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  1. 1. RESEARCHChin Wah Lai
  2. 2. RESEARCH- BILLBOARDS/POSTERS Desirable Features: I like how the edges of the poster are a darker shade of red and gradually becomes a brighter shade of red. The phrase written is also humorous and therefore is more memorable. There is very little on the poster, meaning that most of the attention of the passersby are directed to the text and the burger. Undesirable Features: The burger is too small, so most of the attention is directed to the text, not the burger, which is what is being advertised.
  3. 3. RESEARCH- BILLBOARDS/POSTERS Desirable Features: The pentagon on the top right corner uses complementary colors to make the “£3” more visible. Undesirable Features: The white background and light green strips are not especially outstanding, and make the poster look too drab. The white text does not stand out from the light green stripes either.
  4. 4. RESEARCH- BILLBOARDS/POSTERS Desirable Features: I like how the word “note” uses a different font, which makes it more outstanding. As a light color is used for the background, it makes the entire billboard stand out more. I also like how a hand is in the billboard, not just the device, suggesting that the device is user friendly. Undesirable Features: I think that the font used for word note should be changed, as the font used is messy and suggests that the device is aimed for children, which it is not.
  5. 5. RESEARCH- BILLBOARDS/POSTERS Desirable Features: The silver car which is being advertised is in the center of the billboard, and is the largest object in the poster. It also stands out from the black background. The word “checkmate” is also memorable because of its short length. Undesirable Features: Although the white square around the logo attracts attention to the logo, it looks unprofessional.
  6. 6. RESEARCH- BILLBOARDS/POSTERS Desirable Features: The unusual image makes the image more memorable, and the text outlined in red uses a large, clear font. The logo of the company is also quite large, unlike the other posters and billboards analyzed. Undesirable Features: There are too many fishes too look at, distracting the passersby’s from the text.
  7. 7. RESEARCH- LOGOS Notes: Simple, easy to remember the logo, however because the logo is black, it does not stand out as well as it would if it was a brighter color. Notes: The logo is yellow, making it more eye- catching. Name of company stated below, however if the brand was not well known, I would not know that this brand sold fast food Notes: This logo clearly shows the name of the company and what they are selling.
  8. 8. RESEARCH- LOGOS Notes: Name of company and product is blue, which stands out from the orange background. The font used suggests that this product is targeted and younger people.Notes: The shape above “NBC” making it moreoutstanding, and the smooth shapes make itaesthetically pleasing.
  9. 9. RESEARCH- FINDINGS From my research, I have found that desirable features for posters include: •Large, clear font that is suitable for target market •Simple, memorable slogans that stand out from the background and are a suitable size •It should be clear what product is being advertised •The product being advertised should be in the center of the poster and be very large •Complementary colors for parts of the poster that needs to stand out Desirable features for logos include: •Logos with bright colors •Large, clear font that is suitable for target market •Something that indicates what the business provides