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XPERT INFOTECH imparts qualitative training in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, PHP++, JAVA, J2EE, ORACLE DBA, ORALE D2K, RIA, SEO, WEB DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT, ANDROID and other latest technologies. The training is designed for the BCA/MCA/B.E./B-Tech students who want to speed up their technical skills and proficiencies into real time development environment.

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I phone ipad-course-content

  1. 1. iPhone/iPad applications development For Professionals Effective from: Jan 20121 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential iPhone/iPad Development
  2. 2. ContentsIntroduction  Intro to open source. What is open source?  License Issues (MPL, GPL, LGPL, etc.)  Contrasting and comparing open source vs. traditional development  Methodologies Mobile Application Development Overview  Mobile Devices Profiles  Mobile Software  Options for development iPhone/iPad Training Outline 1. The iPhone OS overview 1. (a) Feature Summary 2. (b) Development Tools 2. iPhone OS technologies 1. (a) Cocoa Touch 2. (b) Media 3. (c) Core Services 4. (d) Core OS 3. iPhone Development Environment 1. (a) The Development Process 2. (b) Working with iPhone Simulator 3. (c) Working with a device 4. (d) Debugging 5. (e) Managing Application data 4. Application Design for iPhones 1. (a) The Run time environment 2. (b) Memory management in Iphone 2 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential iPhone/iPad Development
  3. 3. 3. (c) File and Data management 4. (d) UI design 5. iPhone Application Architecture 1. (a) Application Environment 2. (b) Application Bundle 3. (c) Internationalization 6. Views and Windows 1. (a) Introduction to views and windows 2. (b) Creating and managing views 3. (c) Modifying and creating customized view 7. Event handling 1. (a) Event handling 2. (b) Events and touches 3. (c) Handling multitouch events 8. Graphics and Drawing 1. (a) Introduction to Quartz 2. (b) Drawing using Quartz and UItoolkit 3. (c) Using OpenGLES 9. Audio and Video in iPhone 1. (a) Playing audio in iPhone 2. (b) Playing video in iPhoneNotes: Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 80 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry. 3 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential iPhone/iPad Development
  4. 4. Our Technology Specialization and Certification Courses:4 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential iPhone/iPad Development
  5. 5. KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: Training by Certified and Experienced Trainers. Industrial and Corporate Tie-ups for Live projects for student. Well equipped Computer Lab, Internet and Book Bank facility. Live project based Summer Trainings, Summer Internships and summer programs. 100% placement assistance on every course. Interview Preparation and Technical Events. On Campus Interviews in every month for the placement of students. WI-FI enabled classrooms. 100% Placement Assistance On Campus Interviews 58-61 (Basement), Vashist Park, Pankha Road, New Delhi-46 Ph.: 011-28526572, 65833100, 9990345891 www.xpert-infotech.com Email: info@xpert-infotech.com5 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential iPhone/iPad Development