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2018 tokyo tech design thinking fundamentals Nonbiri


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2018 tokyo tech design thinking fundamentals_Nonbiri

Published in: Design
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2018 tokyo tech design thinking fundamentals Nonbiri

  1. 1. "2018 Tokyo Tech Design Thinking Fundamentals A" Graduation trip for University students Team Nonbiri Team Members: Billie Akwa Moore 18M15385 Weijie Zong, 17M58262 Yu Jichuan (Gary), 17M58256 Pham Viet Anh (Anthony), 17M58724 Ning He (Banner), 17M18073 Jirapat Jongluxwamee (EX) 17M18370 Nonbiri Planner Graduation Trip Plan Solution
  2. 2. Graduation!
  3. 3. POV Natsuki and her friends have arrived in Bali with no detailed plan なつきと彼女の友人たちは、詳細な計画なしでバリに到着しました Needs to way to get everyone involved each day in the day by day planning みんなに関わって毎日の計画を作っていく必要性がある Because, they are wasting more time trying to communicate their ideas than actually being able to do any activities なぜなら、彼らは現地で旅をするより毎日計画を立てるためのコミュニケーションで時間を無駄にしているからです。 But Actually, they lack confidence in their ideas as they consider too much in their mind what other would think rather than attempting to actually communicating their ideas effectively とはいえ、自分のアイデアを伝えようとするのではなく、自分に自信を持たず他の人が何を考えているかを気を遣う
  4. 4. HMW Gamify the Planning experience 計画づくりを楽しく する Make everyone’s voices heard 皆の意見を聞かせる Give confidence to own ideas 自分のアイデアに自 信を与える Deepen the communicati on between members コミュニケーション を深める Create a tangible interaction 具体的なインタラク ションを作成する Remove lengthy decision making 決定する時間短くす る
  5. 5. Product sketch Nonbiri Planner The prototype is piece of fabric with colourful stripes. Through this tool, multiple users could visualise their thoughts of planning simultaneously and intuitively by simply “pasting” the strips that represents different activities and time slots. This tool is also working as a fashion accessory that can be carried easily. Foldable
  6. 6. prototype Store memories of trip Museum tickets, polaroid photos Foldable on half zip/ waterproof Velcro voting tabs Plan daily schedule Record of daily plans codes stored inside
  7. 7. Prototype in use
  8. 8. skit Add image of skit practise
  9. 9. skit
  10. 10. skit Add image of skit practise
  11. 11. skit Add image of skit practise
  12. 12. skit
  13. 13. skit
  14. 14. Skit Script 4 people Background: You are gaThering for breakfast in the hostel kitchen space and sitting at a table. You have been in Bali for 2 days so far and still have 4 more days to go You are having trouble planning your trip as you all dont know what each other wants to do and you are unsure how to communicate. Part1: (All are sitting around eating and opn their phones, laughing at there screens, and not really communicating with each other. All very distant from conversation) Weijie: Hey guys, what are we going to do today? Gary: hey did you just see what sensei posted on insta, he looks like he is having a great time surfing Anthony : what? I need to check this out Weijie: so what we going to do? Gary: you soooo should Banner: I don’t know Anthony: ohhhhh its 11am, whats the plan? Weijie: we need to make one, what do you want to do? Banner: I have no idea. Ohh gary did you just see that cat video?(Looking at phone) Weijie: ANTHONY what about you? Anthony: why you asking me you should ask everyone Weijie thats what i AM TRYING TO DO. WHAT ARE WE DOING? WE HAVE WASTED ALL MORNING JUST SITTING HERE.
  15. 15. Skit Script Part 2: (Banner brings with him on the trip a small foldaway product to help them plan as he knows that they are always terrible at deciding what to do and easily get distracted) Banner: hey, i know how terrible we always are at making decisions remember the last trip we took. I put nonbiri on the table just add your tags Weijie: ohhh this seems like a great idea, i just need to quickly think Anthony: so what do we do? Banner: simple! just add colour blocks in a line to work out our schedule. You can edit what the colours mean by writing them down in the attached pad Anthony: すごいですね。thats so simple Gary: amazing! Banner: so we just have a chat after to see if everyone has a similar page in their mind. Weijie: looks like we are all done lets see what we have all said. AHHH looks like we all want to go for a surf lesson, someone has suggested lunch and also drinks in the evening. Gary: yeah, i know a great surf school, remember that one i told you about before we came. lets go! Anthony: ohh yeah, and theres a great lunch cafe on the beach there
  16. 16. Value Proposition Save time and effort to make group decisions in the trip. Avoid conflict within the group Portable to carry everywhere. It is a memento after the trip グループ決定 をする時間と 手間を省く グループの言 い争いを避け る 持ち運びやす い 貴重な思い出 を作る Store all memories from the trip from tickets and photos to reflect on in the future
  17. 17. How did we get to this idea?
  18. 18. The start
  19. 19. Breaking down the design problem
  20. 20. 18 Interviews
  21. 21. Lots of POV attempts
  22. 22. 100’s of HMW questions
  23. 23. Idea Generation
  24. 24. Idea development
  25. 25. storyboards
  26. 26. prototyping
  27. 27. Prototype making
  28. 28. Individual Reflections “It has been interesting to work with this team and see how different people can come together to create ideas” -Billie “I really enjoy working with this team which each member come from different major, It can broaden our idea!” -EX “The process of designing according to the deep needs of users is really amazing. I will cherish this experience of working with everyone!” -Banner (Ning.H) “It was a great experience working with people from different culture and academic backgrounds. And I learned a lot about design from user’s perspective.” -Yu Jichuan “It is always exciting to work with different people to consider user’s need and solutions. Though it was not smooth when we consider about the POVs, it was a really precious experience for me to learn how to observe users as well as understand them deeply” -Weijie I have learned the process of how to design new product starting from the scratch to the prototype. It will be useful for me to take this logic thinking and apply it to my own research. The most difficulty is trying to make the POV. I wish I could have as a detail step by step tutorial. The team spirit is on fire. Everybody takes the duty and complete it very well and beyond expectation. PS: Please equip the glue gun, which is such a great tool for prototyping. -Anthony
  29. 29. The group feel it difficult concentrate and can’t have effective communication about planning. The low efficiency of communication caused the waste of time for students during travelling, therefore, difficult to leave good memory. The low quality of communication may affect the friendship of the group. Groups of students that just graduated and about to have graduation trip The students were facing many other issues like final exams and graduation issues at this time, they are lacking of time considering planning. It is easy to carry and take with them It’s a very familiar problem to all the group members and from our research showed that people find it hard to make decisions or what to plan on the go. With the solution of our device, it is very easy to involve people together and visualise their thoughts simultaneously. We used very simple way to make the process of deciding more tangible and quick. By introducing a fashion accessory that allows everyone visualise their thoughts and decide quickly. It can also be used to store memories of the trip from photos to tickets for group to reflect on in future meetups
  30. 30. Future Development ● Automatically generate statistic data. 自動的に統計データを生成できるようにする ● Link with google calendar, and synchronize with each member’s schedule. Googleカレンダーとリンクし、各メンバーのスケジュールを連携する ● Adopting other methods to make group decisions by means of gamify, vote, or random. ゲーム、投票、またはランダムなどほかの方法を提案する ● Implementing GPS chip, it will act as a beacon to gather everybody in some events. GPS機能を搭載してビーコンのようにイベントで皆を集める ● Analyzing user behavior to improve the design (shape, size, functions, and so on). デザイン(形状、サイズ、機能など)を向上させるためのユーザーの行動を分析する。