To start a new food exclusive brand in China.


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Insights about the bumping road to start a new brand in China. Proposition: Beauty Inside Out, Port folio of healthy and added value food products from Crete.

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To start a new food exclusive brand in China.

  1. 1. THE CHINA CASE Henk Terol
  2. 2. Content Branding process• Olive Oil Market, international possibilities (focus China)• Consumers demands• Competition and shelve opportunities• Distribution analyses• Positioning and brand analyses• SWOT• Values end users• Values distribution partners• Target group analyses• Favourite colour analyses young female decision maker• Mood boarding• Creative brief• Creative outcome• Result test in Middle East and China
  3. 3. The start just before Olympic GamesBeijing 2008• CHINESE OLIVE OIL MARKET: Let’s numbers talk…• Since 2001 the average proportion of import olive oil has been keeping the increases over 70% per year (13,000 tons in 2007).• Last year import of extra virgin olive oil increase 141%• With the same rate, till to 2011 it will be over 100,000 tons.•• CHINESE OLIVE OIL MARKET: Let’s money talk…• $894 million in 2005• $1.3 billion in 2010• (Packaged Facts forecast)
  4. 4. Important insights
  5. 5. Situation mid 2008• Olive oil market diversification in two segments – Local develop brands owned by Chinese suppliers (bulk supply) – European suppliers from Spain, Italy and other Med countries• Olive oil market is common, without any brands who makes the differences• Mostly price fight on the shelves• All chains deliver the same brands
  6. 6. Market needs new initiatives from international brands whose professionalize olive oil market/category management International Olive Oil in Asia and Middle East is not yet arrived as aprofessional market with a category management strategy who brings three levels of pricing and brands.
  7. 7. International Market potential Size / volume  focus country, not yet numbered but huge Growth,  in focus countries yearly increasing use of olive oil, cosmetics based on olive oil, recognizing added values healthy food Buy Reasons ,  end users recognize added values of Greek food products in general and olive oil in particular,  Greece food have quality image, tourist b.e.  Russia are more and more interested in Greek food products,  Chinese culture back ground fits in their opinion into the living standards of their live style,  India is olive oil cosmetic user, growing economic who is a big advantage,  Arabic countries starts their investigation in parts of the port folio of Cretan Treasure products
  8. 8. Trends and opportunities
  9. 9. Consumer requests
  10. 10. New food conceptsTop issues of the Chinese (young) people?
  11. 11. What Crete can deliver
  12. 12. Competition By country competitors, a lot of international and local brands Distribution shares, not yet available Functionality, quality versus price, low quality, discount prices, but developments in better quality are improving Height barriers, distributors needs long decision making steps Low step out barriers, not yet presence
  13. 13. Who’s are the distribution channels build up?
  14. 14. Opportunities
  16. 16. POSITIONERINGSGRID:LUXE EN UITGESPROKEN STERKE WAARDES Ruig Uitgesproken LionGedurfd Voor de elite Dynamisch Trendy Charmant Stoer Uniek Balisto Twix Vooruitstrevend Chocotoff Anders Lila Pause Toblerone Glamour Energiek Ingetogen Beste in zijn soort Geniet aanzien Leuk Vernieuwend KitKat Bon Bon Bloc Afstandelijk Zorgeloos Nuts Snickers Waar voor je geld Bounty Klasse/allure M & M`sOrigineel Prima kwaliteitFun Eenvoudig Stijgend in populariteit Lindt Luxe Milky Way Authentiek/echt Smarties Aardig Mars Intelligent Côte d`Or Kinder Gezond Sensueel Nuchter Hoge prestatie Vooraanstaan Milka Geld meer dan waard Kan je van op aan Droste dMaatschappelijk betrokken Traditiegetrouw Sympathiek Delicata Nestlé Met zijn tijd mee Klantvriendelijk Vertrouwen waard Sociaal Klantgericht Beleefd Eerlijk/oprecht Verkade Rationeel Onafhankelijk Toonaangevend Base: Nederland 2000. Totale bevolking (18+)
  17. 17. What if Cretan Treasure… ?a. Introduce Products with healthy and care proposition foryoung female o Would position a line of products as healthy and care for in and outside values for young educated buyers; o Would introduce a port folio with special selected Cretan products during the day program based on the ; “Mediterranean Diet” life style o Would introduce; “Morning start with herbs and honey for the energy start” “Afternoon wine and dinner preparation ideas(recepies) o Would introduce: “The Cretan Beauty Inside Out lifestyle program o
  18. 18. Cretan Treasure: Series philosophy – The dominant idea in Cretan Treasure series: Selecting and offering the most important traditional Cretan products in one package – Philosophy: • Products produced exclusively in Crete • Products representative of the Cretan Tradition, culture and nutrition • Products of certified higher quality • LEADER of the products of Cretan Treasure in ‘Mediterranean Diet’
  19. 19. Products1. Cretan Treasure Platinum2. Cretan Treasure Classic3. Cretan Treasure Amphora4. Cretan Treasure Red Wine5. Cretan Treasure White Wine6. Cretan Treasure Honey7. Cretan Treasure Herbs8. Cretan Treasure Tsikoudia9. Cretan Treasure new packaging concept for all products10. Cretan Treasure present boxes
  20. 20. CosmeticsOlive Moisturizing Skin Cream
  21. 21. SWOT Changes (external) Threaths (external) · Export · No actions New clients activities · Ampathy · More product categories · Attitude & Mentality · More values for invest in brand · Fear for new steps image and visibility · Strong competitors · Spain focus mass market productionsStrengthens (internal) End 2009 all existing client to be inform To start directly: To investigate theMotivated CEO and Founder them about CT initiative and to introduce opportunities for new employees to support· Strong back office website. January 2010 starts directly with the preparations of the introduction and to· Good marketing & sales communication on several levels to start the relationship with our current support(2010) potentials in China, India, USA, Russia, contacts.· Good support of the BU leader(2010) Arabic countries with packaged possibilities for wealthy end usersWeakness (Internal) To change and improve skills of staff and Start new Business model and make people· Financial situation MT July till December start training and responsible for own businesses to improve· Weak and not active commercial education programs. financial situation. Implement key account vision and strategy system with regularly actions, reports, each· Not enough clients Build Dbase next months and research the· Not positioned company and brands market. Make clear if not, to be out. with a strong marketing & sales oriented back ground
  22. 22. AIMS Critical Success 2010 2011 2012 FactorsWell knowing brand low Customers satisfaction End users satisfactionsBrand knowledge end low In retail its better End users start to useusers in habitsImage of CT brand low Improve in 10% retail 25 retail/10% end usersServices CT agents/ Low Start to discover, Choices about ourretail different service mapWebsite Low viewers Search engine is Good amount of working well visitors regularly
  23. 23. Cretan Treasure: Basics values• Promises – Quality guarantee • Selection of the most excellent • Selection of our collaborators products with strict criteria • Insurance of quality – Investment on • Certification of our co-operators quality from international • Flexibility in creating new products organizations according to the needs of the market • Experience – Know–how • Expand of co-operations in a • Professionalism worldwide level • Consequence • High quality services • Personal relationship • Vision • Final product of certified higher quality
  24. 24. Brand values for end usersBrand value: Care the of the body: Inside Vain Heart Lever Stomach Decrease Cancer Decrease Alzheimer Decrease Parkinson Its cleans the vain and air system
  25. 25. Brand values for end users Brand value: Care of the skin: Outside  Skin  Aging  Protect for sun and pollution  24 hours  In the daytime  In the night time  Deliver good body feeling  Outside Beauty
  26. 26. Brand values for distributorsRetail Importers• Loyalty opportunities • Valued proposition for• dBase marketing special distributors: – Webshops• Tastings and shelve promotions
  27. 27. Cretan Treasure Creates Added CustomerValue Best Customer Profile Identify Up-Sell Best SuspectsReturn on Customers Target Acquire withInvestment intent to keep Prospects Loyalty Acquisition Cross- Existing First Hot Sell Customers Experience Prospects Management Convert New Customers Keep Reinforce Brand Choice with intent to profit
  28. 28. The Relationship Management Continuum0 • Like life, customer relationships follow patterns • Recognize the phases of a customer’s relationship • Respond with appropriate tactics Acquisition Loyalty ManagementIntroduction Courtship Honeymoon Daily Life• Consumer • Sustain • Solidify • Grow introduced to awareness and relationship relationship the brand interest • Incent trial Lose Interest • Recognize it’s Try Part happening Again Company • Reemphasize • Give up when it what matters to makes sense them
  29. 29. The Relationship Management Toolkit Segmentation Categorizes customers around common wants/needsCustomer Value Model Estimates of the customer’s actual/potentialfinancial contribution Satisfaction Monitor Tracks the customer’s brand/product Loyalty experience Framework Assesses behavioral and attitudinal relationships to the Brand
  30. 30. From current brand to newinternational brand approach
  31. 31. Favourite Colour search for young female• Women prefer brands whose ads mirror their own identities• Real women respond more favourably to a brand if its adverts mirror their own identities, an ongoing survey which canvassed the opinions of 2,000 women in the UK, US, China, India, Canada, Brazil, Kenya and Jordan revealed.• The study challenges the advertising worlds perennial reliance on young, white and extremely thin models.• However, advertisers cannot simply enlist a few fuller-figured models, says Ben Barry, who is carrying out the research at Cambridge University’’s Judge business school: “In general, people have a more favourable reaction to brands that show models who represent people’’s age, size and background.• “It’’s not necessarily enough to show one component which is similar - people really wanted to see someone who represents them in all three factors.”• To reach the conclusion, Barry commissioned advertising agencies to produce a number of realistic print campaigns for products, including consumer and luxury goods, reports the• Half were made using what the study termed “traditionally attractive models” - aged 16 to 24, white and around US size zero, the equivalent of a UK size four.• While the remaining pictures included “realistically attractive models” of a range of ages, races and shapes.
  33. 33. Favourite brands Womens Luxury Womens Luxury Womens Luxury Womens Luxury Lifestyle Brands Lifestyle Brands Lifestyle Shops Lifestyle Shops Emilio Pucci Baccarat Fendi Dior Kate Boutique David Yurman Bollinger Neiman Marcus Forzieri Agent Provocateur doo.ri Yoox Bergdorf Goodman Moët & Chandon Diane von Jake Kate Spade Furstenberg Barneys Revolve Sonia Rykiel Emilio Pucci Bluefly Standard Style Versace Milly Ron Herman Boutique Roberto Cavalli Alexander McQueen Blue Nile The Pink Slip Louis Vuitton Michael C. Fina
  34. 34. Cretan Treasure new packaging concept for all products
  35. 35. tv print radio dialoog outdoo contact r webvertising informatiesite e-mail, sms, virals infotools direct mail aantrekkelijk, intelligent, open, Q&A inspirerend transparant,game infotainment leuk discussie brochurescustomerrelationship productenmanagement duurzaam, bevredigend, helpdesk loyaal, lonend creatief, innovatief diensten acties eigen profiel incentives customizing formules upselling transacties cross-selling
  36. 36. eindwaarde MGM- lidmaatschap/ actie Duurzaam- aandeel beloning heid 24% - 3% nieuwsbrief promoti Conversie e proefgebrui incentive k 35% - 6% 41% - 15% site beurs,Begrip/voorkeu infotool event r q&a brochure (e)DM PR Awareness online marketing 0% - 76% massa rtv, print, outdoor doelgroep + mindset + media/kanaalgebruik
  37. 37. Cretan Diet and food
  38. 38. THANK YOUHenk TerolHenk.terol@admarcom.comTel: 0031 75 6123987M: 0031 654977703Website: