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Televisa - We First Slides

  1. 1. imon MainwaringThe Shared FutureTV & Social MediaESENTED September 27, 2012
  2. 2. he Social TVcosystem parts:ocial TVocial Shoppingoduct Placementocial Media
  3. 3. TV + Social:New Trends & Players
  4. 4. Television Is Here To Stayainstay: Average Americans watch around 40 hoursa week (Nielsen, 2012)TA: 17.8% of all U.S. households with TVs use ove ignals to watch TV programming (GfK Media, June 2012, up fromdvertising: Ad spend is going up as well as viewersh a demographic spike due to baby boomers retiring
  5. 5. Current Challengessruptors: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Videooverheads vs. big studios and distribution companiee Flight: From COX, Time Warner, Comcast to Hu and Netflix (on average, 1/3 price) .entiment: Time Warner, Comcast, Cox, & Dish Netwesent four of America s 19 Most Hated Brands (ACSI)
  6. 6. 6 Trends Shaping Social Tew Consumer Behaviorse of Tablets & Co-viewingnline Video Playersn-Demand Goes Mainstreamewer Multi-taskingecond Screen Ecosystem
  7. 7. . New Consumer Behavio 11% of Consumers access Network Programming Without TV
  8. 8. Rise of Tablets & Co-viewablets now 2nd most popular full-length TV shoviewing device ahead of desktops and laptops
  9. 9. OnlineVideolayers:uTube, Huluevo, YahooSN, NetflixSPN, AOL
  10. 10. Mainstream
  11. 11. 5. Viewer Multi-tasking
  12. 12. Second Screen Ecosystewithin second screen apps complement telev
  13. 13. 5 New Players acebook (+ Online Video)Google (TV & You Tube)Nintendo s Wii U (Video + Second Screen) pple (TV)Closed Web
  14. 14. 1. Facebook + Online Videlu allows viewer to post comments on a TV show in Faceople see the comments in sync with show on a different de Social TV experience around TV shows is recreatedpendent of time and physical location of the viewer.vertisers insert ads targeted precisely to you + social graest graph + the specific topic of the show + exact momenwatching the show, whenever/wherever you are.
  15. 15. 2. Google TV + Advertisinrdware: In buying Motorola, Google gets cell phones runnoid system and a leading set top box manufacturer for Pavertising: Google s DoubleClick controls an estimated 70per-click advertising.dding: InviteMedia and AdMeld gives Google leading supp and demand-side platforms for real-time bidding for view vioral targeting.
  16. 16. Google + You Tubel Ecosytem: Google is building everything you need to rey TV over an IP network – technologies involved with ribution, encryption and access control for premium vide ing Connection: 1/5 of all TV s will be connected to the w16 allowing Google to lead through Google TV and You Tp Channels: Vevo, Machinima, Maker Studios or ShmooRpular and heavily funded by Google (up to $5M).
  17. 17. 100 Premium Channels
  18. 18. ss Views, Longer Watch T
  19. 19. Nintendo TVii vs. Google
  20. 20. 4. Apple + TV ftware: Apple is building the software in front of us. Formple, in-app billing integration with Netflix where you signpay through iTunes vs. a credit card. cial: Integrated Twitter into their new operating system. vertising: iAds create unique advertising experiences acr ntire Apple platform.
  21. 21. letely easy to use. It would be seamlessly synall of your devices and with iCloud. It will havemplest user interface you could imagine. I fina cracked it. Steve Jobs to biographer, Walter Isaacson
  22. 22. Google vs. Applestility: Google & Apple didn t renew a 5-year licensingeement establishing YouTube s video service as a built-iniPhone/iPad.action: Google is releasing of a revamped YouTube applict creates more moneymaking opportunities for Google aneo producers by allowing advertising with the clips.sult: Removing the advertising limitations will mean usersw iOS app can watch YouTube videos that already have bailable on smartphones and tablets running Android softw
  23. 23. This is an area of intense focus for usWere going to keep pulling this string and see where it takes us.” Apple CEO, Tim Cook on Apple TV D10 Conference, May 2012
  24. 24. 5. Closed Web peculation: New players are erecting fences on the reat open Commons of the Web. ences: Facebook data, pages, video can t be view y Google s search engines. Netflix can t be viewed earch engines. Nor can any Apple apps downloade our iPhone or iPad. Twitter chatter does not show u ormal search.Content Creation: Netflix, You Tube & Hulu are crea wn content.New players: Skitter, Aereo,, and Boxee a
  25. 25. Pointscess to talent.cess to financing.cess to distribution.cess to marketing. ols for content creation.atforms for monetization of content.ew devices optimized for content consumptionew methods of content discovery including socedia.
  26. 26. Three Questionse you investing in a vibrant ecosystem thatovides new tools, that rewards new developerd that offers new ways to monetize content.innovation coming from you or them (start-upse you building a business for the past or the fu
  27. 27. The Opportunity You are not at warwith the web or social mediabut in partnership with them.
  28. 28. Social Shopping& Product Placement
  29. 29. Screen Within ScreenScreen within screen technolog is giving viewers the ability to interact with the programs, with each other, with the stars and with products in real time.
  30. 30. Second Screen Behavior
  31. 31. Consumers re Shaping Social TV
  32. 32. ocial Media Is Good For Tduct placement and social media increase the importancesion and advertising.wers can now buy direct from television programming in reand share what they bought with friends. haring purchases, viewers earn social currency andgement with friends through discussions about the showsthey bought.programs are using social media to expand their audiencerities are using it to drive fans to their shows, and advertis ocial shopping are connecting the two.
  33. 33. Mediaormation about a show, product or service was the #1vator for interacting with a social media while watchin). r reasons:etting coupons and promotional codes (32 %) tering a contest/sweepstakes (31%)atching another video (26%) eracting about the show or product on social media (26% nnecting with others with similar interests (21%) aring or recommending video/program to others (20%)aking a purchase (16%)
  34. 34. How Shopping Goes Sociacond screens: Number of television and Social TV vieweg second screens (laptops, smartphones & tablets) to intetelevision is at an all time high.mart TV s: Smart TV sets (Social TV sets), outfitted with ea ssed social networks and social applications, are rising. B s: Newer Pay-TV Platform Operators newer STB s (Sees) outfitted with social networks and social applications t ntially turn them into Social TV STB s.
  35. 35. Advertising Goes Social and Pay-TV advertising market is currently worth over U billion worldwide. Broadcasters/Networks as well as Facebook, Twitter, Go he Internet TV crowd (including Google, Apple and Micrall going after it via Social TV.cial networks will ultimately morph into Social TV channe
  36. 36. Social TV & Social Medi
  37. 37. V Shows Get Social: Twitt
  38. 38. Viddy
  39. 39. scovery Channel: Facebo
  40. 40. W’s Fall TV Shows: Pinter
  41. 41. CW’s Fall TV Shows: Votin
  42. 42. CW’s Fall TV Shows: App
  43. 43. Screen
  44. 44. ial media has made TV a social experience aWe re very interested in facilitating conversatiopping into the power of social conversations a different programs to give viewers the powernnect with each other & build our relationship our fans. Gayle Weiswasser, VP, Social Media Communications Discovery Communications
  45. 45. Brands Get Social
  46. 46. uper Bowl & Grammy’s 20
  47. 47. cial Media Tracks Social T
  48. 48. Demographics
  49. 49. dvertisers Get Competitiv
  50. 50. Twitter s Top TV Shows
  51. 51. he future isn’t either traditional or digital: it’s a edback loop between the two. Television fanswant to get involved and be counted. It’s howcreative we are in engaging those fans – andeping them connected even as they may mov away from the traditional network – that will termine how potent and profitable we will be in the future.” evin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting, 2012
  53. 53. aking Money From Social alytics Companies: Bluefin Studios and Trend p Developers: Shaping the way we view cont vertisers: Driving brand loyalty, engagement as through branded content and product placem
  54. 54. our Future = Social Vieweontent remains King, interactive multi-screen is Queen.V will grow supported by social networks built around shods, stars, broadcasters, social networks etc.V 2.0 is about building the networks that viewers want.he question who will dominate - existing networks or Goog zon, Netflix, Apple, Comcast?dvertisers will become channels creating branded contents about being social, distributed, and always on.
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