The Patch, August 2013 - New features from social media


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Google killing organic search?
Retargeting on Twitter is coming soon
Better ads, analytics, content on LinkedIn
Dailymotion: Shooting, editing, & sharing from mobile

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The Patch, August 2013 - New features from social media

  1. 1. The Patch Social media new features updates for marketers August 2013 • Google killing organic search? • Retargeting on Twitter is coming soon • Better ads, analytics, content on LinkedIn • Dailymotion: Shooting, editing, & sharing from mobile
  2. 2. Facebook New content & interaction tricks for posts Hot stat: Facebook's mobile user base up by 20% in the UK and the US • It's now possible to photo- comment posts on Facebook pages and individual profiles • You will soon be able to embed your Facebook posts on your website. Why? Why not showing your customers how social you are and entice them to like your page in a more engaging way?
  3. 3. Facebook Verified pages for brands & celebs on mobile • Facebook's US Cover photo guidelines don't mention anymore the "20% text" rule, who prevented brands to write more than 20% their Cover's surface with text • Verified pages for brands & celebrities for Facebook now appear on iOs app: it’s e- reputation premium you must get • You can now login to Sina Weibo, one of the most popular social network in China, with your Facebook account
  4. 4. Google Google killing organic search? • New Gmail tabbed inbox drops open rates on Mailchimp campaigns by ~1% among Gmail users • Is Google killing organic search? These zoning screenshots seems to support it frankly: don’t forget to be on Google+, Maps, Places, Search. Google NavBar Google Ads Google Maps Organic results
  5. 5. Google Google+ gets (a bit) nicer: videos, +1 • Google+ extends the reach of +1 mention to make them visible in our extended circles, a similar feature to Facebook's Like • Google+ launches animated video previews , looking like a gif
  6. 6. Twitter Retargeting on Twitter is coming Hot stat: Hot stat: Pope Francis now offering "time off purgatory" on Twitter • Twitter rolls out TV ad targeting in the US linked with national TV commercials • Retargeting on Twitter is on, provided the user visited your website or subscribed to your newsletter. It's still possible to opt-out from such ads in the settings
  7. 7. Twitter A new link for stories on Twitter & media sites • No more automated "follow back" on Twitter (a tactics used to recruit followers quickly) as told in their new developer guidelines • Twitter launches "Embedded on these websites" feature: a tweet will show popular stories mentioning it
  8. 8. Pinterest Be retargeted too, or… opt-out Hot stat: Pinterest passes 70 million users • Pinterest allowing users to opt-out of 3rd-party tracking (aka Do Not Track). If you don't opt-out, you will be suggested new pins/boards based on your browsing history
  9. 9. Instagram Embed pics & vids from Instagram to websites Hot stat: Engagement on Instagram's videos higher than on photos • You can now embed any Instagram photo or video easily to your website thanks a share button with iframe • The first movie trailer on Instagram 15- second video is born with "Jobs", the biopic on Apple's founder, starring Ashton Kutcher ht
  10. 10. Foursquare New geo-targeted ads for small biz Hot stat: 78% of users who search locally spend money • A good sample of geo-targeted ads on Foursquare with Captain Morgan Rum, an alcohol brand, when people check-in at certain bars and restaurants • Self-serve ads are now available for small business on Foursquare, pay per click or in-person visit (mobile to store)
  11. 11. LinkedIn Better ads & analytics for Company pages Hot stat: there's 3 million company pages on LinkedIn • LinkedIn (at last) providing Sponsored Updates for company with a company page. You can target users who do not follow you yet on CPM or CPC • New analytics are available for LinkedIn company pages: top engagement posts, filters by time, by type, more data on your followers, benchmark against similar brands
  12. 12. LinkedIn Better content & community tools, too • LinkedIn will soon let company pages admin comments as Pages, just as it's possible on Facebook • Slideshare, part of LinkedIn group, now displays infographics in their players, quite a cool feature
  13. 13. Tumblr Create gifs straight from your webcam Hot stat: Tumblr sending less referrals to websites? • You can now create 4-frame Gifs with your webcam on Tumblr (desktop version) • Adult content a bit more hard to find on Tumblr: no results for NSFW tags will appear on Safe mode • New version of Tumblr mobile app includes possibility to see trending topics and receive suggested blogs
  14. 14. Youtube Easier subscription to channels from websites Hot stat: Music videos accounted for 38.4% of all YouTube views • Youtube launches embeddable subscribe buttons that will help your to-be users to subscribe without leaving your website
  15. 15. Dailymotion Shooting, editing, & sharing vids from mobile Hot stat: Dailymotion has live-streamed more than 50 million hours of live music • Dailymotion launches "Dailymotion Camera", which allow users to shoot, edit, and upload a vid directly from their phones, with filters, HD, share on social media • Dailymotion will live-stream 13 music festivals this summer with artists like the Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Wu Tang Clan, Justice
  16. 16. Thanks! Martin Pasquier, Agence Tesla Asia Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features. No bla-bla, no “12 tips to…”