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Brand-funded entertainment can be a key weapon in the armory of advertisers looking to resonate with audiences, create a deeper engagement platform for brands, and provide new sources of revenue for broadcasters, production houses and distributors. Join Peter Tortorici, former president of CBS Entertainment, Executive Producer at Carsey-Werner Co, and currently CEO of GroupM's Worldwide Entertainment Group as he walks you through the complexities of brand funded programming, and the role agencies like those in GroupM can take in working with external partners. Find out how digital media can allow storytellers and marketers to move beyond product placement to a level of dialogue that connects with audiences on a far deeper level and the role producer, agency, brand, network and distributor (TV-Digital-Online) play, and how each partner can broker an ad-funded deal. Join Peter as he looks to the future of brand funded programming and the role each of us can play.

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  • Breyers was coming out with a new light ice cream brand – Smooth and Dreamy. It was a “new twist on an old classic” – great flavors you love with less fat. A couple of key insights were that their demo – women – loved romantic movies and that they indulged with the product while watching these movies. Now these insights aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but if you take them together and then build the creative from there, you have the opportunity to do something new and innovative.
  • What we did was take two classic romantic movies – Gone with the Wind – the most romantic film of all time - and King Kong – if you think of Kong as the ultimate strong, silent type. Now if Breyers Smooth and Dreamy is a “New Twist on an old Classic”, then what’s our twist? What we did is take a modern woman, Jane Krawkowski from 30 Rock, and put her into both movies. Forrest Gump did this trick many years ago…but here was our twist. In Gone with the Wind, we took out Scarlett O’Hara and put Jane in her place. Now think about this…we still had Rhett Butler’s lines, but we wrote new lines for Jane in order to build a whole new narrative for this modern woman and her fantasy – all brought on by this great product and presented in the context our insights told us would be familiar and interesting to the target consumer.
  • Talk about distribution and results (Getting from Yablonski). Online, on air, cinema, in store DVD promotion, (refer back to insights and marriage thing)
  • Now the 3rd example I’d like to talk about is something we just launched this past month. And it’s about getting high profile talent, hopefully coming up with great creative, and a brand that had the guts to take a risk. It’s also about how the right creative and distribution can be the perfect tool to ignite a conversation -- once again that marriage thing…and Igniting a Conversation was the main goal of our client on this project.  The project: Whoopi Golberg, Poise and Light Bladder Leakage
  • Insight: 1-3 women 18-up have the condition Taboo: It’s a subject no one talks about: The Goal: Ignite a Conversation We decided to use comedic vignettes distributed online and in print to break the ice with consumers, illuminate a problem, tell them they’re not alone, and give them the solution. But all of this wouldn’t work without the right creative – so here was our idea: If 1in3 women have this… then maybe some of the most famous women in history might have had this…and those women might have had this during the iconic moments we all know. I mean…was Mona Lisa’s smile because of???? We created 8, 60-90 second pieces of Whoopi inhabiting the characters dressed
  • We launched it in The View in mid-February and the response was fantastic. Now online, we have a portal partnership and hyper syndication. We even had a print component. And on iTV, they actually had to pull the site down after 2 weeks because they ran out of samples! The brand then decided to find the money to get themselves in the “Super Bowl for Women” - Oscars Night. Now you don’t see ads for light bladder leakage or incontinence in the Oscars…but after ABC and the Academy saw the creative execution, they allowed us in the pre show.
  • Right creative, right distribution – and here’s what happened next: Within 2 weeks of this 1, single airing in the Oscars, it just caught fire…we’ve had over 200 million PR impressions. When in the world does anyone talk about Poise. From Bill O’Reilly and Howard Stern, (they didn’t love it- but remember it’s all about igniting a convesation) to Perez Hilton (loved it), front page of Jezebel, to the epitome of pop culture…we were spoofed in SNL! So how does this tie into the whole marriage of content and distribution thing – If we hadn’t run in the Oscars pre show…very little of this would have happened. And what’s fascinating if you think about it…old media, new media…they are all important…it just depends on the brand, the demo, the strategy, the goals and objectives of the brand – it’s the marriage of content and distribution.  Whoopi is a great example of taking a risk…taking calculated risks is really important…but I would say not taking any risks is even riskier…the old analysis by paralysis situation. And today – in a still burgeoning economy, this is the time to take a calculated risk!
  • BERTOLLI – MULTI-PLATFORM DISTRIBUTION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES  Recently, we launched a big program with Bertolli Frozen Meals that starred Marisa Tomei, Rocco Dispirito and Dan Cortese. It was a reality show – let’s say a cross between Top Chef and Amazing Race. Take a look a quick clip and then I’ll explain the rest.
  • This is a great example of multi-platform content:  We launched with a 30 sec. Teaser in the Academy Awards that was married to a brand equity :15 spot.  We followed it with a custom 60 second spot in Desparate Housewives the following Week. We had an integration with Marisa Tomei on The View. Online we have rich media and banner ads, a portal partnership with Yahoo!, as well as Hyper syndication. We have an iTV component, a social media strategy, a Facebook page, Twitter…you get the picture.  The program just launched but you can see how essential the marriage between content and distribution is in this project. In each channel we have a small key team across the agencies that discuss the strategy and execution in that channel in order to achieve that engagement with consumers I talked about earlier…the three C’s (contact, content, context) so very important for success.
  • Creating fresh content for all these different platforms, not “repurposed content” Old Media vs. New Media Using new technologies to keep the “Marriage” fresh and exciting!
  • Brand-Funded Entertainment

    1. 1. Peter Tortorici<br />CEO, GroupM Entertainment WW<br />
    2. 2. A Fragmented, Yet Interconnected World<br /><ul><li> Accelerating Technology
    3. 3. Fragmented Marketplace
    4. 4. Maintenance of Fluid consumer experiences</li></li></ul><li>Creating Platforms to Drive EngagementImmersive Entertainment Exchanges with Consumers<br />
    5. 5. Breyers – Smooth & Dreamy<br />Product Innovation: In 2010, Breyers debuted Smooth & Dreamy (all-natural, ½ the fat modern takes on classic ice cream flavors)<br />Brand Challenges:<br /><ul><li>Drive Awareness & Brand Affinity
    6. 6. Convert “better for you” ice cream users to Smooth & Dreamy
    7. 7. Create an actionable articulation of “This is Love”
    8. 8. Surprisingly introduce Breyers Smooth & Dreamy </li></li></ul><li>Breyers – Smooth & Dreamy<br />Target Info/Insights:<br /><ul><li>Woman 35-54
    9. 9. Primary Consumption Occasion: Eating ice cream while watching romance movies on weekend nights
    10. 10. Currently eats “healthy alternatives” to Breyers traditional, but loves the classic flavors</li></ul>Content Strategy<br /><ul><li>Bring the idea of Breyers Smooth & Dreamy being a “modern take on an Classic” to life to drive awareness, volume and deeper levels of consumer engagement</li></li></ul><li>Breyers – Insights Driving Creative and Distribution<br />
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Breyers – Insights Driving Creative and Distribution<br />Distribution:<br /><ul><li>Premiere trailer across network finales (30 Rock, Ugly Betty, DWTS, and more)
    13. 13. Vignettes housed on microsite / hyper-syndication
    14. 14. Rich media units/Homepage Takeovers
    15. 15. Cinema “Behind the Scenes” Shorts
    16. 16. Print Advertorials
    17. 17. Sweeps with WB Studios</li></ul>Results:<br /><ul><li>Rich Media CTR significantly surpassed benchmarks
    18. 18. 440MM PR Impressions across 300 placements
    19. 19. Coverage on “Today,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “ABC News Now,”,,, In Touch, Star, and Woman’s World
    20. 20. Over 65,000 Sweepstakes Entries
    21. 21. Smooth & Dreamy = double-digit YOY increase </li></li></ul><li>
    22. 22. Insight: 1/3 women (18+) have LBL <br />Taboo: Nobody Talks About It<br />Goal: Get People Talking<br />Answer: “Great Women In History”<br />
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Launch: The View, Oscars Pre-Show <br />Online: Portal Partnership (Yahoo!), online syndication, rich media <br />Print: 1/3 units adjacent to brand equity ads<br />iTV: Out of samples in 2 weeks!!<br />
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Results to Date/ Igniting the Conversation:<br /><ul><li> 200 Million PR Impressions
    27. 27. Bill O’Reily, Howard Stern, Perez Hilton, and Jezebel all talked about Poise
    28. 28. SNL’s weekend update did an entire skit (Kenan Thompson as Whoopi) based on the WIH Vignettes, using “1 in 3” and Poise brand talking points.</li></li></ul><li>Audi: Leveraging a Heightened Audience with Contextually Relevant and Ownable Content<br />OPPORTUNITY:<br />Leverage the national anticipation for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics to create a unique and ownable property for Audi<br />CHALLENGE:<br />Many consumers are unaware of Audi’s long-standing relationship with ski racing<br />INSIGHT:<br />Align Audi with the passion, speed, and precision of ski racing, showcasing it to draw awareness<br />
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Audi: Leveraging a Heightened Audience with Contextually Relevant and Ownable Content<br />1,905,497<br />Cable Network Views<br />1,510,200<br />NBC Viewers<br />WHAT IT WAS:<br />Follow the U.S. Ski Team hopefuls as they display what it takes to become an Olympian<br />Audi Truth In Motion<br />911,865<br />YouTube Views<br />110,000<br />iTunes Downloads<br />
    31. 31. Bertolli – Into the Heart of Italy<br />BRAND OBJECTIVE: <br />The Italian Passion Project <br />Bertolli is on a mission to bring expert quality Italian meal experiences to your dinner table. <br />It is a journey of discovery and inspiration that will enable you to experience and value what drives Bertolli’s passion, and how you can enjoy the fruits of that philosophy in your own home. <br />
    32. 32. Bertolli – Multi-Platform Distribution and New Technologies<br />The Idea:<br /><ul><li> “Into the Heart of Italy,” a multi-platform series uncovering the secrets of Italian Passion and Cooking
    33. 33. Starring Marissa Tomei, Rocco Dispirito, & Dan Cortese
    34. 34. Top Chef meets Amazing Race</li></li></ul><li>
    35. 35. Bertolli – Into the Heart of Italy<br />Distribution:<br /><ul><li> Launch: 30-second Teaser (Oscars) married to :15 Brand Equity Spot
    36. 36. 60-second custom spot in Desperate Housewives
    37. 37. Online: Rich Media, Banners, Portal Partnership (Yahoo!) & Hyper-syndication
    38. 38. Social: Facebook, Blogger-seeding, Twitter
    39. 39. iTV component (Brightline)</li></li></ul><li>Bertolli – Into the Heart of Italy<br />Distribution:<br /><ul><li> Creating fresh content for all of these platforms, not “repurposed content”
    40. 40. Old Media VS. New Media  Old Media + New Media
    41. 41. Using new technologies to keep the “marriage” fresh and exciting</li></ul>Results still ongoing<br />- Campaign Mentions in: Adweek, NYTimes, Mediaweek, AdAge<br />
    42. 42. IKEA Elevates Kitchens in Home Makeover Series<br />A new reality show where one lucky homeowner gets the shock of a lifetime when their favorite celebrity chef shows up at their door to help build a dream kitchen with help from IKEA.<br /><ul><li>Elevated the IKEA kitchen brand, putting it on par with the best in cooking and pop culture
    43. 43. Created consideration for IKEA products among a whole new set of consumers
    44. 44. Served as a powerful and flexible marketing platform, with content at its center
    45. 45. Managed in full (all production and distribution) by MEC Entertainment</li></li></ul><li>Show Details<br /><ul><li>6 Episodes, 4 guaranteed runs each
    46. 46. Airs within A&E’s weekend lifestyle programming block, “The Big Fix,” alongside shows like “Flip this House”
    47. 47. IKEA custom billboards and spots in show
    48. 48. Category exclusivity on air and online</li></li></ul><li>
    49. 49. Engagement Across Owned and Earned Media<br />Online<br /><ul><li>Web hub at
    50. 50. Special web videos and behind-the-scenes clips
    51. 51. Cooking tips and recipes from celebrity chefs
    52. 52. Design tips from show host
    53. 53. Photo galleries, including blueprints, before & after looks at the show’s kitchens
    54. 54. FTK promoted on
    55. 55. micro site created by IKEA
    56. 56. Email blast from IKEA</li></ul>In-Store & DR<br /><ul><li>Celebrity chef appearances
    57. 57. Signage, video clips, window clings, etc.
    58. 58. Show promotion included in 2 FSIs, mailed to 50MM households</li></ul>PR<br /><ul><li>National consumer press release
    59. 59. Local press in each homeowner’s market
    60. 60. Blogger coverage of the show
    61. 61. Chefs promoted shows across their social media assets and personal websites
    62. 62. Chef appearances on morning talk shows</li></li></ul><li>From marketing platform to Broadcast Net Comedy. The first ever Branded Entertainment Project to make it to Broadcast Television!<br />
    63. 63.
    64. 64. Consumers Gravitate to ITM<br />22MM+ VIDEO VIEWS<br />Home Page Records!<br />
    65. 65. Nestle North America content development and new structures<br />Measuring Up<br />Top Parenting <br />Websites<br />Sources: ComScore & Atlas<br />* Period while ITM was live<br />
    66. 66. Bringing “In the Motherhood” to Network Television<br />
    67. 67. HOLD FOR BLADES<br />
    68. 68.
    69. 69. Thank you for your time.<br />