Branded Entertainment by Russell Sails


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If you need to distance your product or service form your competition then tell a better story that will engage your customers. Branded Entertainment exploits that opportunity and leverages what makes your brand unique.

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Branded Entertainment by Russell Sails

  1. 1. Branded Entertainment 2.0...only if you want your brand to thrive(survive)
  2. 2. Your brand can stay stuckin mind traffic, clutteredbehind all of the advertisingcurrently inundating yourpotential customers’ lives oryou can learn to take adifferent route, a faster wayto gain customer loyaltyand grow brandambassadors.
  3. 3. Your customers are currently watching video, film,games... 30% of 2010 Internet traffic was video while it is projected to be 90% by 2013 - Cisco Video, as well as social media, ads will help drive online advertising to become the fastest-growing ad category worldwide by 2014 - ZenithOptimedia Google (You Tube) had 44% of the 200 billion video views in October, 2011 - ComScore ...but are they engaging your brand?
  4. 4. Branded Entertainment is the differentiator. Period.
  5. 5. Branded Content blurs conventional distinctions betweenwhat constitutes advertising and what constitutesentertainment. Branded entertainment is a fusion of thetwo into one product intended to be distributed asentertainment content with a highly branded quality.
  6. 6. Branded Entertainmentshows how your customers interact with your brand in captivating scenarios, distributing your message through channels that audiences seek out instead of turn from.
  7. 7. Businesses that have investedin branded entertainment,cultivating an engagedaudience, will better reachnew audiences as multi-screenand connected TV technologysaturates the marketplace. 80% of TV units shipped by 2015 will be connected compared to 27% in 2011 - Futuresource 80 million connected TV sets in 2011 to grow to 892 million by 2016 - Informa
  8. 8. Advertising dollars that are targeting multi-screen devices must also invest in quality branded stories that leverage the interactive engagement opportunities the technology offers.Brands are forecast to increase online ad spend USD 884m in 2012 to hit USD 116.8m by 2014. Thereport forecasts that online advertising will represent more than a fifth of global overall ad spend by 2014,up from 16% last year. - ZenithOptimedia
  9. 9. Where do you start?
  10. 10. First, ensure your brand is ready... Are you clear on your mission and purpose? Do you understand what makes your brand unique? Are you certain who your target market is? Is your on-brand message consistent? Does your brand have a community of supporters?
  11. 11. If your brand is not ready, take the necessary stepsto ensure your direction is solid before launching anintegrated branded content campaign. Get help ifyour internal resources are limited in this area.If your brand is ready, assess your resources anddetermine if you can develop, produce, distribute andmanage the type of integrated branded contentcampaign that will capture significant mindshare ofyour targeted customers.
  12. 12. Types of branded content that should be in your library: Documentary (involve top level decision makers and minions) Series (Ongoing storyline around your consumer) Feature (Consumer focused, with your brand as the unintentional and hidden “hero”) Comic script (consumer focused) News Magazine (your brand featured as supporting star to your customer) etc., etc.
  13. 13. Unless you demonstrate otherwise, your customer’sperception of your brand simply won’t stand out. Do something about it!
  14. 14. integrated media An Empowered Brand Satisfies its Audience 213 207 6962