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Sinadura Cebit 2012 Projects


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Sinadura presentations in CeBIT 2012 about Sinadura Bilketa Plataforma (SBP) and Smartphone Signature Easy (SSE)

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Sinadura Cebit 2012 Projects

  1. 1. Open Digital SignatureCesar Capillas <>
  2. 2. Smartphone Signature Easy (SSE) Electronic Signature for mobile devices
  3. 3. SSEProject The issuer starts the process (the ERP document is signed by the issuer and uploaded to the repository) A carrier downloads the document from the repository with a mobile device, signs and updates it to the repository, where its validated with the Sinadura validation module
  4. 4. SSETechnology Android App for smartphones: PDF signatures PKCS#12 certificate in the SD with a password PKCS 12 CMIS content repository with Alfresco ECM
  5. 5. SSEMarket ERP Integration with ERP systems + enterprise SSE SSE SaaS SSE
  6. 6. SSEImpact Carriers ERP systems Salesmen, technicians on the move and every type of end user who needs to sign digitally on mobile devices
  7. 7. Sinadura Bilketa Plataforma (SBP)
  8. 8. SBPProject Platform for collection of online signatures for  citizen initiatives Digital signatures with legal validity
  9. 9. SBPTechnology Platform made up with Liferay Digital Signature with Cryptoapplet Software as a Service (SaaS)
  10. 10. SBPMarket SaaS on the customer website Link on the customer website to SaaS Independent service in the Liferay Marketplace customer website SBP
  11. 11. SBPImpact Citizens who want to promote an initiative NGOs, associations, political parties, public administrations... Liferay developers
  12. 12. Thank you! <> twitter: @sinadura