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Universities in spain

  1. 1. I f you come t o our count ry you wi l l f i nd agood at mosphere, cl i mat e, proxi mi t y t o t hecoast , et c.. There are many at t ri but es t hatcan be appl i ed t o Spai n. There are manyreasons f or want i ng t o come and st udy. I fyouve al ready f ound yours, now al l youj ust need i s t he i nf ormat i on needed t omake t he most of i t . I n t hi s document wewi l l gi ve you al l t he i nf ormat i on:
  2. 2. • The university’s access andthe required grades.• Scholarships and Grants.• The number of universities inSpain and their location.• Most prestigious universities.• The structure of thedifferent careers.• The most sought aftercareers, giving also the number
  3. 3.  To have obtained the Bachelor level or2nd level of vocational training. In anycase, it is necessary that you get atleast an overall score of 4 in theentrance examination to theselectivity.
  4. 4.  There is also a direct access to collegefor people over 25 years old and coursesthat prepare you to enter university ifyou are over 25. In the case of having completed yourprevious studies outside of Spain, youmust validate them.
  5. 5.  The “Required grade” is the minimum examgrade that needs to be obtained for entranceto college.
  6. 6. There are a lot ofinstitutions thatconcede grants andhelps to study in Spain.
  7. 7.  “The Ministery of Education andcooperation”. (Erasmus) The Spanish RegionalGovernment. “Universia”
  8. 8. It is a program that looks forthe quality of the educationalacademies between Europeand the rest of the world.
  9. 9. It offers students andresearchers around the worldthe opportunity to continuethe masters or doctoraldegrees in two or moreEuropean universities
  10. 10. It’s very easy… You only have to click onthe next link:http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus_mundus/funding/scholarships_students_academics_en.php
  11. 11. The anouncement for2013/2014 is only for thepeople who want tostudy music, doctoratesand other related areas.
  12. 12.  Spanish Agency of the InternationalCooperation. Authority of cultural and scientificrelations. Departament the University andScientific Cooperation. E-mail : becasmae@aecid.es
  13. 13.  You must apply via E-mail.To be able tosee the electronic version of AECID,the application must be online. You have to apply six monthsbeforehand.
  14. 14. - To not be of Spanish nationality .- To know how to speak Spanish .- To have a current e-mail address.- To not have the programannouncing the grant, six or moremonths beforehand.
  15. 15.  Every country has a different grant, it’s truethat sometimes they have identical ones.This happens because in every country thereis a different law.
  16. 16. Location.http://universidades.universia.es/http://maps.google.es/maps?hl=es&tab=wl
  17. 17. In Spain there are 73universities located inall the autonomouscommunities.Thishelps so you canstudy near your homeand that you canchoose betweendifferent universitiesto improve yourlearning with a viewto your labor life inthe future.
  18. 18.  Polytechnic University of Madrid
  19. 19. The most demanded careers in Spain inthe last two years have been Medicineand Teaching, and the most demandeduniversities have been: "UniversidadComplutense de Madrid" and theUniversity of Granada. Also anotherhighly demanded career has been "ADE"(Business Administration), which hasalso been very popular at the"Universidad Complutense de Madrid".
  20. 20. The less popular careers in Spain in the past yearhave been History, Philology and History andOccitan Studies. These careers are given inUniversities like University of Alfonso X El Sabio -UAX, UEM ...
  21. 21.  The universities in Spain have a program towork and guide the careers. 1,The careers have a duration of four to fiveyears. 2,All the careers have five subjects.
  22. 22. 3,The first year in thecareer is the worstbecause you dont havesubjects related to thecareer you have chosen.4,In Spain the universitiesfollow the “Bolonia plan”,we are changing the oldsystem to adapt it to theother European countries.
  23. 23. http://www.resa.es/
  24. 24. Many university students choose theoption of renting a flat with theircompanions, the budget isapproximately between 300 and 500euros monthly.FOR MORE INFORMATION:http://www.fotocasa.esIn the universities alsothey can findannouncements such asthese:
  25. 25. University students are always on the hunt for part-time jobs that aren’t onlyclose to the campus, but also pay well.The most common jobs are personal trainers in gyms, librarians, careworkers forchildren or pets and cleaners for houses or in businesses.
  26. 26. Spain has got a lot of parties.Salou: Thousands of students from many countries go every year to “Salou” where they havecontinuous parties.The April Fare: the music, the gastronomy, the dance and the desire to have fun, create a very specialenvironment .The party starts on Monday with the “prueba del alumbrado”.The people dance in thestreet and the “sevillana” dancers invite anyone who comes, to join them dancing on the stage.
  27. 27. “Los Sanfermines en Pamplona”: the party starts on june 6th and ends on 14th .The most famousactivity is “el encierro”. It consists in running away from the bulls in the square.Carnivals in Canary islands: they are celebrated in February in every one of theislands.The carnivals in the Canary islands are parties that are lived andcelebrated in the streets.