Cordobesa-de-Profesores-de-Ingles/119734139840Warmest congratulations to A CPI on organising this remarkable confe re nce, and to thefollowing APrIR members on the ir presentations: Ce cilia A cquarone Marie l Amez Silvia Schnitzler Florencia VialeNews from our membersAPrIR membe r Rita Zeinstejer is presenting he r pape r Internet como Generadora deRecursos que promueven la Interacción en el Aprendizaje del Idioma Extranjero at 3erForo de Lenguas A NEP in Montevideo, Uruguay on October 10th. You can find moreinformation about this prom ising fore ign languages eve nt at to he r!Note: If you are an APrIR member and you are giving a presentation, please keep usposte d by filling in this form :https ://s om/viewform? formkey=dHMxMTgxVnhYdjFpR2luM2hiTEFwUFE6MQWe will be de lighted to share the information in our Newsletter.Coming activitiesOCTOBER "Chalk and Screen: exploring online resources to enhance classroom work". A presentation by Prof. Mariel A mez. A joint effort: IES Nº 28 “Olga Cossettini” and APrIR have organised this academ ic e vent to be he ld at Sarmiento 2902 on Saturday October 16th at 9.15 am. It is free of charge for APrIR members and current IES le cture rs. Gene ral public: $20.=Make sure you enrol in advance by filling in this online form
  3. 3. NOVEMBERNovember 12th: APrIR will be sponsoring an e vent organised by CENGA GE to behe ld at ARIC ANA, Buenos Aires 984. More information to come.Activities with a special discount for APrIR members: Reaching Farther, Reading Wider III. On-line seminar organised by ISPINº 9123 “San Bartolomé”. Starting on October 4th, the first week is de voted tolearning ropes and finding your way inside the campus. Le ctures will formally start onO ctobe r 11th. APrIR members: $ 100. Find more information at!/event.php?eid=149808948375601 Grammar Clinic, organised by e-du Training. Starting October 1st.APrIR members: $ 180. Non-membe rs: $ 200. Phonology Clinic I , also organised by e-duTraining. Starting Novembe r1st (4 we eks). APrIR members $ 250 Non-membe rs $280Remembe r also the Professional Development Programme already announced in thepre vious ne wslwtte r: Spe cial discount for APrIR Membe rs: 10%. More information:www.e .ar +54 11 6009 8500 · +54 341558 8500Reminders1- SIGs and Workshops are in progress.If you want to join, please contact the coordinator. You can find more information in ourFacebook page . CA LL, coordinated by Mary Di Mónaco ( Fee: $ 5.= for Membe rsThe follo wing are free of charge for APrIR members Reading for Pleasure, coordinated by Nora Sé culi (norase culi@ex Teaching Tips, coordinated by Graciela Caste lli ( Viewing and Reviewing Films, coordinated by Nora Sé culi (norase culi@ex
  4. 4. 2- APrIR Online JournalThe Call for papers is in progress. Che ck the guidelines athttp://www.slideshare .ne t/Aprir/journal-guide lines3- Payment of annual feeIf you haven’t cance lle d your full annual fee ye t, remembe r a varie ty of options areavailable to do so:a) On-line transfer or bank deposit: Banco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario C BU Nº01104442/40044427146462. Cuenta Corrie nte Espe cial Nº de cuenta: 444271464/6Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario CUIT: 30-6805210-9.b) Cuenta Digital: Claim your payment slip at and the n cance l itvia Rapipago, Pagofácil, e tcc) Postal order or cheque payable to LEDA NO EMÍ SIBURUd) Ask for the fee to be collected at your place . This option will continue to be inuse unless you opt for one of the previous means.Special fee for new membersAren’t you a membe r of APrIR ye t? If you would like to join us at this point in the year,you can enjoy a re duced fee. Do ge t in touch. Ask us for the e nrollment Useful information:Our office hours: Tue sdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm. Corrientes 1323 (P.B.)Rosario.Our telephone number is: (0341) 153-983562 Outside office hours, please leave amessage .You may also contact us via email: .ar (about ge ne ral matte rs) (for adm inistrative matte rs)Remembe r to follow us online Facebook page:http://www.face s/APrIR /127774673899632?ref=ts , Twitter: http://twitte /aprir .com .ar/group/aprir
  5. 5. These institutions are no w A PrIR members A re you a Director of Studies?Contact us to find out how your institution can a lso become a member of APrIR. W rite to APrIR is your association. Take pride in be longing.