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Master resume

  1. 1. Mohammed S. FarragKhaled Bin Al-Waled St, 32155.Shibin Al-Kawm, Egypt.+20165152887mfarrag@freebsd.orgOfficial WikiProfessional Objective: Basic Goal:  Seeking a position as a researcher in Operating Systems Development to get Master Degree. Wish to utilize my skills in Development, need analysis and communication with others as Work Group. Long-Range Goal:  Seeking a position as Team Leader since I have management capabilities with the support of Operational Management Planning. Summary:  I am searching for a position I can do my best in and keen in this area because I am always trying to give my leader my full capacity. Skills:  Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, Matlab, Perl, HTML, JavaFX, PHP.  Management Skills.  Communication Skills.Education, Training & SEMINARS:  Education: Cumulative Grade: Excellent. Degree: Bachelor Degree. Faculty: Faculty of Computers and Information. University: Menofia University.  Training:  2010 Google Summer of Code (FreeBSD Field).  CISCO Training Event, Ain-Shams University.  Wireless, IP Telephony, Network Security and Professional Development Tracks.  2009 MUFIX-JUG Summer Training (MUFIX Java User Group).  J2SE Track. (Java Standard Edition Complete Track).  2008 MUFIX Community Summer Training  2008 DGX Summer Training.  DataBase Design (DB2 & SQL Server 2000).
  2. 2.  Articles: FreeBSD Kernel Size Reduction.  Seminars:  FOSDEM 2011 Bringing OMAP3 into FreeBSD Tree.  Current Work TrustedBSD MAC Framework Testing.EMPLOYMENT HISTORY/ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Employer: MUFIX-JUG. Dates: September, 2008 to June, 2009. Job Title: Co-president. Responsibility Statement: MUFIX Balance Account created, Real situation analyzed, Big organizations hosted as FEDORA. Big events organized as Software Freedom Day.  Employer: Google. Dates: May, 2010 to September, 2010. Job Title: Student in Google Summer of Code. Responsibility Statement: New FreeBSD Kernel Theme was designed.  Employer: FreeBSD. Dates: October, 2010 to June, 2011. Job Title: Developer. Responsibility Statement: Bringing up OMAP3 into FreeBSD Tree.  Employer: Google. Dates: December, 2011 to Present. Job Title: Shibin Al-Kawm GTUG Admin. Responsibility Statement: Events are planned and ready to be organized.Additional Projects:  Network Track:  VOIP Call Management using AsteriskNow Server.  FTP Client under Linux (C-Based).  GNS3 Network Simulation.
  3. 3.  Security Track:  Implementation of DES, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, Hill-Cipher, Play-fair, Transposition and Substitution Caesar Encryption/Decryption Algorithms.  Geographic Information System Track.  Monuments and Railways Layers Connection with GPS Support on ArcGIS.  Connection between QGIS, Google Earth and Google Maps and GPS Receiver with fully support to Georeferencing plugins (Qt- Based).  Multimedia Track:  Implementation of Inter-video coding and Intra-video coding with fully support to YCbCr subsampling, JPEG and other Lossless compression techniques.  System Analysis Track:  Analysis of Shibin Al-kawm Hospital System and development of A complete program to adapt the system.  Web Design Track:  Traveller Home: The complete design of a website which will adapt user needs travelling to different locations with Flights based on the cost. (JOOMLA-Based).  DataBase Track:  Development of Oracle DataBase with the usage of Report Developer.Accomplishments:  Google Summer of Code 2010 Winner.  First Place in Web Programming field in Egyptian Universities Summit, Tanta 2010.  Representing Menoufia University in IMC Conference (Industrial Modernisation Centre).Personal Information:  Languages: Arabic, English.  Marital Status: Single.