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Drive Traffic to Your Website With Articles


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Drive Traffic to Your Website With Articles

  1. 1. Drive Traffic to Your Website With Articles
  2. 2. Many people begin their online road to riches dream bystarting up a website and trying to sell a product they have created themselves. They may have written an e-book, recorded a cd of original songs, or knitted some lovely potholders with pictures of cats on them.
  3. 3. Enormous volumes of hype have been published with the claim that the internet is an easy, if not mindless, way to riches. The internet is now a global advertising grid, and millions of people surf each day for things they would liketo buy, learn about, or discover. They search for the needle in the electronic haystack that suits their fancy for the moment. Shopping online has now become reasonably safe.
  4. 4. The first problem is, how will shoppers with a credit card and the urge to shop find your website? A count as of January1, 2005, suggested there may be as many as 11.5 billion public webpages published. That was just over a year ago at the time of this writing, so that number can only be much higher today. To expose your little websiteselling cat potholders to prospective customers may take a little a little work.
  5. 5. Search engines use complex algorithms (mathematical formulae) to determine if the content of a website matches its owners claims. Self-proclaimed experts whofollow this route for exposure must research every day to ensure their success. The search engine companies themselves keep their algorithms secret to avoid unscrupulous marketers taking unfair advantage of the whole internet shopping and surfing experience.
  6. 6. Then once your website is up on the net, write a brief, helpful article about your product. Target the style andcontent of your writing to suit your friends and customers, and also yourself. The average newspaper is written for agrade 9 level reader, and tabloids are written for a grade 6 level or lower. Writing on the internet runs the whole gamut of education. Explain a problem that needs to be solved, and at the end provide a solution. Sales copy is more involved than this, but an article should be entertaining, or fit the parameters of a possible search.
  7. 7. Kelly Archibald.
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