Animatic Feedback


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Animatic Feedback

  1. 1. In order to gather feedback from our animatic, we devised a questionnaire. We arranged our questionnaire using closed questions, ensuring we retrieve qualitative data that we can group together and find the average of. We asked twenty people aged between 15 and 20 (after deciphering that this was the average age group for fans of “The Joy Formidable”) to answer our questionnaire and collected the data. Our questionnaire followed the following format…
  2. 2. As we used closed questions, we were able to gather our data in tables and graphs with our qualitative data. We found the data retrieved from the answers to our questionnaire to be as follows… Q1. The narrative was clear and easy to understand. This pie chart shows that out of twenty people, 3 strongly agreed with the statement, 8 agreed, 3 were neutral, 5 disagreed and 1 strongly disagreed. This means that although the majority of the people understood the narrative, it may be beneficial to make it more understanding for the 6 that did not agree. Q2. There was a clear motif in the music video. Q3. Performance shots are This bar chart shows that important in a music video. 1 person disagreed, 15 people agreed and 4 This cylindrical chat shows strongly agreed. that 1 person strongly agrees, 8 people agree, 7 are neutral From this, it is apparent and 4 disagree. that our motif is clear within our music video. From this it is evident that , although almost as many people are neutral as agree, we perhaps should consider including some performance shots.
  3. 3. Q4. The sign during the “I WISH” lyrics is effective and aesthetically pleasing. This chart shows that 5 people strongly agree, 9 agree, 4 are neutral and 2 disagree. This suggests that the “I WISH” signs would be a good idea for our music video. Q5. There could be improvements in the music video. This chart shows that 3 people strongly agreed, 7 agreed, 5 were neutral, 4 disagreed and one person strongly disagreed. This shows that the majority of the people believe the video could be improved. However, this is an animatic and so a lot of the understanding will come through when we produce the main product.