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Task1- Research

  1. 1. Irn-Bru Analysis
  2. 2. COLOUR SCHEME; the company ‘irn bru’ have a distinct style to them, this house style is seen throughout all advertising material to a high, professional standard. Using the orange and blue are both very gerish and contrasting colours which work well in an advertising campaign as it catches the eye of the younger audience. As it suggests the contents make it an energy drink therefore these colours complement this idea, for example some of the meaning behind these colours suggest that oranges combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, and can quiet commonly associated with enthusiasm, encouragement and stimulation. The orange tones also fits with the colour of the drink, bringing out these tones. While to contrast this the dark blue is seen as a masculine colour which can also connote tranquillity and calmness. The fact that they have used these colours complement the male audience that this drink targets. FONTS; a sans serif font has been used throughout which is clear and easy to read from a far especially when such posters will be found in the city and on billboards and buses. This font also complements to font used on the drink can too which is also a chunky sans serif font with angular lines to reflect the house style. As well as this a second font has been incorporated similar to a handwritten font which will appeal to the younger demographic and match with hand made, creative look of the advert. LANGUAGE; behind all the adverts created by irn bru, humour is used as a main selling point to there campaigns, in order to get the attention of the teenage/young adult, and so by using this adult humour that can sometimes be a little risky it really gets the readers attention, however in this case the ideas behind it are a little different and plays more to the ideas and sarcasm to highlight some of the main features to the poster. In terms of the language used the text has a formal tone to it, using short sentences that get to the point, which is a great way of attracting the attention of the reader. LAYOUT/STYLE; the overall layout of the poster is made to look busy and cluttered, to reflect the hand made/edgy presentation. However, the fact that a plain white background is used makes it clearer to read and understand, emphasizing the key word ‘obvious’ the image of product is placed central to the poster drawing your eye in. the layout of the main body of text is made to look like a headline. While the other text is rotated and at multiple different angles and arrows help to emphasis these key points. PHOTOGRAPHS; one main image is used for the purpose of this advertising campaign showing you the exact product, and so that the audience are aware of what they are looking for in the store. The image is quiet heavily linked and drawn into the whole poster using a mind map approach to the advert where arrows are taken fro the image to emphases key areas. the can is shown in high key bright lighting the fact that this is used creates a cartoon effect which will appeal to the younger demographic that ‘irn bru’ appeal to the shadowing which helps to give it a realistic 3D effect. The can is also made to give it a cartoon look
  3. 3. COLOUR SCHEME; as this is been promoted as a limited edition energy drink created by ‘irn bru’, there is a striking difference between the usual house style and this one, which helps to emphases the fact that it is different to what they have already created. As the orange is repeatedly used again to reflect the colour of the drink, the connotations are the same as already discussed. However, the fact that the tones are a lot redder this reflects the nature of the poster and is a lot more of a fiery colour associated with energy too, which works well as an advertising campaign as these colours are then continued and reflect the look of the energy drink can. The fact that a black background has been used works well at contrasting against the orange and the white text used on the poster. FONTS; just as similar as before to follow the house style which has been presented a chunky sans serif font has been used which also suggests masculinity. Also the font as been displayed in capital letters which also catches the eye of the reader and can bee seen as been shouted to the audience, which will also fit with the male audience they are attracting, using a rough effect to it. LANGUAGE; the little amount of text that has been used is direct and gets to the point using strong, formal language which gets to the point and attracts the attention of reader. Using words such as ‘your’ personalizes such posters a lot more and making it more relevant to them. As well as using words such as ‘burny’ and ‘fiery’ associated with the product that they are promoting which helps to get this message across and the USP. The fact that they are stating it as limited edition makes it of more importance and compared to other products makes it more special. LAYOUT/STYLE; this poster has been presented on a portrait page layout, and the ratio between text and image is evenly spread out. The text is placed in straight horizontal lines which keeps it looking simplistic and minimalistic, showing you this information in a clear and concise way. There has also been an added smoke/mist of the text which helps to highlight the fact that it is a fiery drink. The fact that the words ‘ooh ya’ and ‘its burny’ have been split between the burnt paper draws your eye to the, and has been a design choice to take into consideration. The fact that colours are mainly deep and dark colours, the white text is really striking and seen as a warning sign ‘watch your mouth’ PHOTOGRAPHY; this poster displays very clearly an image of the product which takes up a quarter of the page. Picking up the colours used in the poster. The fact that a black background has been used helps to highlight this and by using shadowing and reflections really helps to achieve that 3D effect making it stand out from the page, while still making it looking high quality and professional. To the background of the poster there is clearly suggests it has been made to look like the paper has been burnt which reflects what is been shown in the poster and links in with the words ‘ooh ya its burny!’ quiet heavily.
  4. 4. COLOUR SCHEME; just like the other of the products on the market created by ‘irn bru’ the same colour scheme is used throughout, which suggests there house style behind the promotion. The fact that they are using the same colour scheme throughout shows the continuity between the products and also makes it easier for the reader to associate and relate to what on the market. However the use of the colour blue is a lot more brighter and neon then on other products looked at such as the diet energy drink. Using this brighter blue will attract the attention of the younger viewers, which is a harsh contrast with the orange. FONTS; just like previously discussed a chunky sans serif font has been used, in capital letters which helps to emphases the points, and the way that ‘wakey wakey’ has been shown suggests the idea of it been shouted like an alarm clock, as this irn-bru is seen as more of a morning drink. This font has also been warped and stretched to created this pulled out, font and extends just like volume. The font is also quiet child like in its format especially with the stroke over the outside of the font, which also works well at emphasing the point. As well as this another font has been used for the ‘32’ which is used look slightly frosted and glazed compared to the other font chosen, suggesting coldness. LANGUAGE; in terms of the text there is minimum used, as the main emphasis is on the image, the language is strong and striking which gets to the point and addresses the reader by asking a question within the advertisement, making it more personal to the reader, and the fact this is in capital letters helps to emphases this, as well as the fact that short snappy statements have been used will help to appeal to the younger audience that such energy drinks will appeal to. LAYOUT/STYLE; the layout of this poster for irn bru 32 is displayed on a landscape page, can could be found as a banner for either a website advertisements, billboard or bus sides. The image is heavily centred to the left of the page, while the text to the right, which reflects the way that the public consume the media and the way your eyes follow what is being presented to them. The style if such posters is seen in a loud and gerish way both the colours and, font choice and the image used. The fact that a white background has been used emphasises this point drawing your eye in to the image and what is been shown on the page. PHOTOGRAPHY; while other posters have shown different there is more of an emphasis on the photograph as it isn't just showing the drink, but also a man dressed in a bird suit reflecting this idea of early mornings and ‘wakey wakey’ however that fact that they have chosen to use a man dressed in a birds suit appeals more to the teenage and younger adult target bracket, using humour as a way to grab the attention of the reader. The have also chosen to have the bird holding a large can of this drink which draws you eye to this and the colour from this. This photograph used some techniques to achieve it; high key lighting, sharp focus, in a mid shot and eye level angle drawing your attention to the expression of the man.
  5. 5. COLOUR SCHEME; just like from the other pieces of promotional and advertising material, posters and website banners. The same colour scheme is used throughout, however there are some differences as you can see when new products are brought out such as the diet and limited edition irn bru. But just like the original branding, this follows the same ideas and style, as blue and orange prove very striking colours. These complementing colours are found and opposite ends of the colour wheel, and are very dynamic. FONT; even though a number of different fonts are used through the webpage, they seem to all be a sans serif font, and to emphases the main points capital letters in bold has been added which is a good way of pointing out what the viewer should read and be drawn to. IMAGES; in terms of images there are a lot more text then images on the homepage, but the images that have been included involve the can of irn bru, for example on the logo found at the top left of the home page and as a part of the sugar free advert central to the whole poster so that the readers are aware of what there newest products are. A 3rd image is found to the bottom of the page in black and white, which relates to the story ‘why this ferret ran’ as irn bru are very commonly known for the controversial adverts that they have made in the past and the problems they have faced with the ASA. Which for the younger audience could find this sort of controversy interesting and this sort of humour appealing to that demographic. The editing behind this has been shown in a way to look cut out and as apart of an magazine/ scrap book effect with rough edges. LAYOUT; this homepage has a basic set up to it like the common conventions of many websites. The bar at the top is full of the links to other pages, some of importance include the drinks that they have to offer, and some of their favourite adverts of the past. Using this helps to remind the audience and keep them up to date with all the latest news. In terms of ratio of text to images there are more images showing advertisements and photos linked to the energy drink. There are also links to social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, which will involve there target market, as well as subscription to the news feed. There is also interaction for the viewers, such as the flip card effect and moving image seen on the front page which is a great way of attracting the attention of the reader, as well as providing more information to the reader without it looking busy and over crowded. However, overall the homepage is seen to be busy and hectic, with images, text, moving image, and shapes and graphics. LANGUAGE; the terms and language used is very similar to the adverts, with short snappy sentences that get to the point, providing key pieces of information. The fact that the fonts have been changed up throughout helps to keep the reader interested. In terms of language they have a informal approach to appeal to there target market , and the fact that they address there reader also helps too.
  6. 6. Present In terms of moving image, their adverts tend to take the light hearted humorous side to appeal this younger generation that they are targeting , this sort of advert is created to get a reaction from their viewers, because it is something that they will remember, because of the attitude they have. When these adverts are released there is always a number of different ads inspired by a similar idea. Such as the most recent group of adverts with the tag line ‘irn-bru it gets you through’ some of the similarities include the end slide displaying a can of irn-bru along with its tag line, as well as an object related to what is being seen, to fit in with the overall mise-en-scene. These adverts also have a recurring pattern of using the some film and moving image techniques. Such as the sharp focus helping to give it that crisp and polished look, and using close up shots to capture the emotion and expression. There is also no background music or voice over which doesn’t deflect from the main purpose of the advert and helps to keep you focused on what is being said on the advert. The lighting is high key with also reflects the colour schemes that consists of bright colours which help to suggest a positive and cheery outlook that will help to grab the attention of the reader, and helps to promote a positive message and help to make the advert seem as realistic but comical at the same time. This group of adverts created by irn-bru are set up using different story lines, reflecting real life but adding some comical value to them, and has been shown is a scripted way just like a soap opera. The producers have also made sure that the irn-bru is emphasised and can be clearly seen throughout, both in the advert and the end card using a number different angles and levels, which makes the audience aware of the product and what the advert is advertising. Past When looking into the history of the irn-bru, there adverts are known for causing controversy, which has resulted in adverts getting banned and complaints been made to the ASA. Example include such adverts for entertainment to the right which is an old black and white advert showing the life of those family’s In the 1950s banned for some for the suggestions it made. Here is the script from this advert. “Ready everybody? Everybody in the world loves irn bru I do I do I do Me too Everybody in the world loves irn bru He does She does We does Me does And I specially love irn bru even though I used to be a man Even though I used to be a man *whistle” this advert showed a mother at the piano while her family, two children and husband and stood round, involved in the sing-along, which finished with the mother singing ‘even though I used to be a man’ from this airing in 2003 it had a number of complaints claiming the fact that it poked fun and was offensive to those transgender. Resulting it been taken off the air. And from this to the present day you can see the progression of there products even though the product is still the same, and although technology has moved on, the humour behind is still the same, which is what has really got the attention of the reader.
  7. 7. Comparison When looking at the similarities and the differences between the advert for irn-bru 32, and they way they target there audience on different platforms from print and moving image. They tend to follow a similar house style to follow through as a professional high quality advertising campaign. Some of these similatries include the colour schemes as the orange and blue and continued through into the moving image, because even though it is set with a library/study room there are hints of this colour scheme such as the product itself and in the bird costume. Which is also another similarity and an important part to this advertising campaign for irn-bru 32 and so in this case it is seen as a mascot in all of there 32 products, using this is a re-occurring feature is a great marketing strategy which audiences can remember and in the long term can associate with irn-bru32. in other advertising campaigns similar strategies have been used because as advertisers it is of great importance to create something with impact that the viewers will recall whether this through shock or humour. Or sometimes can be due to a catchy theme tune/song. It is also important to producers to make sure that the product features heavily as that is what they are trying to sell to the target market and so making show there are some moments showing is promote and highlight it In the best way whether this be with the lighting and the angles and shots of the product. It is also a important feature to make sure that the characters are the same for both campaigns in the bird costume making it a stronger campaign because there is continuity throughout. Both adverts are also clearly interlinked and the message behind it, using images and symbols that people commonly relate to when discussing an energy drink. An example of this could be the bird which in this case is seen as cuckoo/alarm clock. Which also reflects the tag line ‘wakey wakey’ and therefore associates its self with the audience. This type of energy drink is targeting mainly a teenage and young adult audience, so the fact that it has been set within a school/college/university relates to there situation. I feel that it works well as a campaign because of the strong message behind it that is clearly highlighted throughout both.
  8. 8. Comparison To Other Brands
  9. 9. COLOUR SCHEME; this poster used a lot more deeper and darker colors, that reflect the grunge style that they have achieved. The fact that they have used a black/dark grey background to the poster, makes to images of the products stand out in red and green. These colors have been chosen to reflect the colors and the flavors of the drinks with a slight grey ting to it helps to create this gothic look. The connotations of the color green suggest ambition and jealously as well as research shows it is also associated with money. And more commonly known for been related to nature, growth and harmony, it could also be seen as a masculine color that will appeal to the target market they are reaching out to. While the dark red acts as a contrast to the green connotes suggesting, danger, fire, power and passion. The choices of these colors helps to reflect the very different tastes to the drinks and what they have to offer. FONTS; there are two main fonts used on this poster, both serif fonts the use of these flicks to the letters help to make the text easier to read and follows through the page. This main font also fits in well with the overall gothic and embellished style, with a very decorative finish. The font chosen also complements the text used on the bottle which is also a very decorative font with added swirls and flicks to it. The font also takes to forms both in capital letters to emphases the point and shows it to some importance and also in regular to that it fits with the overall tone. IMAGES; the design for this posters focuses mainly on floral and leaf embellishment that is both on the energy drink can and as the background of the poster. You making the background darker and only seeing the outline/ shadow of this print really helps to draw you attention to the image of the two cans of relentless placed in the center of the page giving the poster a real sense of direction as your eyes are drawn to the color. This image has been used so that the customer is aware of what the product looks like in store. However, the main effect to the poster to look drawn/ cartoon like reflecting the main style and completing the design to the cans of energy drink. The fact that they have used two bottle gives the customer an idea of what is to offer making more a bold statement. LANGUAGE; the language used throughout is very minimal as used as a way to state the main facts and points, directed as a statement rather than addressing the reader, which is a lot more direct and forward, this is also complemented by the choice of font, which helps to present this message in that tone. The text used on the poster has taken inspiration from the text on the bottle, however made bigger for the reader to see. It is also in a formal tone which also helps to present a professional and high quality poster. LAYOUT; for this poster a very basic, simplistic layout has been used, which is clear and easy to read for a distance. The image is placed in the center with initially draws your eye in. that fact that the 'juiced energy’ tag line has been used in the green color complement the colors on the can and is also a great color for catching the eye. The text is mainly centered towards the middle of the poster, making it appear more formal to the reader and also makes the poster flow reading line by line.
  10. 10. COLOUR SCHEME; though the many years that coca cola have been in business the main house style and colour scheme has always been the same from research into those past and presents. And the ideologies are still the same behind the product. With this the colour scheme uses red this works effectively as it compliments the neutral colours used by contrasting this as the red proves eye catching drawing your attention into the advert. This red and white colours have been used for many years so the fact they have kept this the same makes it distinctive to there company which will ‘lure in young minds.’ from research the conations of red consist of been an energetic colour while suggesting power, strength and sense of determination which all have some reference to coca cola the brand and then product itself. FONTS; for the purpose of this poster 2 main fonts have been used, using a combination of both serif and sans serif fonts. The serif font is well known and an iconic symbol of the coca cola brand found on there logo, and on the bottles found in store. The classic and traditional font also helps to reflects the brand values and the messages that it portrays. The second sans serif font works well and matches well to work as an advertising campaign the bold font has been chosen as it grabs the attention of the reader to the top of the page where there slogan has been placed. The fact that it has been presented in capital letters suggests a sense urgency and the idea that the message is directed at you. IMAGE; for the purpose of the campaign, and been one of the earlier adverts the images have been hand drawn and painted, which achieves this traditional, professional finish. The fact that shadowing has been used helps to create this 3D look as if the hand has burst through the wall, and so the fact that the hand is projected at you draws the reader in as if it is addressing you. When looking at other poster and adverts around this time they all tend to have same style and design to them, and you can see that addressing the reader was very important, as well a this same hand drawn/painted look. LANGUAGE; minimal amount of font is used as the main emphasis is on the image showing the product and getting the message across. The fact that the text and images are also well interlinked with the words ‘here’s coke... The pause that refreshes’ which relates to the taste of the coke and the fact that a pause is included in the statement and as well as with what is being said . Just like other poster analysed the language is direct and to the point using short snappy sentences which helps to keep the reader interested serving its suppose at getting the message across. LAYOUT; as the poster has been hand drawn the layout complements this well with a simplistic style of both text to the top of the page image to the centre and the brand logo to the bottom right. With everything focused very central and making sure everything uses straight lines to achieve the professional standard, that will appeal to there target market.
  11. 11. COLOUR SCHEME; when looking at the website for lucozade, the homepage uses a very minimalist and monochrome colours through such as whites and greys. This helps to create a very sophicated and professional looking website. Which also suggests fitness and health. When researching into what the colours connote they suggest goodness, cleanliness and safety all areas which reflect the attitude and lifestyle for such sport energy drinks. However when looking into more of the website, for example the links to range of energy drinks that lucozade have to offer and this shows me that each of these pages have there own colour schemes that complement that specific drink. An example of this could be the lucozade energy. Using red, oranges and yellows that fit with the colours on the bottle connoting energy strength and power, all messages what would be well received sending the right message out to the audience. FONT; the website for lucozade the same font is used throughout. As a sans serif font in capital letters the fact that they use the same one shows continuity and a running theme. This font works well as it is bold and eye catching and clear to read. The fact it is a stretched out long font reflects the fitness and the fact that it is a sports drink. IMAGE; the images are an important part to the design of this website as it if the focus point in grabbing the attention of the reader. Because as you few the homepage With a mini flip card of images can be found with links to other areas of the site, making is visually appealing, and adds more information without if looking over powering and cluttered. The variety of images shown include images of the product, current print adverts and in situations where lucozade can be used for sports. The photograph has been professionally done with sharp focus and large depth of field. Editing has also been used to create different effects whether this be enhancing the quality, blurring, adding or decreasing the colours, are just some of the things that the company have done to create the effect desired by there company. LANGUAGE; the text used is similar to other advertising material that i have analysed previously. Following the minimalistic house style of the webpage with little amount of text which complements the colours and images of this. The fact that minimal text is used helps to make the image the main focus to the campaign and a good way of getting this message across. They also have a good way to hook the reader by including questions what relate to the reader and get them interested. The language is presented in a formal way , in short statements the fact that full stops are used on a frequent basis after one words. An example of this could be ‘ win daily prizes. 365 days. Lucozade energy. Fuelling the good times.’ this effect adds impacts and drives home the message which is something that can be remember more by the reader. They also use a lot of persuasive language because from there website there are competitions to be won and so using this style will also add impact and persuade readers to enter. LAYOUT; in this case a simplistic layout has been used to match the look and style of the images and text. Focusing on clean lines and edges to these pages which also helps to make it look professional and high quality. As well as this the homepage includes links to the drinks they have created to find out more. And tabs to areas where you can contact them or get the news. Because of the younger target market they are appealing to links to social media are key to be able to communicate and socialise with the wider community which is where facebook and twitter links can be found. As well as audience participation giving audiences the chance to enter competitions.
  12. 12. As well as the red bulls main drink sold they have also introduced new flavours and branding, such as diet and caffeine free and with the red blue and sliver edition bring a number of different flavours there target market. However the moving advert found on websites in there advertising space as well as on TV, promotes there main red bull drink with the slogan ‘it gives you wings’ which is the main purpose to there advert because with this message came a whole campaign, using the same idea to produce a similar theme throughout. Just like the irn-bru moving advert looked at earlier there are some similarities in how they target there audience. As both of these brands aim to target teens/ young adults they use humour as a way to hook the reader into what is been seen whether this is with an element of shock or surprise that could prove risky, and cause controversy in the long run. Such as one of there adverts with caused complaints from the public, suggesting that the titanic passengers could have avoided disaster id they had wings. Raising a total of 46 complaints to the ASA (advertising standards authority). The many adverts they created around this same idea us the same principles and design. Which makes it more effective as an advertising campaign as it is something that the reader can remember and associate the brand with. In terms of the style and design behind it they take a very simplistic format with a white background which reflect the simplistic tone of there other adverting material for both print and e-media. The images for these posters are taken to look cartoon like and hand drawn which will also appeal to the younger target audience that they are appealing to. Made to look like a comedy sketch the design is mainly in black and white expect for the product itself which used the brand colours this helps to emphases the product more to the consumer and highlights this, as the red blue and sliver are striking colours that work well together at grabbing the attention of the reader. As described in the past the adverts are humorous and witty cartoon campaign, transferring the message that this energy drink helps you to escape be giving you wings’ and has been successful in many countries. As the slogan summaries it ‘increases physical endurance, concentration, mental alertness and stimulates metabolism and increases stamina. The fact that they suggest that red bull gives you wings reflect the values and he idea that you can face anything with the energy and boost that red bull provide you with, and even though there branding could be a little different now targeting those sports and energy demanding activities, there slogan is still aloud to exist still reflects there brand values.
  13. 13. Brand Packaging
  14. 14. Just like the adverts found online, on tv and in print magazines, and posters, the colours are followed through into the packaging of the product. A thick black outline around the text helping to emphasis the text against that neon blue background it has been put against, it also gives it a shadow effect making it stand out from the can with a 3D effect. Complementary colours, bright, eye catching colours that can easily be seen on the self in store. Banner of text along the height of the can, which complements the chunky text and can. Using there traditional colours makes it easier for the consumer to recognise the product Company logo ‘BARR’ The original design before the development into; sugar free and limited edition and 32. with distinct differences between them. Image of the sports athlete on the can showing there silhouette, quiet clearly showing a man that reflect the target market they want to achieve with this product. The fact this they have chosen sliver matches in with the rest of the colours used and emphases his importance.
  15. 15. Each colour chosen for the can of this energy drink reflects the flavour of the drink, making it easier for the consumer to understand to flavours behind the can too. (the colour of the bottle=the colour of the fruit) The name rock star interlinked with the use of this symbol within the logo The font is made to look like it has been stencilled which will appeal to the younger target audience, achieving The large star this graffiti reflects the logo and effect. its content taking up ¾ of the front panel Black is used as a highlighting colour for the range of drinks they produce, which is easier to read for the more important pieces of information and works especially well against the yellow and orange. To the cans the type face has been used as a background, which can faintly be seen showing the words ‘rockstar’ which also achieves this graffiti more messy look. In terms of the layout the logo is found at the top of the can with is easy reading distance from the consumer. The words ‘energy + hydration’ can clearly be see so the consumer is aware of its values
  16. 16. ‘steaz’ produces a number of organic drinks, found online from research as I was interested in looking at other forms of energy drink that steer away from the typical energy drink, the types of people that it consumes, and the connotations behind such drinks. Which is when I found this company that specialize in; ‘a family of flavourful, great tasting, all natural, organic and fair trade tea-based beverages in three healthy and delicious product lines- iced teas, sparkling green teas and energy drinks.’ And so here is my opinion on packaging of these alternative energy drinks, very different to what I have already compared. The ‘e-shot berry’ is a great alternative which is clean, grab and go energy which can give you a quick and easy energy boost on the go. The fact that it is found in a bottle instead of can steers clear from what is already on the market and is seen as a more a drink suitable for travel and not to be drank instantly which can sometimes be a problem with the energy drinks found in a can. The text is simplistic, clear and easy to read and in capital letters your eyes are drawn to the ‘energy’ found central on the bottle. The sans serif font also helps to complement to background to the bottle which has used a lot more detail an design into it using a lot of greens that reflect the organic nature of this drink. The fact they have used a swirly design will also appeal to more of a female based audience. The ‘energy super berry’ is another organic energy drink found in a can. Which is healthy alternative to what is already found on the market for the younger side of this market. When looking at both the e-shot and this they are very similar in design which makes them work well as brand which consumers can recognize on the shelf. The text again is a sans serif font, however uses soft edges which will appeal to the female based audience. Which is clear and easy to read that draws in your eye to the words energy. As the white contrasts well against the red background. As well as this a complementary font has been used that is a serif font. The flicks helps the guide the eye through this information and also is used as a way to name the flavour of the drink. Just like the other energy shot the background is very similar expect for the fact that the added specks of glitter/ stars have been used which flow with the swirly design and also makes it look more feminine. Just like the comparison of the other energy drinks they have also chosen to match the colour of the can to the flavour of the drink as this suggests fruit and berry’s. The red is a great complementary colour to the green on the shelves which will catch the eye of the consumer.