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Starting with social media
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  • 1. InternetmarketingSocial mediaKom verder. Saxion. Andreas van der Weijde p.a.vanderweijde@saxion.nl
  • 2. Kom verder. Saxion. Today- Social media impact- How to start a social media campaign- Usability- Conversion optimization
  • 3. Kom verder. Saxion. Spain and social media• Number 1 in EU – Social media users• 76% of the internet users have a social media account• Facebook most popular – 12 million users• Tuenti – 8 million users Source :http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/934596/0/menores/redes/sociales/
  • 4. Kom verder. Saxion. Facts• 52 billion euro - Last two months online sale Europe - (1.8 billion Spain)• 16 million –Twitter’s most followed user @ladygaga .• 800 million – Have a Facebook account• 35 hours– that is being uploaded through Youtube every minute.• 186 – The amount of videos that the average user looks at per month (USA) Source: Royal Pingdom
  • 5. Kom verder. Saxion. Case Liz’s cupcakes
  • 6. Kom verder. Saxion. How to start with social media?
  • 7. Kom verder. Saxion. Social media is about:1. Reach Content2. Attract Conversation Appreciation3. Action Conversion Source: Content to Conversion, Budeco 2010
  • 8. 1. GoalKom verder. Saxion.
  • 9. Kom verder. Saxion. Social media is not…• A goal• To cover your real identity
  • 10. Kom verder. Saxion.Start with formulating goals• Which goals do you have? – More profit? – Image improvement? – New employees? – Awareness? – Needs of your customers?
  • 11. Kom verder. Saxion. What’s your online ambition? Innovate Create Develop a Social media Facilitate appStart your own forum Participate Start your own React discussionDiscuss several times Observe React on postingsJust watch Source: Social Media Ambition Model – Verdoold en Frijlink (2009)
  • 12. Kom verder. Saxion. What is your online focus?
  • 13. 2. AudienceKom verder. Saxion.
  • 14. Kom verder. Saxion. Determine your audience Bron: http://www.flowtown.com/blog/social-media-demographics-whos-using-which-sites/
  • 15. Kom verder. Saxion. Where are they?
  • 16. Kom verder. Saxion. What are they doing?
  • 17. Kom verder. Saxion. What are they doing(2)?
  • 18. Kom verder. Saxion. What do they want, value?• Pleasure, profit• Practical• Curious• Identity/Status• Influence
  • 19. 3. ChoicesKom verder. Saxion.
  • 20. Kom verder. Saxion. Choose your channels and possibilities
  • 21. Kom verder. Saxion. The conversation prism Bron: http://www.theconversationprism.com/
  • 22. Kom verder. Saxion. How do you use the channels? Content Conversation Appreciation Conversion Source: Content to conversion, Budeco 2010
  • 23. Kom verder. Saxion. Pick social media themes• Subjects – Activitities – News, etc.
  • 24. Kom verder. Saxion.Pick your social media keywords Source: http://www.socialmediacheck.nl/valencia
  • 25. Kom verder. Saxion. Schedule your channels Hoeveelheid Content Daily Tweet, Facebook Post, Reaction Weekly Blog posts, Events Monthly Video, Podcast, newsletter, case Quarter Video (series), Whitepaper
  • 26. 4. ExecuteKom verder. Saxion.
  • 27. Kom verder. Saxion. Automate publishing
  • 28. Kom verder. Saxion. 1. Reach
  • 29. Kom verder. Saxion. 2. Attract
  • 30. Kom verder. Saxion. 3. Action
  • 31. 5. EvaluateKom verder. Saxion.
  • 32. Kom verder. Saxion. Measure your success• It is difficult, but possible! Source: http://metricsman.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/a-new-model-for-social-and-traditional-media-measurement/
  • 33. Kom verder. Saxion. Exposure• What is your potential reach? – Amount followers, fans – Amount views
  • 34. Kom verder. Saxion. Activate• How many are activated t by your content? – Amount of clicks – Amount of messages based on your content – Amount of ‘retweets’
  • 35. Kom verder. Saxion. Influence• What was the influence?• Influence on judgment?• Reputation improvement?
  • 36. Kom verder. Saxion. Action• Sales• Requests• Information
  • 37. Kom verder. Saxion. Case Source: http://www.achtung.nl/awards/2008/sultanamrjummy/NL/
  • 38. Kom verder. Saxion. Goal• More profit• Retrieve customer information• Give a boost to a promotion• Create a hype with Mr. Jummy
  • 39. Kom verder. Saxion. Target group• Cookies lovers• Value -> pleasure
  • 40. Kom verder. Saxion. Choices and possibilities• Hyves (Dutch Tuenti)• Flickr• Youtube• E-card
  • 41. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 42. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 43. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 44. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 45. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 46. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 47. Kom verder. Saxion. Evaluate• Success