Presenter manual android development (specially for summer interns)


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Presenter manual android development (specially for summer interns)

  1. 1. Specially For Summer Interns Effective from: Jan 20121 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. Contents:Introduction  Intro to open source. What is open source?  License Issues (MPL, GPL, LGPL, etc.)  Contrasting and comparing open source vs. traditional development  Methodologies Mobile Application Development Overview  Mobile Devices Profiles  Mobile Software  Options for development Targeting Android the Big Picture  Android architecture  Android application model  Introducing Android  Stacking up Android  Booting Android Development  An Android application Development Environment  The Android SDK  Building an Android application in Eclipse  The Android Emulator  Debugging User interfaces  Activity LifeCycle  Creating the Activity  An Overview of User interfaces  Using XML Layouts  Selection Widgets  Date and Time Tabs  Using Menus  Using Fonts  The WebView and the WebKit Browser  Dialog Boxes: AlertDialog & Toast 2 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3.  Using resources Intents and services Working with Intent classes Listening in with broadcast receivers Building a Service Performing InterProcess Communication Storing and retrieving data Using preferences Using the filesystem Persisting data to a database Working with ContentProvider classes Networking and Web services An overview of networking Checking the network status Communication with server socket Working with HTTP Web Services Telephony Telephony background and terms Accessing telephony information Interaction with the phone Working with messaging SMS Graphics and Animation Drawing graphics in Android Animations Multimedia Introduction to multimedia Playing audio Playing video and Capturing media 3 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT
  4. 4. Location Services  Simulating your location within the emulator  Using LocationManager and LocationProvider  Working with maps  Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder Introduction to Architecture overview of Android kernel internals  Android system architecture  Linux kernel  Libraries  Android Runtime  Application frameworks  Applications Introduction to BSP, ARM Toolchains, Patching, Cross compilation, Porting and Preparation of host working setup  Board Support Packages (BSP)  ARM Toolchains  Patching  Cross compilation  Porting  Host working setup by using Linux OS Preparing and Porting Android for Mini2440 ARM Board  Download Android kernel  Compile Android kernel  Prepare Android filesystems  Porting applications on ARM BoardNotes: Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 80 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry. 4 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT
  5. 5. Our Technology Specialization and Certification Courses:5 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT
  6. 6. KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: Training by Certified and Experienced Trainers. Industrial and Corporate Tie-ups for Live projects for student. Well equipped Computer Lab, Internet and Book Bank facility. Live project based Summer Trainings, Summer Internships and summer programs. 100% placement assistance on every course. Interview Preparation and Technical Events. On Campus Interviews in every month for the placement of students. WI-FI enabled classrooms. 100% Placement Assistance On Campus Interviews 58-61 (Basement), Vashist Park, Pankha Road, New Delhi-46 Ph.: 011-28526572, 65833100, 9990345891 Email: info@xpert-infotech.com6 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ANDROID DEVELOPMENT