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Alfresco Community Meetup 2013


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Alfresco Community Meetup 2013: MetaDB and JDBC Authentication connectors for
ERP/CRM integration (alfresco addons)

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Alfresco Community Meetup 2013

  1. 1. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)1 / 22Alfresco Community Meetup 2013[ MetaDB and JDBC Authentication connectors forERP/CRM integration ]Javier Martínez (Venzia) && César Capillas (
  2. 2. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)2 / 22Work PlanIntroduction:- Venzia && ZylkAlfresco Addons- MDBC Addon (Venzia)- JDBC Authentication Addon ( Online Edition Addon ( - Alfresco Demo- Intro- Authentication- Metadata and searches- Online Edition and Digital Signatures
  3. 3. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)3 / 22Introduction
  4. 4. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)4 /● is an open source company based in Bilbao(Spain) specialized in java open sourcedevelopments and products.● Its activity covers portal solutions (web portal anddocument management solutions) and digitalsignature.● From 2010 holds the presidency of E.S.L.Eand A.S.O.L.I.F. open source associations
  5. 5. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)5 / 22Venzia● Venzia is an open source company specialized inconsulting, development and integration of javaproducts since 2004.● Its activity covers portal solutions (both web anddocument based solutions), business processes(BPM) and bussiness intelligence (BI).● Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal, Activiti BPM,Jasperserver BI
  6. 6. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)6 / 22Alfresco Addons
  7. 7. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)7 / 22What is alfresco addons ?Alfresco add+ons is the place to findcustomizations, extensions and relatedprojects for your Alfresco installation
  8. 8. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)8 / 22Addons by Zylk● Edit online with Libreoffice / Openoffice● Digital signature action in Alfresco Share (New!!)● Validating signatures in Alfresco Share (New!!)● Alfresco custom JDBC authenticator● Alfresco CIFS authenticator for openLDAP users● Login in Alfresco with LDAP email address● Alfresco Category Importer (New!!)● Alfresco Bulk CMIS Importer (New!!)Our addons:
  9. 9. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)9 / 22MDBC Connector (by Venzia)The MetaDBConnector Component enables you to linkinformation from your database (or any other publicsource) easily to the content on your Alfresco server,without any additional development efforts. Thiscapability adds another level of information enrichment toyour content as well as many alternatives for theintegration of your data.
  10. 10. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)10 /22Alfresco custom JDBC Authenticator● This addon provides an authentication subsystemfor Alfresco 3.4.x and 4.x for a custom table of users inan external database.● It is designed for users integration between anAlfresco repository and a custom application.● You can use it with any type of database (mysql,postgresql, oracle....)● You can also use CIFS with this authentication if yourpassword field is stored in MD4.
  11. 11. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)11 /22Edit online with Libreoffice● Online Edition with Libreoffice / Openoffice Addonfor Alfresco Share provides DAV and HTMLwebdav links in default metadata templates forOffice and MS office mimetypes.● It works with the next stacks:● Linux && Firefox && Libreoffice● Windows && Firefox && Libreoffice● Windows && IE && MS Office
  12. 12. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)12 /22Online Edition (Firefox Configuration)This is valid for Windows, Linux and MacOSX usersIn any recent version of Firefox (>3.6) → about:configAnd then when clicking on a dav:// or davs:// link Libreoffice will askyou for the client for opening this type of links. Write Libreoffice path(i.e. /usr/bin/soffice in Linux) and thats allnetwork.protocol-handler.expose.dav = falsenetwork.protocol-handler.expose.davs = false
  13. 13. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)13 /22Edit online with Libreoffice
  14. 14. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)14 /22Demo Alfresco - SugarCRM
  15. 15. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)15 /22Demo showsVia alfresco addons- How to configure JDBC authentication addon and integrate SugarCRM users inAlfresco authentication chainAddon- How to assign and search custom SugarCRM metadata to Alfresco- How to use the online edition addon
  16. 16. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)16 /22JDBC addon for authenticationConfiguration for using SugarCRM users- (add jdbc to authentication chain)-En $TOMCAT/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/subsystems/Authentication/jdbc/myjdbc/ user_hash FROM users WHERE user_name={1} Password encryption type in DB. plain|MD5|MD4|DES|jcryptjdbc.authentication.password.type=MD5authentication.chain=alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm,myjdbc:jdbc
  17. 17. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)17 /22JDBC addon for authenticationChecking SugarCRM scheme....mysql> use sugarcrm;Database changedmysql> SELECT user_name, user_hash FROM users;+-----------+----------------------------------+| user_name | user_hash |+-----------+----------------------------------+| admin | f7c7d6198b1c41d662a9b8e55926acb3 || zylk | f7c7d6198b1c41d662a9b8e55926acb3 || cesar | a51c4b87fe0be653e75e6e29d4256d93 || chris | 6b34fe24ac2ff8103f6fce1f0da2ef57 || jim | 5e027396789a18c37aeda616e3d7991b || max | 2ffe4e77325d9a7152f7086ea7aa5114 || sally | b8bba2baae4c2a08fdff4e223458577d || sarah | 9e9d7a08e048e9d604b79460b54969c3 || will | 18218139eec55d83cf82679934e5cd75 |+-----------+----------------------------------+9 rows in set (0.00 sec)
  18. 18. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)18 /22MDBC connector (aspects && connectors)Configuration for using accounts, opportunities & contacts
  19. 19. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)19 /22MDBC connector (aspects && connectors)
  20. 20. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)20 /22MDBC connector (search)Configuration for searching accounts, opportunities & contacts
  21. 21. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)21 /22MDBC connector (search II)
  22. 22. ALFRESCO COMMUNITY MEETUP 2013 (MADRID)22 /22Thank you! @VenziaITContacto:César Capillas → <>Javier Martínez → <>