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How to Make a Woman Fall In Love With You
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How to Make a Woman Fall In Love With You


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Do you know how to make a woman fall in love with you? If so, download this free PDF and you would have the best strategy for getting any woman or girl fall in love with you.

Do you know how to make a woman fall in love with you? If so, download this free PDF and you would have the best strategy for getting any woman or girl fall in love with you.

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  • 1. How to Make a Woman Fall In Love With You By Alex J. Steve Copyright© Love is a difficult concept. When you’re young you think you love someone but in the end it turns out to be infatuation which in turn is followed by divorce, if you’re married, or an acrimonious break up if you’re not. Tina Turner, in the 1980’s, asked what love had to do with anything – she never received an answer. I suppose it is safe to say that love is, as the saying goes, only in the eyes of the beholder. It can also be ephemeral; soon morphing into friendship or sometimes hate. For those that have never experienced the phenomenon of love let’s look at some techniques or methods of how
  • 2. to make a woman fall in love with you. #1. Get yourself noticed: Once you have found the girl that you would like to meet and possibility date you have to figure out a way for her to notice you. Now this doesn’t mean you should dress in a clown suit and juggle fifteen balls in front of her – although doing that would certainly get you noticed. I’m talking about making yourself different from others. The difference doesn’t need to be major; often small seemingly insignificant differences in character and looks make you very unique in the mind of a woman. If, for example you are at a party and you see someone you’d like to get to know, move up to her and start a conversation about something completely off the wall –
  • 3. something like music or a recent movie that you are pretty sure she will like. It is also a good idea to wear clothing that sets you apart from others. If most guys are wearing jeans and tee-shirts you could wear corduroy but not too much you don’t want to look like a substitute history teacher in an all boy’s school. Your looks and what you say, if unusual, will spark her interest and you may find that she is never very far from you during the party – wherever you wander, you’ll notice she is not far away. Women do this when they are interested in a guy; they subtly follow him around a party making sure he doesn’t spark the interests of another woman. Always remember that women can be very possessive
  • 4. even, at times, more possessive than a guy. #2. Learn as much about her as you can: OK, during your conversation with her make sure you try to learn as much about her as possible. Don’t stand or sit there and interrogate her - you’re not a police officer and she’s not a criminal. Keep your questions light and always wait for her to ask a question of you. It stands to reason that if you ask, “What music do you like?” she is going to tell you and then ask what you like. Sometimes you can guess the answer to some questions you may have lurking in your mind by simply chatting with her.
  • 5. Remember she wants to know about you also, so share your information. When you speak with her look directly at her face, don’t let your eyes wander down to her cleavage or butt. Although it is often hard (excuse the pun) to resist a quick gander at the goods, keep it discreet. That being said, she is probably checking out you as well. So, if your butt suddenly feels hot, she’s looking at it. At the risk of repeating myself here, don’t forget to keep the conversation light and fun. Compliments and jokes are important but make sure your jokes are amusing and not silly and your compliments are sincere. If you start making ridiculous puns in an effort to make
  • 6. her laugh you will succeed because she’s interested in you but in reality she probably finds your attempts at humor tedious. If a relationship develops you can be sure she’ll tell you of this fact at some point. #3. Light physical contact: Don’t be afraid, after a few minutes, to lightly touch her hand or shoulder during the conversation. Touching can be very intimate. A light touch on the shoulder can tell her a great deal. Indeed if you do touch her in this way, she’ll feel comfortable in the fact that she knows you like her. She may also return your touches; a light slap on the arm when you make a good joke, a light touch on the hand when she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, etc.
  • 7. If you move around the room and she walks with you, make sure both yours and her arms touch every now and then. This is code for, “Although I’m walking over here and talking with Jack, I’m thinking of you.” Over the course of the evening you will both, eventually, start holding hands and when that happens you can pretty much touch her shoulder without fear of her getting upset or pulling away. In the event she holds your hand tightly you can be sure she’s looking for a long term relationship and could, in fact, be falling in love with you. Should you feel this, remain cool don’t blow it by getting all lovey-dovey.
  • 8. Girls’ who fall in love with a guy at the first meeting are rare so don’t be upset if it takes you a couple of weeks before you start seeing stars in her eyes. Touching is one of the first stages of how to make a woman fall in love with you. Tip #3. Presenting her with gifts: After the first date, if things went well, it is always a good idea to buy her a small present. It doesn’t have to be too expensive but don’t make it cheap either. A small gift demonstrates you are serious about her and she can see that you’re prepared to make an effort. There is no specific gift you should buy in these early days – a small bunch of flowers, chocolates, a movie
  • 9. ticket and so forth. These types of gifts are fine. As the relationship deepens and you feel she’s the one, you might start thinking about jewelry for presents or some other more expensive item. The day will also arrive when she gives you a present. In Japan, Japanese girls often knit a boy they are in love with a sweater or buy his favorite book, game software, alcoholic drink, etc. When this day arrives, and it will, you can be fairly sure the girl has fallen for you and from that day on things will slip into the second mode of the relationship. This is when it gets serious; well should get serious. Presents, expensive or not so expensive, always make women happy.
  • 10. A good thing to remember is that in the event you do marry this girl, never stop giving her gifts, it’ll keep spark in the marriage. Tip#4. Consider Her Time - Letting her live here own life is a very important thing to remember. Turning up on her doorstep everyday and smothering her lifestyle is not the way to go. A guy doesn’t like it when a girl is always tagging along when he wants to go out with his friends; women are the same. Ideally you should only go to her house when she invites you over or to pick her up. In the event you guys live together then don’t let jealousy take over common sense; insist that she goes out each week with her own friends.
  • 11. Trust is important and if you display this virtue she’ll most definitely fall in love with you more. If you’re the jealous type who allows her to go out but follows her from a safe distance or turns up at the same bar, restaurant or club as she, then you can pretty much say goodbye to the relationship sometime in the very near future. Getting noticed, learning as much about her as possible, light physical contact, presenting her with gifts and, finally giving her time. These are all important strategies you should apply if you want to get the girl of your dreams. Basically treating women the same as you would expect to be treated is all you have to do.
  • 12. Bear in mind that women are sensitive creatures and use their emotions much more than men. If you can show her that you too are capable of showing your emotions she’s going to see you as not only her lover but also as a close friend. One of the reasons there are so many divorces in the world today is because both the man and the woman fail to understand each other. You don’t need any special skills to find yourself a girl who will stay with you, all you need is confidence, trust and honesty. So, if you want to know how to make a woman fall in love with you; be yourself with a little color and a little panache. After reading this article if you decide to follow the four
  • 13. points then I’m very sure you will find love. Will you find true love? I don’t know that is for you to find out. True love exists but not everyone can see or touch it. Want more tips?? Click Here Right Now