Magnolia CMS - on Jelastic


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These are the slides from the <a>Magnolia on Jelastic presentation</a> done by Jelastic and during the Magnolia 2014 conference.

The managed services department of offers Jelastic Cloud hosting since 2013. The general angle of this presentation is to explain how Magnolia works in combination with Jelastic.

The presentation includes:

- An overview of the Jelastic cloud hosting platform
- A demo on our Info Jelastic cloud; how to install Magnolia 5 on Jelastic
- Lessons learned with Magnolia Jelastic hosting
- What's next

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Magnolia CMS - on Jelastic

  1. 1. Magnolia CMS on Jelastic CMS Platform-as-Infrastructure Cloud Hosting
  2. 2. Agenda Intro Live demo! Magnolia CMS on Jelastic Lessons learned Intro Jelastic What’s next?
  3. 3. ] Welcome to Started in 1994 70 specialists Focus on design and development of platforms
  4. 4. Digital Strategy Digital Services Digital Marketing
  5. 5. We like to work for
  6. 6. Magnolia partner since 2008
  7. 7. Jelastic Benelux partner
  8. 8. JELASTIC PLATFORM-AS-INFRASTRUCTURE Jelastic provides enterprise cloud software that redefines the economics of cloud application deployment, availability and management. Bringing together the flexibility of IaaS and the ease of use of PaaS in a turnkey package for enterprises, hosting service providers and developers.
  9. 9. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY Jelastic technology is proven in high-performance environments across the world. Our software is used by over 30 telcos, enterprises and hosting service providers with over 120,000+ developer trials worldwide.
  11. 11. FUNCTIONAL ARCHITECTURE Jelastic supports and interconnects many standard solutions and stacks. It’s like a bridge between applications for cloud automation.
  12. 12. FEATURE OVERVIEW FOR DEVELOPERS Any app deployed in seconds with one-click No code changes - no proprietary APIs Auto-scaling: horizontal and vertical FOR ENTERPRISE/OEM Fastest time-to-cloud deployment Global app support – new and legacy Turnkey hosting environment FOR HOSTERS Replication, high-
 availability, security Maximum application density Single point of management World’s first automatic vertical scaling $100 per month per active server Revenue share per active customer Only pay for resources used Choice of popular app servers, databases Instant load balancing and scalability
  13. 13. APPLICATION MANAGEMENT Application dashboard creates and manages the application environment • application servers • load balancers • clustering and availability • Keeps server configurations up to date and consistent across the environment • Defines parameters for auto-scaling applications • Provides orchestration for application deployment, patches, updates and roll-backs
  14. 14. APPLICATION SUPPORT  Jelastic supports any standard application, without code changes. There are no proprietary or complex APIs to code to – just upload and go. Tomcat JBoss TomEE Jetty Glassfish Apache Nginx ElasticVDS ! JDK 6,7,8 PHP 5.3-5.5 Python 2.7,3.3 Ruby 1.8-2.0 MySQL
 PostgreSQL ! MongoDB
 CouchDB Neo4j Cassandra Redis ! Maven Build Node
 Maven plugin
 Ant plugin Clojure
 Scala ! GIT

  15. 15. FULLY ELASTIC SCALABILITY Automatic scaling within a server and across servers: ! • “Cloudlets” (128MB RAM and 200MHz CPU) are dynamically allocated to applications ! • User sets minimum and maximum cloudlet limits ! • Jelastic automatically scales-up/down and out/in on demand
  16. 16. VERTICAL SCALING • During the load spikes Jelastic gives more resources to an application (up to the predefined limits of a virtual container) and takes them back when it’s not needed anymore Jelastic is the only platform that provides auto vertical scaling for different applications “I’m loving the new GC Agent! Look at the money it is saving!” – Katherine Morgan Demchinsky
  17. 17. REAL PAY-PER-USE DRIVES SAVINGS academic financial gaming travel
  18. 18. HIGH AVAILABILITY – CLUSTERING & STORAGE HA Clustering features in Jelastic: • Automatic failover and recovery of infrastructure nodes ! • Hardware and software load balancing support ! • SAN/NAS support and “virtual SAN of local disks” coming Q3 Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure is architected for high-availability from the ground up. Hardware failover and recovery, SAN and local storage support guarantee uptime.!
  19. 19. BREAKTHROUGH ECONOMICS • Significantly improved application density reduces server requirements
 • Ease of deployment and simplified management lowers technical resource burden
 • Automated replication and availability features virtually eliminate downtime ! • Enterprise subscription model dramatically lowers software acquisition and ongoing costs
  20. 20. Magnolia CMS on Jelastic Quick to set up new Magnolia environment - minutes No changes to your Magnolia project are required Cheaper than dedicated hosting - pay on demand Minimum skills required - click and go A dynamic CMS suits a dynamic hosting platform
  21. 21. Scalability & availability Vertical scaling out-of-the-box Automated public clustering is also possible .. but requires a bit more effort Setting up a (static) Magnolia topology is easy We give 24/7 support to our Jelastic clients
  22. 22. Support for developers Share environments (e.g. central dev/test Magnolia) File system access using SSH Jelastic REST API Maven plugin and IDE support Build nodes (Maven, Git/SVN)
  23. 23. Basic Magnolia Jelastic environment
  24. 24. Live demo Create Jelastic environment Deploy Magnolia project to Jelastic Perform 1-click install using a Jelastic Package Create database and configure Tomcat
  25. 25. Create Jelastic environment Select Tomcat, Java and MariaDB Receive emails with credentials Increase max # cloudlets for Tomcat Add user for Maven deploy etc
  26. 26. Create the database Open MariaDB web interface Create magnoliaAuthor database Add magnoliaAuthor database user
  27. 27. Configure Tomcat Add MariaDB JDBC driver lib to Tomcat Define JNDI database context
  28. 28. Deploy Magnolia project Build Magnolia project Check Tomcat log files for possible problems Deploy your project’s WAR file Install Magnolia
  29. 29. Resource usage during install
  30. 30. So what does it cost? It depends.. .. on resource usage (e.g. # of visitors) Minimum costs = minimum # cloudlets .. on your topology (e.g. # of environments and nodes) Realistic Magnolia environment: ~€100,- per month
  31. 31. 1-click install using packages Create Magnolia author environment Create Magnolia public environment Also check out the Jelastic Marketplace Or write your own!
  32. 32. Lessons learned No changes required to your Magnolia project Great for developers Quick to set up with minimal maintenance It’s cheap
  33. 33. Also worth mentioning Suited for continuous deployment (scripting may be required) You pay for what you use (it is a dynamic platform) Automated horizontal scaling for Magnolia is possible (not easy) Note: your website is public by default (but securing it is easy) We think Jelastic is a great platform for Magnolia CMS
  34. 34. What’s next? Magnolia licensing (pay-per-use cloudlet model?) Upcoming Webinar - Magnolia cluster on Jelastic Move to continuous delivery
  35. 35. So give it a try!
  36. 36. Naam Voornaam 0612345678 Laten we praten over jouw nieuwe wereld? Edgar Vonk Dmitry Lazarenko Presenters