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20121121 presenations for geo mob


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20121121 presenations for geo mob

  1. 1. Making Open Tangible David Overton GeoMob 22nd November 2012 UCL
  2. 2. What’s it all about• Who? And Why?• Open; Data, Source, StreetMap• Cloud• Crowd; sourcing, funding
  3. 3. Who am I?dbyhundred Ltd.• Create• Consult• Innovatedbyhundred makes public sector geographic informationmore available, more useful and more usable.
  4. 4. …and we?
  5. 5. See the videos at cts/1521486951/splashmaps
  6. 6. Do solid state maps get bad press?• Can’t copy them• Dated• Can’t fold them• Rubbish in wind, rain,snow … weather in general! Thanks Garmin!
  7. 7. What do people want from Open data? • A second reference • A 2-way• Something Tailored to them.
  8. 8. So Why make Open Tangible?• Who loves Open? – Providers? – Commercials? – Users?• Who loves using Maps? – Providers – Commercials – Users
  9. 9. Problem statement• How can we show providers of Open Data that our economy can be boosted by Open Data?• How do we drive use?
  10. 10. Our workflow
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Influencing already?• New Licensing at OS• Forestry Commission• New product entering the market• Radar Club• 30 backers including important influencers in the geo-nerdo- sphere.
  13. 13. Conclusion !@*!! £££• Open is Tangible!• You can help – Influence – Re-tweet – Share – Get some skin-in-the-game
  14. 14. Support