Dhruvkumar Tribhovan Gohil          Resume 16012013Mr. Gohil     Dhruv                         mailbox.dhruv.gohil@gmail.c...
Career ObjectiveExtending Integration & Big Data skills to Lead a team of Solution Architect & Integration ex-perts with d...
Functional & Technical skill set metricExpertise      Functional /Design                                           Technic...
Revenue Assurance & System Availability [Module expert & R.A. Analyst]•        Against client’s (Undisclosed) legal suite ...
•        (CRESTEL- Convergent Billing Product – Data & IPTV Services)•        Complete Bill generation cycle from preparat...
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(VeryOld! Just FYR)DhruvGohil Telco BSS J2EE SUN Oracle & IBM Certified Resume (pdf,27Feb12)


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- Scale & Design experiences for large Telco Data on Java/JEE platforms
- 3.5+ Yrs of experience working in DevOps team.
- Performance optimization experiences with OS,JVM,Java Applications, Web & Application Servers & APIs, for large scale production systems.
- Knowledge of Cassandra, Hector, Hadoop, Zookeeper & Storm
- Master's Degree in IT.

Loves Cassandra And most importantly "Dying" to work for production scale challenges!

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(VeryOld! Just FYR)DhruvGohil Telco BSS J2EE SUN Oracle & IBM Certified Resume (pdf,27Feb12)

  1. 1. Dhruvkumar Tribhovan Gohil Resume 16012013Mr. Gohil Dhruv mailbox.dhruv.gohil@gmail.com (+91 9825561068) 5.8+ Yrs. Professional Experience (Big Data+NoSql+Java & J2EE with Telco-OSS/BSS) IBM Certified, Oracle Certified, SUN Certified 3+ Yrs. Academic Work Experience M.Sc. C.A. & I.T. [Distinction]Profile• Excellent learning skills• Big data design and architect skills with Hadoop-Yarn, Cassandra and Stream Computing• End-to-end project life cycle experiences with leading edge Java & J2EE technologies• Telecommunication sector BSS Enterprise technology skills set• Noteworthy cross domain knowledge• Moral leadership abilities & Independent DevOps profile experiencesCurrent Professional Profile as a Technical Lead since 23-Apr-2012• At Huawei Technologies India PVT. LTD. – Bangalore, INDIA.• With primary role for Leading Design and Development of Core Modules of Hadoop Operations Manager & Monitoring Product for Big Data Platform Team.• Additionally performing Architecture role for redesign of Big Data OM product to cover all Non-Traditional DB offerings (NoSQL + In-memory + Streaming) product offerings.Previous Professional Profile as a System Engineer during Oct-10 to 20-Apr-12• At IBM India PVT. LTD. – Pune, INDIA.• With primary role for TELUS project’s Billing & Mediation Developer/Designer.• Additionally serving as a Technical Architect & Business Component Developer for Sale’s & Channel’s “ICS-Rewrite” & “Activation Redesign” projects.• Enterprise Integrator for JMS/WS Module of Vodaphone-UKs Mondrain Project.Previous Professional Profile as a Sr. Software Engineer during May-07 to Oct-10• At Elitecore Technologies LTD – Ahmedabad, INDIA.• With primary role as a core product Research & Development-team member for “CRESTEL Billing & Revenue Management”.• Additionally responsible as a Solution Architect & Integration Expert involving AAA, SSSS/C, Mediation, Billing, Rating-charging, CRM and Subscriber portals.• Successfully extended services for various national & international project teams as a product centric solution designer and consultant for scalability/performance issues. Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Career ObjectiveExtending Integration & Big Data skills to Lead a team of Solution Architect & Integration ex-perts with domain leading solution providers.Certifications & Professional Memberships• IBM Certified Solution Developer-XML and Related Technologies [June-09].• SUN Certified JAVA Programmer-Java SE 6 [Jan-09].• EliteAAA Certified - Intermediate Level [www.eliteaaa.com]• Oracle Certified Associate-Oracle 11g Database [Nov-11].• Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association -MemberSelective Job Assignment Summary at Hauwei ~ 0.9YrsHadoop Operations Manager Product [Designer and Developer] – 6 months• (Chinese Mercantile Bank-China [ITPL]) Design and Developed Operations Manager product’s core controller module from scratch for Huawei’s Hadoop Storage and Compute Platform. Offering competitive features as Cloudera CDH-OM and Hortonworks Ambari. [Spring Server, Hadoop RPC, Scripting, Hadoop 0.20 stack, Jetty REST, JPA, TTorrent, FTP]• Designed and Developed one Click Auto Upgrade of full Hadoop platform including ZK, BK, HDFS, Yarn, Hive for Hadoop Operations Manager, Proven to be most competitive advan- tage feature while winning the client bids [Finite State Machines, DRPC, Fail Fast Algorithms, Canary checks]Big Data Operations Manager and Monitoring Product [Architect & Designer]• (InfoBean Telecommunications [CSCN]) Part of Architect and core design team for re- design of HOM product to generic Big Data OM platform where Install to Management and Monitoring to troubleshooting along with Auto scaling and tuning are core targeted features. Covering all Non-Traditional DB offerings of Huawei including NoSQL + In-memory + Stream- ing productsAwards and Recognitions • Awarded with “Service excellence award” for IBM Client – TELUS (Canada) - 2011. • Awarded twice for “Best performer” Kudos for Big Data Platform Team – Huawei Technologies (2012 Sep & Oct).
  3. 3. Functional & Technical skill set metricExpertise Functional /Design TechnicalProficient Telecom Billing, UML, J2EE, EJB3.x, OracleAS, Jboss, RDBMS DB Design, SDLC, AOP, Integrations JSP, XML, XSLT, Tomcat, Jmeter, Web- Oracle10g, PL-SQL, , Technical Lead FOP, JS services SQL TuningModerate OSS, Data-Broadband, Python, Abinitio Oracle Service Bus, MySQL, Solaris10, IPTV, AAA-Radius, , Tcl/Tk, Shell Weblogic, Apache, Linux, MDS Plus, Rating & Charging Me- Script, Google SunAS, JMS, BIRT MSSqlServer diation, Provisioning Services Reports, HibernateInterest All-IP Networks, 3.5G, Hadoop, Map MemCached, Zoo- Cassandra,areas Distributed Sys-Architect Reduce , keeper, Storm, s4 CouchBase ,flumeSelective Job Assignment Summary at IBM ~ 1.5YrsMondrain Integration[Integration Solution Developer]• (Vodaphone-UK [Mondrain]) Developed Abinitio ETL plugin to integrate with TIBCO Inte- gration layer using XML over JMS & SOAP WS using JTC.Customer Stores Offer Management [Modernization Developer]• (TELUS-Canada [S&C Project]) Performing technical upgrade of Weblogic8 EJB2.1 based applications to Weblogic 10 EJB3 and modern webservice standards.ICS-Rewrite [Technical Architect & Business Component Developer]• (TELUS-Canada [S&C Project]) Delivered design & development of legacy servlet based application upgrading to EJB-Struts-DAO on Weblogic10. Also prepared UML Design.Activation Support-PDF Export [FOP Specialist & POC Developer]• (TELUS-Canada [S&C Project]) Delivered a complete proof of concept application with proposed architecture for loose coupling existing PDF export hub application with FOP and XHTML based independent interactions.• J2EE, Struts, Apache FOP, XHTML,XSLT with CSS transformations.Selective Job Assignment Summary at Elitecore Technologies Limited – 3.7YrsBilling and Balance Synchronization [Subject Matter Expert]• (IM2-Indonesia – All IP Data networks 3.5G) Delivering precision in postpaid parallel run activity by synchronization of entities between Elitecore Billing & Revenue management system and legacy client system. Further ensuring the correct billing process flow.
  4. 4. Revenue Assurance & System Availability [Module expert & R.A. Analyst]• Against client’s (Undisclosed) legal suite filing, assured below threshold revenue leakage with operational fault reconciliation and future proof restructuring of processes.• Ensured carrier grade availability of multiple components deployment at the Tier one broadband operator.• ART reporting for R.A. Reports, PL/SQL Oracle AS, Apache, Tomcat clustering, SolarisPerformance enhancement & Revenue assurance [Technical expert and R.A. Analyst]• (IM2-Indonesia – All IP Data networks 3.5G) JBoss tuning, J2EE, Oracle10gWeb Service Integrator Component [Design & Optimization]• (CRESTEL-Integrator – Prepaid Management) High performance & availability Web ser- vice component design for rapid exposure of core API’s in generic call/response format.• JBoss, J2EE, Apache AXIS, Tomcat, SoapUI, tcpmonSubscriber & Service provisioning [Design & Development]• Outbound framework To Alcatel lucent soft switches. J2EE, JMS, Derby.Functional Performance Benchmarking [Architect and Developer]• Aspect Oriented Programming used for functional performance logging with drill down reporting framework weaving around J2EE application.• AOP, AspectJ, JBoss, EclipseAOP, J2EE, log4j, XML, XSLT, JavaScript,CSSCDR aggregation & Revenue leakage prevention [Lead Developer & R.A. Analyst]• (MTNL Delhi – Retail broadband billing)• End to End, CDR to FAS Revenue Reconciliation Report Repository preparation.• Designed and developed CDR aggregator module for monthly usage billing records with Oracle10g PL/SQL and SCHEDULER packages.AAA Load testing framework [Lead architect & Technical expert]• (Radius Server Product – black-box testing Module) On an urgent call to suffice unavail- ability of commercial testing tool “Spirent” nodes, delivered within 2 days by integrating open source components with just 50 LOC. 10K TPS load generation on Solaris T2.• JMeter+Junit multithreaded & POJO extension, JDBC Sampler, TinyRadius Lib, Solaris Processor binding.Billing modules restructuring and performance enhancement [Lead architect & developer]
  5. 5. • (CRESTEL- Convergent Billing Product – Data & IPTV Services)• Complete Bill generation cycle from preparation to bill export process restructured and achieved half a million subscriber’s process in 480 minutes.• JBoss clustering, J2EE, JUnit, JMS, materialized views, Oracle performance tuning.Text Export module design & development [Lead architect & Sr. Developer]• (CRESTEL- Convergent Billing Product – Export Module) Complete design to delivery flow completed in 34 day’s time line with highly flexible Template driven UI. Reusable XML Data Aggregator model developed upon relational tree structure DB design.• FSD, Design Doc, UML, Database Design, JSP, Servlet, J2EE, XML, XSLT text transform, SAXON-B, Oracle10g analytical functions & queries.Export module restructuring and performance tuning [Lead architect and XSL-FOP Specialist]• (CRESTEL- Convergent Billing Product – Export Module)• Restructured Bill XML and PDF formatting and export module, achieving 300% perform- ance enhancement and providing multi bill and group bill export features.• J2EE, XML, XSLT, FOP, XALAN, Oracle10g hierarchical queries.Academic Profile as a Visiting Faculty and related previous experiences• Advance Digital Image Processing (Year 2009-10) at Scan Point Education and Research Institute in association with SAC & I.S.R.O.• Digital Image Processing (Year 2009-10) for C.E.P.T. University• XML Technologies (Year 2007-08) for Knowledge Window to Asia Pacific Institute for Uni- versity of Sunderland –U.K.• Image Processing (Year 2007-08) for K.S.S.M for Gujarat UniversityEducational Qualification & Related certification• Master’s M.Sc. Computer Application & Information Technology [Apr-2007] Distinction grade Presented research paper on “Application Integration Approaches” as a P.G. specialization• Bachelors B.Sc. Computer Application & Information Technology [Apr-2005] Distinction grade both from Gujarat University-Ahmedabad.• H.S.C [Apr-2002]-First Class & S.S.C [Apr-2000]-First Class both from Gujarat State Education Board.• IBM-GIL Certificate of Appreciation for I.N.V.I.T.E. Project-State finalist [Jul-Dec-2005].• International English Language Testing System (IELTS) [Jan-2005].Personal DetailsFull Name : Dhruvkumar Tribhovan GohilNationality : Indian Passport No. : F0959182Languages Known : English, Hindi and Gujarati Passport Expiry Date : 20-Oct-2014Personal Interest : Music (Guitar & keyboard), Traveling Birth Date :29-Jul-1985