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Agile marketing @ Scale at CA Technologies - Boston Agile Marketing Meetup December 2016


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How can large, traditional marketing organizations - those that rely on functional departments, and annual marketing plans / budgets hope to keep up? We believe the answers lie in an Agile approach, and we are working hard to transform our marketing department from a plan / interrupt driven culture to one that can quickly sense and respond to customer needs and market changes.

This is easier said than done in a 350 person organization, but we are finding the solutions are familiar, and are rooted in a scaled agile approach. The key ingredients we have found so far include:

• A servant leadership mindset that lets go of details and actively supports team success

• Full cross-functional agile teams that eliminate the overhead of cross-departmental hand-offs and coordination

• Larger delivery groups organized around a set of solutions that deliver on a larger / holistic value proposition (aka release trains)

• Adaptive value delivery supported by experimentation, measurement, collaborative planning, and transparent execution

Our journey isn’t complete yet, but we are seeing real results. Join Steve Wolfe and Mary Bremel from CA Technologies and Yuval Yeret from AgileSparks to hear about CA’s journey to marketing agility, including key challenges faced and learnings applied along the way.

Steve Wolfe, SPC, CSM, Agile Marketing Program Manager
CA Technologies

Yuval Yeret, Agile/Agile Marketing Consultant AgileSparks

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Agile marketing @ Scale at CA Technologies - Boston Agile Marketing Meetup December 2016

  1. 1. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Agile Marketing @ Scale Boston Agile Marketing Meetup December 6, 2016 Yuval Yeret, AgileSparks Steve Wolfe, CA Technologies
  2. 2. 2 © 2016 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Why are you here?
  3. 3. 3 © 2016 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. what we heard from our people: • Slow, Hierarchical, Silo-driven organization • Focused on “Big Launches” rather than continuous improving the Customer Journey • Drowning in work – Unsustainable Pace • We sometimes deliver the wrong thing. • Tough to deal with the level of change / responsiveness the organization/market needs Why Agile, why now?
  4. 4. How are decisions made?
  5. 5. How do we feel about Failure?
  6. 6. What is a stronger force guiding our people in the trenches? sprint teams are working on what Leadership tells them to do. In many cases the field has better insights into what marketing needs to deliver.
  7. 7. Where are we typically on the Delegation/Centralized Control Scale? Decisions should be made closer to the work – by great people we hired to do great work and are empowering to make important decisions.
  8. 8. Familiar?
  9. 9. Overall... Strengths • Already iterating at least on some of the activities • Collaborating across the value stream Weaknesses • Solving for Marketing Requirements Document NOT what ACTUALLY resonates for the customer and drives sales. • Entrenched Siloed Organization • Entrenched Command & Control Culture • Unsustainable pace/overload. Opportunities • Excitement/Hunger for change and specifically for Agile – throughout the ranks. • Good understanding of the essentials of Agile Marketing • Leverage Data/Analytics to support “Minimum Viable” prioritization decisions • HR Interest to help create the new leadership/management approach for the Agile era. Threats • lack of "slack" to create the space for change • ownership/ego • Trivialize agile into an “agile theater” focused on “Speed” without grasping “Iterate/Learn/Experiment” and “Empowered Self Organized Team/Value Stream”
  10. 10. 10 © 2016 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Businesses Operating Systems are the Problem What’s needed: ● Roughly right plans & incremental funding ● Business-outcomes focus ● Empowered teams and feedback loops ● Adaptive leadership ● Fewer things that matter most Current systems: ● Lengthy upfront planning & funding ● Resource-utilization focus ● Managed by stage gates with sign-offs ● Top down, political, risk averse ● Too much work in process (WIP)
  11. 11. 11 © 2016 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We’re implementing a Scaled Agile Process at the team/BU/Corporate Marketing levels We’ll connect to larger Business Agility Initiatives with Product, Sales, Services into one big Lean/Agile system
  12. 12. 12 © 2016 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We will work towards a Lean/Agile culture/leadership style
  13. 13. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM How We’ve Structured Our Pilot
  14. 14. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM
  15. 15. Scaling Agile Marketing BU #1 Product Mktg Field Mktg Integ Mktg Digital Sales Agile Teams
  16. 16. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Start with Big Room Planning
  17. 17. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Agile Management - 4 Levels CMO Marketing Strategy Extended Leadership – Senior Leaders – Strategy Alignment – Risks & Impediments Delivery Group (train) – Functional Leaders – Vision & Context, Initiatives, Success Metrics – Ongoing Steering Delivery Teams – Cross Functional (Field/Integrated/ Product/Sales) – Team Objectives & Deliverables (features) – Sprint Execution ● Servant Leadership ● Strategy ● Delivery / Execution ● Empowered A L I G N M E N T A L I G N M E N T
  18. 18. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Quarterly Demo & Retro The Story of a Quarter - 1 Month Initiative Steering Backlog Refinement (Deliverables) BU Steering GMC Week 0 Week 4Week 2 Sprint Demo & Retro Sprint Planning Extended Leadership Meeting Standups . . . Week 12 Scrum of Scrums Big Room Planning Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 6 Week 0 Hackathon Innovation & Planning Week Pipeline Review
  19. 19. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM The Story of a Sprint Two Weeks Day 1 Day 14Day 14Daily Execution Team Standups
  20. 20. Stop starting start finishing – Drives speed/focus/collaboration The Agile Marketing Team Kanban Agile Team2 Agile Team1 Ongoing Feature Done PI Features Backlog Create Feature/ Sprint in Progress Review Done Ongoing Stories Backlog Reflect/ Learn Accepted/Ar chiveOngoing Define Ready AG H K L M H.6 H.0 H.1H.2 H.3 H.4H.5 D2 D3 T2 T1 D1 P1 H.7 T2 Implement Feature by Stories Deliver WIP Limit=5 Help work flow, drives T-shaped/full-stack marketers
  21. 21. Servant Leadership - How are we shaping/steering towards success? 1. Alignment/Clarity through Vision & Context 2. Letting TEAMS own the Customer Journey (& Pipeline) for their markets 3. Leaders help out with key risks/issues. 4. Triage (+Saying NO) unplanned work 5. Build competency 6. Inspect & Adapt the process
  22. 22. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Initial Successes ▪ Active leadership engagement / investment – Monthly coaching with CMO – SOS and Extended Leadership teams ▪ Agile teams outpacing waterfall counterparts (case study) ▪ Big Room Planning is fostering alignment, collaboration, “team” ▪ Pipeline performance is consistently green – Teams are sensing gaps and responding during sprints ▪ Sales leaders on team are engaged in team decision making – “It makes my heart sing that we are regularly delivering new sales plays that help my teams”
  23. 23. What hurdles are you facing?
  24. 24. Challenges 1. Establishing an Agile Mindset – Teams and Leadership 2. Team Forming / Team Building - Highly Distributed - Departmental WiP 3. Visibility into our work 4. Servant Leadership, but the will is there
  26. 26. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Case Study - A Corporate Campaign
  27. 27. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Campaign Timeline Q3 AMBU Initiative launched (I13 - Competitive Campaigns) Content Team formed (Jenny, Richard, Dru) Sept Oct Nov SmartSheet introduced (Agile Firefighters) Sept 13-15 Sprint 3 Planning Oct 26 Extended Team Planning (Agile teams + Dottie, Nerissa, Stephanie, SteveT) Sprint 4 Planning Nov 10 Sprint 5 Planning Dec 1 Dec Agile Teams Merge Competitive Web-Page Battlecard Sales Enablement Proof Points Sales Play launched Sales Enablement Key Deliverables (to date) Validation Report (Apprize360)
  28. 28. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM What worked well? 1. Big Room Planning – Early visibility into Campaign -- Vision and Context, Quarterly Initiative – Content ‘Swarm’ Team formed - able to staff early with right resources 2. Campaign Web-Page as container for driving key elements 3. Integrated agile marketing team & cadence in place (Field, IM, Product, Sales) 4. Tight coordination between delivery and content teams – Extended team sprint planning meetings – Sales Play / Sales Kit delivered in one sprint – Relevant and timely sales enablement sessions 5. BU & Sales Leadership looped in throughout 6. Used framework as a guide rather than a checklist 7. Cross-Pollination across AMBU group - PPM Planview campaign initiated maintaining compete campaign cohesion and alignment
  29. 29. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM Challenges 1. Top-down planning -- One size didn’t fit all 2. Campaign did not take into account current WIP & impact (CAW timing) 3. Multiple messaging iterations: – Approval processes (leaders & legal) 4. Two planning systems - SmartSheet and CA Agile Central 5. Creative process - agencies too far removed from teams/SME’s
  30. 30. @yuvalyeret @sgwolfe #BAM @BosAgileM What’s Next?
  31. 31. Scaling Agile Marketing BU #1 Product Mktg Field Mktg Integ Mktg Digita l Sales Cross Initiative BU #2 Product Mktg Field Mktg Integ Mktg Digita l Sales The Agile Pilot Work with cross-corporate campaigns
  32. 32. WSJF Priorities 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 Business Value - Direct impact on Marketing performance Time Criticality Opportunity Enablement / Risk Reduction Cost of Delay Size WSJF (high= prioritize) Agile Pilot (Agile Mgmt BU) Continued Support 20 20 40 80 8 10 Portfolio / Strategy 20 20 20 60 13 5 Apply agile to corporate-level programs that scale across multiple domains/BUs 20 20 3 8 2 4 Leadership Style/Culture/Behavior 20 13 20 53 8 7 Additional BUs 20 5 13 46 13 4 Functional Groups 2 2 8 12 5 2.5
  33. 33. Questions? Feel free to contact us at or with feedback/questions...