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Social media new features updates for marketers - May 2013

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Tesla the Patch May

  1. 1. The PatchSocial media new features updates formarketersMay 2013May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing1
  2. 2. Facebook (1)Hot stat: +30% questions on brandpages on 1 yearNews for May 2013- A new algorithm for commentarieswill rank the most relevant first,and not anymore the most recentones. Community Managers willhave both an easier time to dealwith it, but also more attention topay to the top ones.- A new advertising tool should helpyou target better people lookinglike your customer base. Uploadyour base on Facebook, and it willprovide you a Lookalike Audience,which seems to decrease the costper action.- A partnership with third-party dataproviders will help you target moreprecisely your ads on Facebook.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing2
  3. 3. Facebook (2)Hot stat: Facebook users now like onaverage 40 pagesNews for May 2013- New “cost per action” option inAds: bet on what is mostimportant to your brand and payonly for this Action- A new look for Pages on Mobilewill get users on a “summary”page including latest pics, stats,and status of the Page. It’s alsoeasier to share- Pages can now use an ad formatcalled “Promote Page Likes”. It’s ashorter and easier way to promotea page, with a preset price ratherthan a cost per click, and atargeting by country or city.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing3
  4. 4. Facebook (3)Hot stat: +28% daily active users onFacebook in 2012, but for how long?News for May 2013- You can now target “Featurephones” only in mobile ads, toreach the crowds without asmartphone- You can now use the “PromotedPost” features from mobiledirectly, with an estimate Reachfor your budgetMay, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing4
  5. 5. Google+ (1)Hot stat: Google+ Sign-ins nowaccount for more than 30% of totalsocial sign-in on the webNews for May 2013- Facebook had its FacebookConnect, Google+ now has "SignIn" to allow your site to getconnected more easily with thesocial network- Google Hangout now allows to callup to 5 telephone numbers on thesame session, a great tool formarket insights or collaborativeworkMay, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing5
  6. 6. Google+ (2)Hot stat: Britney Spears has 6 millionsfans on Google+News for May 2013- You can now use Google+annotations in your GoogleAdwords. Results? +5 to +10%increase of the click-through-rate.- Community Managers on Google+can now move more easily a postto a category with a drop downmenu.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing6
  7. 7. TwitterHot stat: 66% of tweets mentioningbrands come from mobileNews for May 2013- A new format for the TwitterCards: you can now embed in atweet displays of your app orproduct. A great tool for e-commerce.- More positive tweets = more sales,demonstrated by game publisherEA- Twitter launches its #Music app, tobrowse, find and share musicwithin the social network. Theseparate App is divided into“Suggested”, “Now Playing”,“Popular” and “Emerging”- You can now target ads on Twitterkeywords, just as with Search Ads!May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing7
  8. 8. TumblrHot stat: Teens (13-18 and 19-25) arenow more on Tumblr than FacebookNews for May 2013- Tumblr now displays mobile adsthat looks like regular posts, withup to 4 ads per day per user. Webet brands will have to be verycreative not to disrupt the streamof beautiful content on thisplatform- The White House, always on theedge of social media, is now onTumblr, with a clear path as how itintends to use the social mediaplatformMay, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing8
  9. 9. FoursquareHot stat: 50 millions people visitfoursquare.com every month to findtips on placesNews for May 2013- Version 6.0 for iPhone is launched,making suggestions both fromfriends and brands immediatelyvisible on the home page- Check-in data, rich of some 3.5billion actions, could be soonavailable for ads on otherplatforms.- April 18th is now established as“4sqDay”, for Foursquare Day.Check out how communities gobeyond the online interactionsthanks this platform.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing9
  10. 10. VimeoHot stats: A third of Vimeo views comefrom mobileNews for May 2013- A new look for Vimeo On Demand,a service that helps you browse tobuy content from the creativeminds on Vimeo. On Demand wasoriginally launched in March 2013.- A new mobile interface for Vimeo,which emphasizes even more theimmersive video experience.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing10
  11. 11. YoutubeHot stats: 1 billion unique visitorseach monthNews for May 2013- Youtube won another time in acase against Viacom. Check out thedetails here. In a nutshell: freebrowsing and sharing of contenton the web is not dead.- Youtube for Nonprofit Awards wasawarded to Follow the Frog, fromthe Rainforest Alliance. Check-outthis extensive guide for NGO touse Youtube.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing11
  12. 12. InstagramHot stat: 100m active usersNews for May 2013- Nike, always on the edge of socialmedia practice, offers Instagramusers to customize a pair ofsneakers based on the colors oftheir favorite pictures.- Instagram offers now to tag userson a picture (like on Facebook) anda new tab fo find ‘Photos of you’May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing12
  13. 13. LinkedInHot stat: 1 million LinkedIn users inSingapore!News for May 2013- You can now mention a user(already your contact) in aconversation on LinkedIn, as onFacebook.- The revamped LinkedIn app foriPhone and Android makes contentreading easier, a better stream,and in turn better ads.- A new app from LinkedIn,“Contacts”, offers to aggregateyour contacts from differentsources (email, address book,calendars) and manage thembetter, with notifications for bigevents for instance.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing13
  14. 14. VineHot stat: Vine is #1 free app on the USApple App StoreNews for May 2013- You can now mention a user on Vinetoo, the same way you’re doing it onFacebook, Instagram or Linkedin.- You can embed a Vine video straightfrom the app, on your blog or website.May, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing14
  15. 15. Contact us inSingapore :martin.pasquier@agencetesla.comMay, 2013The Patch - Monthly social media updatesfor marketing15