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Digipak prints

  1. 1. Digipak Creation These are two CD covers that inspired me into the creation of my own CD cover. The colour, pattern, images and typography have all helped me to decide on my own. These designs also inspired me into the CD design. I began with a template from google images as I thought it would help me with the layout of my digipak.It is a simple layout (six sided). I firstly began in photoshop, creating a logo for my artist. This was influenced from Colbie Caillats album as she has a white lily by her name. I thought this would suit the style of the album and genre so I created my own using shapes. I then saved my image as a PNG file.
  2. 2. It was important to save the files as PNG as they would then go into word as typography with no background.I began with the front cover of the album. Itook inspiration from an album cover I ookedat in the planning stage- Ellie Gouldings“Lights” as the image used is similar to theone I have taken. I think the image workedwell on the front and was a powerful imageto represent the artist on thr front cover. It isalso a typical convention to have a close upon the artists face on the front of a CDalbum.I then placed in the text I earlier created inphotoshop and also the logo. I playedaround with the layout on the front but Idecided that this worked the mosteffectively. I then began to create the back of the album. I used the same image from the magazine advert as they link in.
  3. 3. I began to place in the text on the back- the song titles. I wasnt happy with the layout.So I tried it with the numbers down the righthand side and it works much better. I now placed in some of my own photogrpahy as it is conventional to have some more images in the digipak to relresent the artist. I then created the background design for my CD print. I created the design myself using felt tip pens and paper and scanned the image in. I then created a lower brightness to fit onto the CD.
  4. 4. Overall I am pleasedwith my digipak- thephotogrpahy,typography anddesign have allworked well.