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We have been publishing "The Patch", our monthly review of key updates in the social media industry, for almost a year now. Here is the wrap-up for you to bear in mind in a few slides the main changes …

We have been publishing "The Patch", our monthly review of key updates in the social media industry, for almost a year now. Here is the wrap-up for you to bear in mind in a few slides the main changes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn from 2013.

The details are in the slides, but we can see a few trends:

Advertising on social media is getting more and more smart, with a granularity no media agency can ever dream of. Want to target active buyers of women's accessories or Auto intenders in the market for a Subaru Outback? Just ask Facebook!

TV as we knew it for the last decades is getting a hard time. It was the centerpiece of all ad and PR intentions. Now, Twitter, Youtube, and in a few months time Facebook with video ads will make it even more something of the past. Not the screen itself, but the channels and big media buying/advertising agencies. I'm still trying to find a way to watch Champions' League on my mobile in Singapore, and I'd be ready to pay a good price for it. No offer yet, until the next startup makes it real.

The battle for the teenagers has been another hot topic this year. Is Facebook losing it completely? Will Tumblr, now an add-on to Yahoo, keeps attracting them? How about all these messaging apps that keeps eyeballs locked onto mobile? New consumers are future long-time consumers, and the battle is fierce.

In the mess of platforms, media, innovation, keep also an eye on Google (at least in the West), for they master the art of getting your data without making too much noise, and the possibilities offered by driverless cars or connected glasses may well go beyond the gadgetry it may looks like.

Have a good time seeing our selection in social media from 2013, yes we're late, but as a social media agency based in Paris and Singapore, we can also say we're on time with the Chinese New Year.

Happy 2014, Gong Xi Fa Cai and good luck for all your projects and ambitions on social media this year : )

Agence Tesla Asia

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  • 1. The Patch Social media new features updates for marketers Yearly edition – Best of 2013 • Easier ads on Facebook • Twitter, the perfect newspaper • LinkedIn profiles more and more social • Pinterest a hit in e-commerce and referrals • Google+, the beast lurking in the shadows
  • 2. Facebook Less and better ads to target your audiences Facebook did a lot this in 2013 to go from 27 to 13 ad formats, and making the latter smarter • Partner categories, Lookalike , new Interests, and Video ads expected to run soon: Innovation in ads have been numerous and allow even neater targeting • Additionally, no more third-party app required are required to run a Contest/Promotions, which makes it easier for SMEs with small budgets
  • 3. Facebook The new algorithm is your friend Facebook algorithm rules what’s seen and not seen in people’s newsfeeds. You need an expert, outsourced or in-house, to know what to post, how, when, and optimizing on the long-run More than 100k factors influence the rank of a status, but 3 top the list: • Affinity (the more a fan likes what you publish, the higher it is), • Weight (a Comment is ranked higher than a Like), • Decay (old = less value)
  • 4. Instagram 3-5% conversion rates on Instagram Ads! Instagram now monetizes its audience… and tries to catch up with messaging apps: • The first ever Instagram ad by Michael Kors got 3x as many likes as average post, and up to 5% conversion • Instragram Direct adds direct, private messages between 2 or more users, to compete with WhatsApp, SnapChat => You’re in the luxury, travel, art business: think of your content strategy in pictures, and prepare to experiment these mobile-only and quality ads.
  • 5. Twitter The perfect newspaper Twitter turned 7 this year, got increasingly visual… even Pope Francis is there! • Bigger pictures, Related headlines, Alerts, using Twitter as a remote control for TV, embedded videos make Twitter more and more like the perfect newspaper • In addition, Twitter Cards make ads and promoted links embedded as a picture with inserted call to actions • New geo-targeted ads, analytics platform, retargeting ads, ads for TV viewers, => As a brand, act like a media, and do use Twitter as your own newspaper to keep fans & followers updated
  • 6. LinkedIn Professional profiles get more and more social LinkedIn is a great tool to use as an individual user or a recruiter. For brands, it’s still a pain • 1 billion Endorsements later, profiles with skills recommended by peers have increased visibility • Users can see the power of their social activity more easily too, and their full network as a map • LinkedIn got new analytics, an improved Slideshare, Sponsored updates and Sponsored Jobs for brands … but it’s still a pain to be there with expensive ads and poor overall UX.
  • 7. Pinterest E-commerce & women-related brands: be there Pinterest is a hit for anyone targeting women-related activities, e-commerce, luxury or travel • Analytics available since March, Pinning videos since May, Promoted Pins in the making, and $250m raised late 2013 make Pinterest an effective and innovative platform • Pinterest works: “highest average order” from social platforms with $80.54, and 2nd to Facebook only social referrer of traffic to websites. • Pinterest even e-mails you when the price of one of your Pins drop
  • 8. Foursquare From the B2C ego-trip to a B2B data service We geeks all love Foursquare, for they were native on mobile so early, with tons of data and a user experience rarely seen on apps. It’s more an more a B2B tool these days: • SMEs can now do Paid Promotions to push their listings, and run themselves their ads on Foursquare, and even do Retargeting of users who checked-in to their place. • As a restaurant owner, help users search in menus • For users, the app is getting near a Radar with passive recommendations
  • 9. Tumblr The deal of the year, but for whom? With a $1bn purchase from Yahoo, Tumblr is now off the radars as a competitor in the social media field. Winners of this deal: early investors. Not so much Yahoo, and even less users. • Why did Yahoo buy Tumblr? Access to teenagers, revamping an old brand, and getting access to a huge database of content for its other online publications. • A few weeks after the purchase, Tumblr rolled out its ads , but other saw referrals from Tumblr dropping. No news since then…
  • 10. Google+ Killing organic search for non-Google users Google NavBar Google Ads Google Maps Organic results The day people stop looking to Google+ as a “Facebook bis”, they will understand why it’s a hit: • Google gets a ton of data on users with Google+: As a social login, it’s catching up with Facebook Connect, as the way to comment on Youtube, it forces users to be there, and with Hangouts, Gmail, Apps, it gathers even more data for advertising everywhere. • SEO-wise, Google+ is still a scandalous advantage, and helps to “kill organic search”, with Author Attribution as another boost for writers using Google+ on their websites
  • 11. Google & Google+ A B2B and collaborative platform for SMEs From Google Apps to Google Hangout, and the latest innovations, Google is a top platform for SMEs, business owners, and larger brands willing to make their activity social and useful • For professional users, Live Q&A and Helpouts are two great ways to showcase expertise. Restricted Communities offer a great “Facebook for office”
  • 12. Youtube It’s the new (social) TV Youtube is now just like TV, with an easier access for content producers, better tools to edit, and business models to make it viable • Channels with subscriptions starting from $0.99/month now available • Content partnerships debut with GE, Amex, PepsiCo… Youtube even has a studio now! • As a publisher, you now have a better access to your Top Fans
  • 13. Thanks! Agence Tesla, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features.