Magazine advert research


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Magazine advert research

  1. 1. MAGAZINE ADVERT Preparation
  2. 2. This is one example of a magazine advert promoting an album well. The image used is extremely powerful and striking and reflects the idea that the music relates to the image, for example, the music may be quite edgy and punky. The use of black and white also gives a retro feel to the poster. Colour is very important as well as the image used. The typography fits really well into the colour scheme and idea for the album. For example, the artist name is white writing on a black background which is easy to read and stands out. The album name “Russian Roulette” is printed in capital letters which also stands out on the page. I know I would stop and look at this advert and that’s what I want my advert to be like.
  3. 3. This is another effective album advert. The image used is again a close up of the artists face. The colours in the image are also used for the typography so it works really well and stands out. The album is called “Lights” and is placed under the artist name. In the image, her hair has gold dust over it which suggests that they are playing on the idea that her hair is shining- reflecting the album name of lights. The artist name is bold and clear and all the necessary information about the album are below the image and writing such as reviews .
  4. 4. I have discovered while researching into magazine adverts, imagery on the adverts is really important as it gives the artist an identity but should also reflect on the idea of the album name. I do not want to challenge conventions of a magazine advert. I would like to use a striking image which reveals the artist with clear typography. This works well on most adverts.
  5. 5. MAIN IMAGE ARTIST NAME ALBUM NAME This is a simple layout but follows the typical conventions of a magazine advert. The main image takes up the majority of the page along with a clear header for the artist name and album name.
  6. 6. MAIN IMAGE ALBUM NAME This is another simple layout but the text is at a slightly different angle. Like the Rihanna advert, this can look effective on the page as long as it compliments the main image.
  7. 7. MAIN IMAGE This is similar to the second layout but shows a slightly different angle for displaying the typography. This could look cool below a striking image.