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Song Background

  2. 2. ARTIST INFORMATION: JOSS STONEJoss Stone, born 11th April 1987 is anEnglish soul singer, songwriter and actress.She rose to fame in 2003 with her multi-platinum debut album The Soul Sessions.Her second album, the equally multi-platinumMind Body and Soul, topped the UK albumcharts for one week and spawned the top tenhit “You Had Me", which is her mostsuccessful single on the UK singles chart todate. Both the album and single eachreceived one nomination at the 2005Grammy Awards, while Stone herself wasnominated for Best New Artist. She becamethe youngest British female singer to top theUK Albums Chart in history and to have herfirst album at number one. In early 2009, shejoined the eclectic super group Super Heavy.
  3. 3. THE SOUL SESSIONSThe Soul Sessions was the debut album. It was released in theUnited Kingdom on 24 November 2003 by Relentless Records.The album consists of a collection of cover versions of 60s and70s soul songs, in addition to a cover of a contemporary song.The Soul Sessions was produced by Miami soul singer BettyWright. She worked with veteran Miami soul musicians BennyLatimore, Little Beaver, and Timmy Thomas. She also workedwith contemporary musicians such as neo soul singer AngieStone and the alternative hip hop group The Roots.Joss Stone told MTV News that she felt intimidated by thecredentials of the musicians that worked on the album. "It wasweird because theyve worked with so many great, greatsingers. Im talking the best. I kind of walked in, just like thislittle girl and started singing”. By the end of the session, shehad impressed everybody with her talent.
  4. 4. TRACK LISTBelow is the album track list. Thisshows the name of every track onthe album- there is a theme of loverunning through it. It also revealsthe writers and original performersof the songs. It also displays thelength of each song.
  5. 5. SUPER DUPER LOVE (ARE YOU DIGGIN’ ON ME)The song is an original by Willie Garner (“Sugar Billy”)which was released in 1975 as a single from his albumSuper Duper Love. It was made famous when JossStone covered the song in her album The SoulSessions. Joss Stone’s album is worldwide.The song is a happy love song.
  6. 6. In the presence of all my friends LYRICS You stood there holding my hand And you promise me faithfully That you will be my only man Yeh are you diggin on meSuper Duper Love (Are You Diggin’ On Yeh yeh yehMe?) Im diggin on u now baby Yeh do u wanna little bit of my loveYeh are you diggin on me Yeh wait a minute play it for my LittleYeh yeh yeh BeaverIm diggin on u now babyYeh do u wanna little bit of my love [insrumental]Yeh wait a minute wait a minute In the presence of all my friendsAll the time i knew that you loved me You stood there holding my handBecause you were always there And you promise me faithfullyCould i be that mistaken That you will be my only manBelieving that you really care Yeh are you diggin on meIn the presence of all my friends Yeh yeh yehYou stood there holding my hand Im diggin on u now babyAnd you promise me faithfully Yeh do u wanna little bit of my loveThat you will be my only man Yeh wait a minute your love is super oh babyYeh are you diggin on me See im trying to tell youYeh yeh yeh Your love is super duperIm diggin on u now baby Super yes it is yes it isYeh do u wanna little bit of my love Your love isYeh wait a minute wait a minute Your love is super Are you diggin on me coz im digginEverytime i walk down the street with you on youIm as proud as a girl can be Im just trying to tell youJust 2 no that u r mine Oh this love is super duperAnd all that good loving belongs to me Wait a minute