Initial Feedback.


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Initial Feedback.

  1. 1. Initially we edited our music video and uploaded it onto in order to gather feedback on how our video was viewed. We had our teachers feedback to us their views on our video- presented below. We then re-evaluated our video, filmed more and re-edited our video in order to comply with the feedback and to make our video more pleasing. Construction Marking Criteria Comments Holding a shot ready where Shots are steady in the majority of appropriate the video Framing a shot Shots are framed well most of the time Using a variety of shot Variety of shots have been used distances Shooting material appropriate Material selected is relevant to task set although you still follow a linear narrative apart from one flashback. Selecting mise-en-scene Motif is well established although including colour, figure, the breaking of the glass outside lighting, objects and setting although filmed effectively, seems odd in the sequence of the video, perhaps it would be more effective if this shot is repeated at different paces to reflect how her anger and frustration rises. Editing so that meaning is The narrative is establish clearly in apparent to viewer some parts of the video, however this kiss scene 1. is not appropriate for the video, it is not subtly alluding and I think will out rightly offend the examiner, this
  2. 2. scene should have been far more artistic and alluded to rather than in your face, this needs to be addressed. 2. the flashback editing pace needs to fit with the timing and pace of the song. The last shot of the video is unclear, having shown this to a few other members of staff they did not understand what was supposed to have happened at the end, this also needs to be addressed to ensure you score well in this section Using varied shot transitions Shot transitions are effective and and other effects selectively appropriately selected however, and appropriately they are still a little sow in some parts and do not fluidly fit with the upbeat tempo of the song. You will gain marks is you can edit in time to pace of the video. Using sound with images and You animal motif is original and editing appropriately for the quirky and the symbolism works task set well, however this quirky edge of your video is not reflected in any other dimension such as quirky shot or the pace of the song, all these elements need to gel together so that you have created a music video rather than a short film with a backing track. Using titles appropriately These must be used at the beginning introducing the band and the name of the track, think carefully about your choice of font.