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  1. 1. instead, shoot her small glances until your eyes meet and she catches you. When she does, smile slightly andlook away after a second. Youll probably blush as well, which is all the better - blushing indicates yourenervous, which is a hint that you like her.She’s Six Steps Make eye contact. Spend a few days catching her gaze every now and then. Dont juststare at her, though; Away1. Time it right. When you do talk to her, pick a time thats convenient. Dont try to get her attention when shesobviously involved in something else, and try to have a bit of privacy - you dont have to be completely alone,but her attention shouldnt be too distracted.o Make the interaction extra casual (and put a time limit on it) by talking to her while youre both walkingsomewhere else. If you walk to a class at the same time as her, or you start walking the same wayhome, this is a great opening.2. Start with a compliment. Paying a girl the right compliment makes your intentions clear right away - shellknow instantly that youre interested in being more than her friend. Here are some things to consider:o Know how to deliver a compliment. Even the best compliment in the world will fall flat if your delivery isoff. Keep a half smile as you talk - it will make you naturally add appealing inflection to your voice. (Trythis trick out when you answer the phone sometime and see if you notice a difference.) Maintain eyecontact with her, and keep the tones of your voice up, but lower the actual volume - speaking softlyimmediately communicates intimacy, and it can make her instinctively lean in closer to hear you. If thisall sounds a bit difficult, practice it in front of a mirror first.o As anyone whos ever had a stalker can tell you, theres a fine but definite line between flattering andcreepy. With this in mind, choose your compliment wisely. Saying something like "You always lookamazing in that shirt" can come off as weird if you dont know her well, and implies that you watch her.(Even if you do, its best not to spill that information immediately.) Instead, opt for something generalbut cute, such as "Your smile is glowing today. Whats making you so happy?" or "I thought what yousaid in class earlier was really interesting." A good compliment should naturally lead to moreconversation, instead of just hanging awkwardly in the air after you say it.o Know what to avoid. If youre going to pay a girl a compliment about her physical looks, stick to hereyes, smile or hair. Do not comment on her body otherwise, especially on the first interaction.
  2. 2. o If you want to play it extra safe, pick something you already know shes proud of. For instance, if youknow shes a dedicated violinist, say something like, "Ive heard youre an amazing musician," and useit as a way to ask her some questions about it.3. Keep the conversation moving. You might be tempted to stop talking and just stare at this girl, but dont letyour nerves get the best of you. Allowing a long lull in the conversation will make things feel awkward.4. Instead, have a mental list of backup questions you can use if you stumble on an uncomfortable pause.o Ask about what she thinks of a shared homework assignment or an upcoming event. Asking for heropinion communicates that you care about what she thinks, and see her as more than just an object.o Use the conversation to find out more about her, but be subtle. For instance, if you want to find out ifshe already has a boyfriend, you could casually ask, "So, anything fun planned with your boyfriend forthe weekend?" If she doesnt have one and shes interested in you, shell let you know immediately.o Ask open-ended questions. For instance, instead of saying "So, have anything fun planned for thebreak?" (which can be answered with a short "yes" or "no"), say "What are you going to do to keepbusy while school is out?" A question that requires a detailed response is always better to keep aconversation flowing.5. Make her laugh (optional). If youre sure youve got a joke shell appreciate, give it a shot. The goal is to showher you have an engaging sense of humor, but you dont want to come off as desperate or cheesy.o If possible, crack a joke about the current situation or something you both saw happen. Situationalhumor is more meaningful than a joke you read online.o Dont tell a dirty joke. Its not appropriate for a first conversation, and it might give her the wrongimpression.o If she doesnt get the joke, dont explain it to her unless she asks. Just move on quickly with a newpoint of conversation.o Good humor is really attractive, but bad humor is a complete turn off. If you cant think of a joke thatmakes sense with the situation at hand, leave it alone.6. Close the conversation early. Follow that old saying - "Always leave them wanting more." Find a way togracefully duck out of the conversation before it goes stale.Good luck!Hello Everyone i am also in this same pickle. but the way i look at it is, if we really love these girls...should it really matter?Guys, I found myself in this predicament a couple of times with past girlfriends. And I must tell you guys,the one thing I see over and over again on these post is guys like me.Guys who are nice, we try hard, we notice when she is moody, we ask whats wrong, how can we fix it.And if we complaint for just a second they are so quick to point to the door and say "there is the door,leave if you dont like it" HONESTLY if it were that simple we would have done it a while ago. And wecant because we love them, so damn much and we still wanna work things out. because we love thegood times, unfortunetly the good times are few.
  3. 3. I say do what i did. Whenever she is moody, give her her space, I know Ikonw is not easy and most of thetime we want to fix the problem so we can be happy w them like we used to be. but no matter how wetry they just dont see it like that so stop trying the more u try the more she is gonna push you away.I believe the reason is because she is comfortable in the relationship. she knows you wont leave her.which is why she makes hurtful comments. She feels like she has a good hold of you. So what do we do?whenever she is moody, do the same thing she does, act like its nothing and "do your thing" dont let hermood ruin your day guys. Its hard to explain but involve yourself in your life, I read this in a book " Makeher an aspect of your life NOT the center of it" what im trying to say is make her miss you, and she actslike that punish her by not giving her attention or being wondrful like you normaly are. BUT dont make itovious, she will notice, BUT ofcourse she wont admit to it, trust me give it some time and just like anyold habit, it may be a lil hard to die, but it will die.Dont worry..My Girlffriend seemed lovely when i met her all quiet and polite but...Impress her with your personality, act smarter and more mature than those other idiots. But dont comeoff as a geek or nerd. If you REALLY want to impress her, be interested in her, find her fascinating, listen toher, ask her opinion in little things, value her input and show sincere respect for her as a person. Do this andyou can ignore the rest of the steps in this WikiHow article.1. Eye contact is really important to girls. If you look deep into our eyes, chances are well turn to jelly - at theright moments of course, after a kiss like youre replaying every moment. Or when you first see her, make eyecontact across a room and wink. Shell love you.2. Never try to be physical with her. She might get uncomfortable around you and get scared away.3. Find out if she is single, but dont talk to her about it.4. Make eye contact as much as you can. Try to get her to know that you notice her.5. Act charming. Have witty conversations with her.6. Know the latest fashions, trends, music, movies, and TV shows. Pick up a newspaper or a magazine andread through all of the sections. Get a general knowledge of what is going on in todays teen world so you willhave a lot to talk about.7. Make friends with everyone, especially girl friends, but DONT flirt with every girl you see. Girls might getdiscouraged and think you like someone else, and then they will stop trying.8. Be the guy who everyone sits around and listens to. Be the all around guy. Be able to talk to the goths,jocks, popular kids, geeks, and everyone else. She will feel way more comfortable around you knowing that youare cool with everyone you know, instead of being the geek in the back of the classroom who has no friends.9. Find out what you both have in common, and make sure that she knows that you two have the samelikes and dislikes.10. Make her feel really comfortable around you. Make sure that she knows that she is able to come to you withany problems that she might be having in her life. Let her know that not only can you listen to her problems, butalso help solve them, or at least suggest ideas to help her solve them. Be warned, however. Offering advice is
  4. 4. one thing, but girls dont talk about their problems to someone because they want that person to try and solvethem all. They want someone who will listen, first and foremost.11. Now heres the big step, say "I like you" first and then ask her out to a movie, or to lunch. If she feels thesame way that you feel about her, then she will most likely say yes. Girls usually think that the guy will makethe first move, so ask her out whenever you feel like shes close to you.12. Dont let anyone dominate you or do something which would show you below the mark. But, if youre notvery good at something, use that to your advantage. If you cant do something very well, be man enough toadmit it. This may seem counter-productive, but the girl will probably see someone who is strong in other areasand knows his own weaknesses, and can see that as a sign of maturity. A little imperfection doesnt hurt.13. Be yourself and show her who you really are. Keep in mind that every girl has different thinking so try tounderstand her, and dont over limit yourself. Be sincere with her. The truth is if you like yourself, everyone willlike you. Its not an easy task to attract everyone. You have to be yourself in every moment of your life. Bedecent with everyone, not just with her, shell know of it and appreciate it.Some times when you find her struggling to get back from other activities, try to guide her bycompletely thinking about things from her mind. This will help her to read and understand your mind togreat extent.You can also boast always for impressing a girl. Tttttttouch her hands and talk friendly to her,give her respect.girls want to be loved by someone , so to make girlfriend just work on it.Edit TipsCompliment her sometimes on something that she doesnt think that you will notice. When she iswearing something a little more special than normal, comment to her that she is looking especiallynice. She probably put it on to be noticed, so shell love the compliment. Even if you dont knowanything about fashion, youll know when she is wearing something nice if she smiles and blusheswhen you look at her. Just dont go overboard with the compliments. It will just look creepy. Maybe youshould just say a compliment once a week, maybe twice a week, tops.Be yourself. Dont try to fake a personality. She will most likely notice, and if the girl you like doesntlike you for who you are, then shes not worth your time. Dont ever change your personality foranother person. You are who you are, and if people dont like it, they will just have to deal with it. Youare you, and nobody can, or should change that.Occasionally, be a taciturn kind of a person, and do not always chatter.
  5. 5. On the first date, the farthest you should go is holding hands. This will show her that you dont want tolet her go but youre not pressuring her into anything she doesnt want to do. Most girls wont object toholding hands on a date, just make sure you keep calm or else your hands will sweat on hers andshell be grossed out.To impress a girl just be sincere with her. Try to understand her and solve her problems.Showing respect to other girls is a good way to attract a girl.Finally, just be cool and jovial with her.Try to be natural and pretend that you are saying truth, whatever is being spoken. Remember try to benatural before her.Edit WarningsSome girls act as if they are in love with you but are instead thinking of giving a complaint.Dont curse in front of her.Some girls also hate people who are full of themselves, so if you do decide to play sports, dont bragabout it.Never brag or act snobby; girls dont like people for their stuff, they like them for looks and personality.Beware of gossipers that make big deals out of what you say to girls.Do not try to persuade the girl within your track if she complains or explains her thoughts or feelingsand thinks of you only as a friend.Never hurt the girl that you love. And never start to be just friends or shell only think of you as friend.If a girl talks to you about her bad habits like smoking or drinking, show her that you understand andthat nobodys perfect. Do not say something stupid, like, "Oh, I think girls who smoke are sexy!" or shemay leave.How to impress a girl by talking/words?Looking for tricks to woo the woman of your choice?? Read on…Forget the easier- said- than- done days and approach the woman with full confidenceand positive attitude. Women love to be with men who can look straight into their eyes
  6. 6. and talk without hesitating. Wear a smile whenever you are near her and if the womansmiles backs at you it’s a positive sign. But watch out… if she smiles too much chancesare she might be taking you to be a fool. A sense of humor is a must but silly jokes can bea total put off!The most important thing to keep in mind while you impress a girl by talking is to talksensibly and confidently.An intelligent approach is to befriend the group of friends she has- this helps you to knowwhat her likes and dislikes are. Do not follow her to the extent of irritating her- don’tignore her either. Familiarize yourself with the activities she participates in and if you’reignorant about the details- googling would definitely help! Keep yourself updated toavoid feeling stupid. Keep yourself calm, it might take time.Women are clever- they can tell when you are pretending. Watch your body language atall times but do not overdo- neither in dressing up nor in talking. Dress well- choose yourcolor combinations wisely. She should not take you as outdated in fashion sense. Andmost importantly- never put her off with body odor! It’s hazardous!!Talk less- do not ask too much! While trying to impress a girl with words you must notignore her interests- take care of them as well. Prefer listening to her especially whenthere is nobody else around. Women generally have lots to say without your asking it!Don’t lie about anything she asks you, even if it’s about your ex- girlfriend. It’d bedisastrous if she finds it out from somebody else. Treat her as your greatest friend andconfidant… share even the most private details about yourself with her. This is themoment to confirm if she is interested in you. Watch out for the signals she sends- youwould know your effort to woo her is proving fruitful if she shows interest in even themost trivial of your talks and asks you details about the same.Complimenting your woman definitely helps! You must be aware of her tastes and avoidimposing your own on her. Even if you dislike something that she’s wearing hold yourbreath- don’t just say it straight in her face. Rather tell her that she looks great every timebut whenever you think about her you see her in your favorite dress (and mention thedress too). When you see her wearing it the next time- smile. And if it’s soon… it’s apositive sign my friend!