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Rickmers Linie   General Presentation Feb2008
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Rickmers Linie General Presentation Feb2008


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This is a presentation of Rickmers Linie, a sponsor of GPLN.

This is a presentation of Rickmers Linie, a sponsor of GPLN.

Published in: Travel, Education

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  • 1. Introduction to Rickmers-Linie
  • 2. Group Structure Introduction Rickmers Group Slide RICKMERS HOLDING PACIFIC HOLDINGS Shipowning Investments Liner Shipping Services RICKMERS GROUP Shipmanagement / Crewing Rickmers Reederei Rickmers Shipmanagement Island Marine Services Arctic Shipping RICKMERS-LINIE Rickmers-Linie Belgium Rickmers-Linie America Rickmers Japan Rickmers Korea Expert Shipping MCC Marine EVT Harper Petersen (50%) Rickmers Immobilien (Real Estate) ATLANTIC (80%) Global Management (Cyprus) POLARIS (Isle of Man) Rickmers Shipmanagement (Singapore) Rickmers Marine Agencies Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka
  • 3. The Fleet of Rickmers Group Introduction Rickmers Group Slide 63 Container Vessels + 8 Conbulker + 2 Bulk Carrier + 9 Multipurpose Vessels (Superflex) + 1 Car Carrier = 83 Vessels in service More than 40 vessels on order Total Fleet close to 130 vessels Total Capacity: more than 2.500.000 dwt more than 185.000 TEU Staff: more than 2750 crew onboard more than 250 employees ashore
  • 4. Rickmers-Linie in brief
      • more than 2 million FRT per year
      • 145 employees worldwide
      • 16 offices all over the world including
      • 20 specialised vessels in permanent operation
      • Four permanent liner services, connecting
      • the business areas of the world, and special sailings
      • on demand
  • 5. Heavy-Lift Carrier (Tramp) Bulkcarrier (Tramp) Containercarrier (Liner) Schedule reliability Specialisation high high low low (Liner) The Rickmers-Linie Concept The concept of RICKMERS-LINIE is to offer liner type services combining reliable, regular sailings with specialised ships and highly skilled and competent shipping experts
  • 6. Rickmers-Linie Offices worldwide Houston Genoa Antwerp Düsseldorf Hamburg Beijing Seoul Hong Kong Shanghai Tokyo Singapore Mumbai Xingang Tianjin Qingdao Dalian
  • 7. eastbound Round-The-World Frequency: fortnightly Pearl String Service 9 x 30.000 dwt Superflex Heavy MPCs (up to 640 tons) as from July `08 ten vessels Asia to America complemented by 2 x 35.000 dwt Conbulkers (80 tons)
  • 8. Pendulum service frequency : once per month US & Europe to Middle East & India Connection from US by Pearl String via Antwerp or through direct vessel
  • 9. Frequency : once per month USA – Asia westbound Vessels : 4 x 11.000 dwt Multipurpose RoRo vessels (ECL) 2 x 35.000 dwt Conbulkers
  • 10. The Superflex Heavy MPC Fleet nine vessels built 2002-2004 one vessel built 2001* RICKMERS HAMBURG RICKMERS SHANGHAI RICKMERS SINGAPORE RICKMERS TOKYO RICKMERS NEW ORLEANS RICKMERS JAKARTA RICKMERS SEOUL RICKMERS ANTWERP RICKMERS DALIAN 2x 320 to cranes, combinable to 640 to (RICKMERS HOUSTON 2x 100 tons, combined 200 tons) 19,5 knots • 30.000 dwt • flexible tweendecks As from July 2008 *RICKMERS HOUSTON
  • 11. RICKMERS DUBAI RICKMERS MUMBAI RICKMERS CHENNAI RICKMERS DOHA Middle East / India Fleet up to 250 tons lifting capacity
  • 12. 6 x 19,000 dwt Multipurpose vessels Six vessels ordered from Tongfang, China up to 480 tons lifting capacity 19,000 dwt – 2 x 240 to crane combinable to lift 480 tons Length 148 m – Breadth 23.4 m Adjustable tweendecks – Speed 16 knots Deliveries from January to December 2010
  • 13. 4 x 17,000 dwt Multipurpose vessels Four vessels ordered from Xinshun, China up to 300 tons lifting capacity 17,000 dwt – 2 x 150 to crane combinable to lift 300 tons, plus one 80 tons crane Length 144 m – Breadth 22.8 m Speed 16 knots Deliveries December 2009 to April 2011
  • 14. FORTUNE EPOCH (1995) REINA ROSA (1995) MILENNIUM FALCON (1996) GOLD INDUS (1998) USA-Asia westbound – vessels (ECL) up to 120 tons lifting capacity 11.000 dwt RoRo Ramp Bale capacity approx. 23.000 cbm
  • 15. USA-Asia wb and Asia-America SOPHIE RICKMERS and MARIE RICKMERS Will be employed in the Transpacific trade (Asia-America and America-Asia westbound) Built 1999, box shaped 35.000 dwt - speed 17 knots
  • 16. Cargoes we carry splitter tower 189 tons / 62 m long / 5.5 m Ø
  • 17. weight: 583 tons dimension: 31.0 x 4.26 x 4.7 m Cargoes we carry reactor vessel for refineries
  • 18. Cargoes we carry tunnel borer
  • 19. Cargoes we carry transformers
  • 20. Cargoes we carry gantry cranes
  • 21. Cargoes we carry steel tubes
  • 22. Cargoes we carry coils
  • 23. Cargoes we carry yachts
  • 24. Advanced technology, professionalism and co-operation at all levels of the transport chain secure the highest possible standards in efficiency, safety and reliability Guidance to Masters of Rickmers-Linie vessels Supercargoes Stevedores Agencies Valuable guidelines for shippers and manufacturers of project cargo Rickmers Standard for Stowage and Securing of Project Cargo
  • 25. RICOSYS Ri ckmers C argo O perations S imulation S ys tem
  • 26. Developing new technologies
    • RICOSYS is a newly developed state-of-the-art cargo management system in 3D.
    • - Digitalisation of cargo items for simulation.
    • Simulation of cargo lifting, handling and bedding on Superflex vessels
    • Lifting and lashing requirements calculated by the system
    • Our clients may participate in the course of feasibility studies from the early beginning, and their advice and comments may be implemented in real time.
  • 27. Integrated Cargo Securing module Certified by German Lloyd on 8 November 2005
  • 28. Stowage planning in 3D
  • 29. Animated loading simulations RICOSYS
  • 30.  
  • 31. Thank you!