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Presentation Finalized

  1. 1. Herborist in French Market Jord an L iu Kelvin Wong Maxwell Y e Sophie Durand Tracy Camp Victoria Scully
  2. 2. I T M C A M Media Introduction Planning Creative Approach Target Market Analysis Advertising Style Message Strategy A genda
  3. 3. I T M C A M - A sub-brand of Shanghai Jahwa Cosmetic Co, Ltd. - High-end skin-care products with Chinese herbal ingredients - Focusing on skin-care products such as lotion mask, moisturizing and cleanser cream - To help customers achieve natural beauty and fresh image H erborist
  4. 4. I T M C A M • Part of EU, WTO ,OECD, G8, etc • In 2008, France is the 5th largest economy of the World • Cosmetic industry represent 15billions € in 2008 • More and more working women • Organic & Natural cosmetics market shares increasing • Per day,  317 000 skin care products are sold • Cosmetic expenses represent 205€ per year per woman F rench market
  5. 5. I T M C A M Power distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty avoidance 68 71 43 86 • Power Distance: accept and expect that power is distributed equally rules and a pyramid hierarchy in companies • Individualism: -more individualism than collectivism -think first about their own achievement • Femininity: -care a lot about quality of life and relationships -but they also enjoy competitiveness and ambition •Uncertainty avoidance: -feel uncomfortable in unstructured situations -strict laws and rules, safety and security measures can help ofstede cultural H dimensions
  6. 6. I T M C A M • Chinese people are more collectivist – trust group decision making and group problem solving • France people care more about their own, their well-being. omparison C France vs. China
  7. 7. I T M C A M Major media organizations: Major agencies: Name Turnover in 2007 (in million Euros) Name Turnover in 2007 (in million Euros) Carat France (group Aegis) 3 285 Advertising (France) 434,34 MPG (Havas) 2 990 Publicis Groupe 313,82 OMD (Omnicom) 1 360 Zenith Optimedia (Publicis) 1 035 TBWA 212,54 Mindshare(WPP) 705 DDB Comunication 202,43 KR Media (WPP) 565 Ogilvy France 111,76 Mediacom Paris (WPP) 525 McCann-Erikson 111,11 Universal Groupe (Interpublic) 525 Young&Rubican 92,79 dvertising industry A in France
  8. 8. I T M C A M Young educated women with low-medium income - e.g. University students, OLs, Young professionals - Open minded, modern, hip and down to earth - More likely to be innovators or early adopters - Environmental friendly and trendy arget market T description
  9. 9. “Over the forecast period, it is expected that brands that incorporate natural ingredients or even organic ingredients to perform moisturizing, anti-aging, cleansing or firming effects for the skin will become a popular choice for safety-conscious consumers.” --Euromonitor, June 2008
  10. 10. I T M C A M - To be more beautiful and confidence - Social acceptance and self-esteem - Treasure the value of individualism, personality and uniqueness - Return on investment - Avid, healthy and environmental friendly Lifestyle M ajor needs
  11. 11. I T M C A M - Exotic skin-care culture - Economical price - Ancient Chinese herbal ingredients - Produced without artificial ingredients - 100% Recyclable package - Simple and elegant design ulfillment of F needs
  12. 12. I T M C A M - TV and Magazine M edia habits
  13. 13. I T M C A M Herborist has the unique selling proposition of providing exotic natural skin care products with ancient Chinese herbal ingredients, environmental friendly production process, and economical prices. nique selling U Proposition
  14. 14. I T M C A M Environmental Professional image friendly The chinese herbal ingredients Exotic mysterious Natural beauty and feeling freshness ore essence of C message
  15. 15. I T M C A M Environmental Friendly Ethically made Naturally beautiful Inspired by nature Focusing on skin-care products Full range of product lines Chinese herbal ingredients Natural ingredients & Fruits Pharmaceutical function Herborist needs to build the image of professional skin care brand. D ifferentiation point
  16. 16. I T M C A M t vous, not re nature” “Nat urellemen al you, our nature) (Natur S logan
  17. 17. I T M C A M - Ancient Chinese herbal ingredients - Economical prices • Both text and visual contained message • Economic factor & Functional factor F unctional message
  18. 18. I T M C A M - Natural beauty and freshness - Environmental friendly - Healthy lifestyle • Massive visual creations E motional message
  19. 19. I T M C A M • To effectively influence our target customer we need: Emotional Appeal AND Rational Appeal • Two step process: • First touch on emotions • Second support emotions with rational reason to purchase product C reative approach
  20. 20. I T M C A M • Approach can tap into basic human needs: Ex. social needs-wanting to feel more beautiful • Deeper meaning, not only products • With the product comes emotional aspects such as confidence, high self esteem, beauty, and social acceptance • Our target customer relies a lot on her emotions for consumer purchases, but not solely E motional appeal
  21. 21. I T M C A M • Herborist Target customer is educated and needs a rational reason to purchase • Comparative advantage of Herborist will be used • Health benefits: Chinese herbal ingredients, all natural and chemical free, etc. • Quality and Affordability • Logically Herborist is good deal and better for the skin R ational appeal
  22. 22. I T M C A M • Emotional Appeal • Rational Appeal • Herboist will be NEW, so • Our customer is smart it needs to be desired • This product needs to fit and wanted into her lifestyle: healthy • Focus on personal and and beneficial, Price is social needs right in her budget • Results can lead to a • Practical reason to buy happier way of life needed • Foundation for desire • Foundation for purchase O verall approach
  23. 23. I T M C A M • Advertising in France shows respect for and ensures the trust of French people – Men and women are ALWAYS depicted as equals – Strict legal framework that protects consumers from false advertising • Known for its outrageously provocative advertisements frequenting nudity F rench advertising
  24. 24. I T M C A M F rench advertising
  25. 25. I T M C A M • TV series and movies have at most one commercial break, thus the reason we also have a print ad • Keeping with the individualistic and feminine culture – Simple and clean – The perfect skin isn’t without the right skincare – “back to basics” with Chinese medicine • People in France want to be moved by a product’s image and symbolism and Herborist will provide them the je ne sais quoi they are looking for H erborist commercial
  26. 26. I T M C A M TVC Magazine TF1 and M6 ELLE, VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, MARIE CLAIRE - Free channels - Large Print Ads in Centrefold - The most- and second most- watched TV channel - Coupons inside the magazine - Two period of TVCs - Editorial Before news 6pm-8pm After news 8:30pm-9pm Sales Promotion Sampling in cosmetic stores – Give one free herborist sample when a woman buys a skin care product – During 2months M edia planning
  27. 27. lement vous, notre nature” “Naturel (Natural you, our nature)
  28. 28. ri st ina er bo om ch H fr Just like any countries in the Just like any countries in the Herborist world, TV is the biggest mass world, TV is the biggest mass medium in France. According to medium in France. According to From China French regulations, only private French regulations, only private channels such as TF1 and M6 are channels such as TF1 and M6 are allowed to play commercials, yet allowed to play commercials, yet they still reach high coverage they still reach high coverage and our target customers are and our target customers are covered as well. Magazine print covered as well. Magazine print ads is another channel that we ads is another channel that we will use due to our customers’ will use due to our customers’ lifestyle and consumer behavior. lifestyle and consumer behavior. They are fond of fashion They are fond of fashion magazines like ELLE or MARIE magazines like ELLE or MARIE CLARIE and more importantly, CLARIE and more importantly, these magazines have high these magazines have high credibility among young women credibility among young women and they really follow the trend and they really follow the trend mentioned by these magazines. mentioned by these magazines. hy brand instead of luxury and high-end brand in the La France market. What Herborist wishes to deliver to Styliste French consumers are natural beauty concept and ancient Chinese cosmetics culture. As this group of people are usually open minded,
  29. 29. I T M C A M - Herborist position itself as an affordable, natural and environmental friendly skin care brand with Chinese herbal ingredients. - Our target customers are young educated women with low-medium income. - Our unique selling proposition is to provide exotic natural skin care products with ancient Chinese herbal ingredients, environmental friendly production process and economical prices. - The advertising style will be a relaxing, mood building demonstration of products. - We will use TV, Magazine ads and sales promotion as communication channels. C onclusion
  30. 30. Q&A