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Zoe Warwood Evaluation Question 3

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Question 3

  1. 1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?We gave a sample of our target audience a questionnaire to see what they thoughtof our documentary, radio trailer and TV listing article. This presentation shows theanswers we was given.
  2. 2. When asking our audience if they could get a Question 1 feel for what the topic was from our opening sequence they all answered yes. When asking Could you get a feel for what the topic was in the opening sequence? “why?” the answers we was given were: 14 •Because relevant footage which related to the 12 topic was used •^such as the first clip of people drinking in a barNumber of people 10 8 in the opening sequence (one of the reasons given on one of our questionnaires) 6 •Because the topic was mentioned/introduced 4 straight away 2 •Because members of our audience could relate 0 to it yes no •Because there was lots of facts given Answer given •Because relevant images were used •Because the titles were clear Other comments given: • it was straight forward enoughI feel that these are accurate responses as we made sure when filming and choosing our footage thatit was relevant to our chosen topic of binge drinking and we chose footage which illustrated this in forour opening sequence in order to clearly introduce the topic. We also introduced the topic straightaway using a voiceover during the opening sequence and we used relevant images such as alcoholisles in supermarkets and alcohol in pubs along side this. On top of this we made sure ourdocumentary title stood out clearly through the use of the overlay of the words in the sharp colours ofblack and white against the background. We tried to use our most dramatic, shocking and interestingstatistics during the opening sequence as a way to draw our audience in and get there attention sothey would want to continue watching the documentary and we chose facts and figures which wouldinterest our target audience and they would be able to relate to the most.
  3. 3. When asking our audience how well they Question 2 felt the topic was introduced they all provided mainly positive feedback. The main How well do you feel the topic was introduced? answers we was given were well and good. 14 One of our answers was that it was alright. 12 Further comments provided were:Number of poeple 10 •That it was introduced very well especially 8 with the use of the vox-pop answers of 6 people trying to define what binge drinking 4 it 2 •It was introduced quickly 0 •It was introduced with a good voiceover Positive feedback Average feedback Negative feedback (not •The voice over was clear (relevant) (ok, alright etc) well, bad etc) Answer givenI agree with these responses as we ensured that we introduced the topic straight away through the use ofour voiceover, footage and title in our opening sequence and we recorded the voiceover twice to make surethat it was clear and easy to understand as the first time we recorded it, we felt that parts of it was too quietand that our audience may have struggled to hear what was being said. The second time we recorded it thevoiceover was a lot louder and sounded much clear and this obviously came across as people commentedon it in our questionnaires. I’m also happy that someone thought that our first set of vox-pops just after theopening sequence was a good was to introduce the topic because thought that asking people to define bingedrinking would be a good starting point for our documentary as our audience would be aware of the cleardefinition from the beginning and this would avoid confusion. However as not everyone was completelysatisfied with the introduction of the topic for our documentary maybe this is something we could havedone a bit more work on and could do with improvement.
  4. 4. When asking our audience is there was Question 3 enough information/facts given they all answered yes. Further comments given Was there enough information/facts given? were: 14 •It was very factual 12 •Two people who did our questionnaires said they really like liked the shot taken Number of people 10 8 of the wine glasses/wine glasses information section (during this footage 6 we provided facts on the effects on the 4 person after 1 glass, 2 glasses, 3 glasses 2 and 4 glasses of wine). •There was enough information/facts 0 yes no given with the interviews Answer given •If there was any more information/facts given it would have been too muchWe tried to include a sufficient amount of facts in our documentary to entice the audience and keep theirattention throughout but not too many so that it became too factual and boring. We wanted to use statisticswhich would shock our audience and make them realise the reality of binge drinking, so I’m happy thatsomeone commented saying “too many facts and it would have been too much” because it shows that weincluded just the right amount. Im glad that people picked up on the wine glasses section also as we spentquite a lot of time working on this section and put thought into it as we wanted to make the visuals illustratethe facts well and we wanted them to work together effectively to make that part of the documentary moreentertaining and professional looking. Finally when choosing footage from our formal interviews we tried topick out the part which included interesting facts that our audience could relate to or would movethem/make them feel a particular way- especially when choosing footage from the interview with PC Patel ashe gave us some quite horrific stories of his experiences from dealing with people who had been bingedrinking and we felt that this would engage our audience the most.
  5. 5. When asking our audience how relevant Question 4 they thought the information that was given was they all provided positive feedback. The How relevant was the information given? main answers we were given was 14 relevant, really and very. Further comments 12 given were: •The information is very usefulNumber of fpeople 10 •The information is informative and detailed 8 •The information is relevant to the target 6 audience 4 •The information/real facts scare people •Good information is provided from good 2 sources 0 •The information is clear Positive feedback (relevant) Negative feedback (not relevant) •The information is interesting Answer given •None of the information provided isn’t relevantWhen deciding on what information to include in our documentary as mentioned before we did try toinclude shocking statistics and facts which more related to our audience and as we learnt from our audiencefeedback that the information/facts we chosen scared people we clearly succeeded in this area. I agree thatthe information we chosen was of a good quality and from good sources as we used reliable websites suchas the NHS, itv and BBC to find our information so we got our facts from well known sources and crossreferenced them to check their accuracy. Overall I think the descriptions given for the information weprovided are exactly what we were aiming for and I am satisfied with this feedback.
  6. 6. When asking the audience whether or not theyQuestion 5 thought the music fits in with the theme of the documentary throughout they all answered yes. Further comments made were: Did the music fit in with the theme throughout? •The music was fast and slow where 14 appropriate 12 •The music had a good beat like in a club so it 10 was relevant to the topicNumber of people 8 •It was a bit “out of space sounding” but still fitted in 6 •Yes because the music was lively when it was 4 showing people drinking but slower when the 2 topic/information was serious •The music flowed well 0 yes no •Sometimes the music was a bit too loud Answer given •The slower music was a bit too dramatic and could have been quieter •The music was effective but was quite loud over interviews •One person doing our questionnaire said they liked the music because a sad song was used for the sad part
  7. 7. Question 5 continuedWhen choosing the music we wanted to choose something which fit in with the mood we wastrying to create from what we being said and shown in the documentary. This is why we chose twodifferent tracks, one more upbeat dance type track when we was providing humorous informationand footage on binge drinking and showing it from a more fun, young person perspective, and amore dramatic, eerie track when we was providing information and footage related to the dangersand more serious side of binge drinking spoken about by PC Patel. I agree that the dance music wechose was relevant to the topic as it had a club like atmosphere as this was the type of sound wewas aiming for. However I do feel that we could have lowered the volume of the track chosen formore serious part of the documentary as after reading this feedback I do think that the music wasa bit too loud behind PC Patel’s interview and as he had quite a quiet , soft voice it did over powerit slightly so we should have turned this down a bit. After saying this though I was happy with thischoice and disagree with the comment that it was too dramatic, because we was purposelychoosing a dramatic track to fit in with what was being said as the information being given at thetime was about the worst possible outcomes of binge drinking and deaths caused by car crashesand this is a very serious matter so we wanted to create tension through the use of the music andbuild up emotion for the audience.
  8. 8. Question 6 When asking our audience if they Do you think the documentary ran smoothly? If yes thought our documentary ran smoothly did the fades/editing help? and if they thought the fades and 14 editing helped they all said yes. Further 12 comments made were that: •The sound levels were goodNumber of people 10 •The fades helped 8 •The editing was good 6 •The music was too loud at times 4 •There was a good flow/the documentary flowed nicely from one 2 thing to another 0 •The fades and editing helped with the yes no music too Answer givenWhen It comes to the fades and editing I personally feel they did help the documentary flow nicely and weonly used fades when we felt that the straight cut looked too harsh to help so I agree with the feedbackgiven on this area and am satisfied with the comments made. However there was mixed views on the soundlevels of the documentary as shown by the feedback given on this question and the previous question. I feelthat this is something we could have done more work on, as some people think the sound levels were goodand some people think parts of the documentary was too loud. As mentioned on the previous slide I dothink that the more serious track was slightly too loud behind the interview, but we did spend a lot of timeadjusting the sound levels of the voice over , vox-pops and interviews to make sure they sounded levelthroughout and one person voice wasn’t too loud compared to someone else’s and when we listening to thedocumentary once we had finished adjusting the sound levels we didn’t notice anything which particularlystuck out compared to other parts of the documentary and was satisfied with the sound levels so apart fromthe music I agree that the sound levels was good.
  9. 9. Question 7 When asking our audience if they thought the vox-pops added a Do you feel the vox-pops addeds a comedy effect to the comedy effect to the documentary documentary? 14 they all said yes. Further comments made were: 12 •The comedy effect made it more watchableNumber of peolpe 10 8 •The vox pops were entertaining •They added humour 6 •Yes because they were telling the 4 audience their experiences 2 0 yes no Answer givenWe tried to add a comedy effect to our documentary by choosing the funnier vox-pops that made us laughand that we felt our target audience would enjoy listening to. We did this because we wanted ourdocumentary to have humour as well as seriousness, as we felt that this would be more entertaining, attractour audience more and engage them, keeping their attention throughout the documentary. I think that thecomments given show that we was successful in this area so I am happy with this feedback and I agree thatthe main reason that the vox-pops added humour was because people was talking about there pastexperience, but I feel that this was a good thing to include because everyone has their own stories when itcomes to binge drinking and you often find that other people have had similar experiences so it wassomething that our target audience would be able to relate to and would be more likely to find funny.
  10. 10. Question 8 When asking our audience if they felt that the formal interviews were informative and factual they said yes. Further Do you feel that the formal interviews were factual comments made were: and informative? •The interview with the police man was 14 good 12 •The interview with the police man was effective because what he says was quite Number of people 10 8 shocking •Yes because one of the interviews was 6 with a police man and he is a trusted 4 source 2 •Yes because police man is a expert 0 •One person who did our questionnaire yes no said the police man was a good touch Answer given and they didn’t know some of the fact that were givenThese responses show that the formal interview which had the most impact and our target audience foundmost interesting was the one with PC Patel. I was expecting this as because he is a police man I agree withthe comment that he is a trusted source and because he has had experience dealing with and witnessingincidents caused by binge drinking he can provide us with more shocking and interesting information, so it isgood that our target audience liked this interview and felt that they learnt something from what he told usand also that what he said shocked them as this is what we was aiming for. However I do think that the otherinterview with Julie was also quite informative as she could provide information from a different perspectiveof the effects she notices binge drinking has on other students and their friends.
  11. 11. Question 9 When asking the audience if they thought our double page spread TV listings article Was the article appealing to the eye? was appealing to the eye they all said yes. 14 We then asked them why?, these were the 12 comments that were made: •Because of the use of various coloursNumber of people 10 •Because a variety of images were used 8 •Because of the masthead title and the way 6 it was presented with the image behind it 4 •Because of the use of the pull quote •Because of the colour scheme 2 •Because of the use of bigger fonts and font 0 effects (e.g. Bold and outline) on certain Yes No words. Answer givenWe tried to keep a consistent colour scheme in our TV listings article and make the masthead moreappealing by making the font bigger, and using different colours and using a image from the documentary asa background behind it so I’m glad people picked up on this as I feel it worked effectively. I also agree thatthe variety of images makes the article more appealing as it adds more colour to it and illustrates what isbeing said in a more eye catching way instead of just have loads of text which would be boring and too plain.We used a pull quote and made this and the subtitles a different colour to the main text and slightlybigger, we also used a white outline on the pull quote. We did this to separate these bits of information fromthe main text and make it more eye-catching, and seeing as people commented on these techniques asmaking the article more appealing this clearly succeeded so overall I am happy with this feedback.
  12. 12. Question 10 When asking our audience if listening to the radio trailer made them want to Did listening to the radio trailer make you want to watch our documentary? watch our documentary they said yes. 14 When we asked “why” the answers we 12 were given were: •Because It gave an insight into theNumber of people 10 8 documentary which is good 6 •Because the vox pops used are 4 interesting •Because the clips taken from the 2 documentary sounded interesting and 0 yes no funny Answer given •Because the clips added seriousness and humourWhen producing the script for the documentary I wanted to portray •Because it gave key informationboth the serious and the humorous elements of the documentary •Because it was very interesting andthrough the use of the clips taken from the documentary which I mentioned some of the main bits inincluded in the radio trailer, and the feedback shows I was the documentarysuccessful in this so I am happy on how people described these •One person said It was suspended soclips and that people found that it gave an insight into the it made them want to know moredocumentary and it made them want to know more. I am also •Because the seriousness of thesatisfied that the use of the catchy music made people want to policeman’s clip was intriguingwatch the documentary because we used the same music in the •Because it used catchy music anddocumentary so it is positive that people liked this. The only different voicescriticism that was made was on our voice and I agree that this could •Because there was a good use ofbe an area for improvement as the radio trailer was left to the last soundminute so getting the voice over was quite rushed and would have Other comments made were that thebeen of a better quality if we had organised our time a bit better. voiceover could have been more clear