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[WSO2 API Day Chicago 2019] API-driven World


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This deck discusses how APIs are touching every facet of our society and the underlying trends that are going to generate nearly 1 billion APIs in the coming years. All digital transformation is now API-driven and integration technologies underpin their evolution.

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[WSO2 API Day Chicago 2019] API-driven World

  1. 1. WSO2 - Introduction Open Source API Management and Hybrid Integration Shevan Goonetilleke President and COO, WSO2 June, 2019
  2. 2. WSO2-At-A-Glance $37m in 2018 Subscriptions 50% YoY growth 500+ Customers 130 New in 2018 Open Source Founded 2005, Backed by Cisco and Toba Capital Colombo, New York, London, Mountain View, São Paulo, Sydney, Berlin 550+ Employees (300 Engineers)
  3. 3. 2018 The Year For Enterprise Open Source $7B $5B $5B $34B $2B Developers Integration Infrastructure Data OS And another $500M invested by VCs into open source businesses.
  4. 4. Integration suites for digitally-native organizations are now API-driven. IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT Secure and federated identity for integration ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION Quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system API MANAGEMENT API design, creation, reuse, governance, and analytics #1 Open Source Integration Suite Vendor Application infrastructure and middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business. “ Source: Gartner June 2018
  5. 5. ...the only fully open source solution in our Wave analysis, WSO2 provides good breadth across all evaluation criteria.” LEADER in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 “
  6. 6. ...WS02 continues to make improvements in a positive direction moving them from product challenger in 2016 to the product leader category of this current version of the report. “ LEADER in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, 2019 Access Management and Federation
  7. 7. WSO2 Momentum Accelerating growth with efficient return on capital WSO2 DASHBOARD($000s) Exiting Subscription ARR ARR Growth Subscription Customers EBITDA Cash Generated(Spent) From Ops Rule of 40 S&M Spend for $1 Net New ARR Dollar-based Net Retention Rate 2015 2016 2017 $ 11,252 39% $ 16,387 46% $ 24,447 49% $ (13,482) $ (11,769) $ (624) $ (544) $ (795) $ 4,715 $ 4.31 79% 451 $ 1.61 97% 438 $ 1.07 105% 471 181 251 325 -39 31 51 Exiting Headcount 2018 $ 36,700 50% $ (1,114) $ 3,542 $ 1.15 113% 549 406 48
  8. 8. Flagship Customers Over 500 applied integration uses across every industry and geography Financial Healthcare Governments Education Telecom Retail TechnologyTransport
  9. 9. WSO2 and the API Driven World
  10. 10. The Global Impact of APIs APIs now account for 25% of the Internet’s traffic. $1 trillion is up for grabs through the redistribution of revenue through APIs (McKinsey 2017). 25% of revenue flows through APIs (Vanson Bourne 2018).
  11. 11. The Integration Imperative is Growing Disaggregated architectures drive 50 billion endpoints, growing >1 trillion CONSUMER DEMAND Scale and agility are pushing app disaggregation... …that makes hybrid integration the unspoken challenge of all cloud services SUPPLIERS DISAGGREGATE ARCHITECTURE TO MEET DEMAND 1 10 102 103 105 109 MONOLITHIC BUSINESS APP ENTERPRISE APPS DEPARTME NTAL APPS SAAS APPS PUBLIC / PRIVATE APIS SERVERLESS & MICROSERVICES 1970s | MAINFRAME 1980s | IT AWAKENING 1990s | INTERNET 2000s | MOBILE 2010s | IoT/AI 2020+ | DIGITAL NATIVE
  12. 12. APIs create business agility that fosters the rapid business reconfiguration necessary to continually adapt to an unknown future of constant change.” ~ Randy Heffner, Forrester Research ...And APIs Are The Glue All integration is becoming hybrid integration “
  13. 13. WSO2: Enabling an API Driven World An Integrated Platform Our Approach to Open Source An Agile Transformation Methodology
  14. 14. Start with API management IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT Secure and federated identity for integration 60M identities managed ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION Quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system 6 trillion transactions / yr Complement APIs with integration, security and analytics that connect apps and data. API MANAGEMENT API design, creation, reuse, governance, and analytics 20K APIs for 200K orgs Common architecture, common code base WSO2 Open Source Integration Platform ● Identity management ● Identity federation / SSO ● Identity bridging ● API and microservices security ● Strong and adaptive Auth ● Access control ● Privacy control ● API analytics ● API designer ● API gateway ● API microgateway ● API publisher ● API storefront/marketplace ● API repository/registry ● ESB ● Integration designer ● Message broker ● Workflows
  15. 15. Open contributions help build, test, verify. The best way to Speed innovation Open Source: The Best Solution for Integration Closed-source or open-core are not equipped to handle the challenge Changing Protocols & Formats OSS Community & Collaboration 1M open source contributions 6th largest Apache contributor 69th largest GitHub contributor WSO2 Leadership 300+ Contributors 100+ ProjectsOpen Source
  16. 16. WSO2 Architecture for Agility A composable architecture for the composable enterprise ARCHITECTURE IMPLEMENTATION Cell-based approach, technical guidance and best practices WSO2 Methodology for Agility
  17. 17. WSO2 Methodology for Agility Helps transform any organization to be integration agile FOCUS DELIVERY People, process, technology Assessment + Services-based methodology + Organization-wide implementation Monolithic Fast-Waterfall API-Driven Early Agility Integration Agile People Centralized COE API Teams Decentralized Self-Organised Teams Process Waterfall Spiral API Iterative Semicontinuous Continuous Technology Silo EAI/ESB API-Driven Early Agility Continuous Agility Corporate Digital Alignment Separate Digital Ad-hoc Early Strategic Digital-First Adaptive
  18. 18. Putting it Together: WSO2 Integration Agile Platform Open source, hybrid API and endpoint connectivity Solutions: Telco | Open Banking | Healthcare | GDPR | DEVELOP RE-USE RUN MANAGE IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION API MANAGEMENT Reference architecture and best practices for digital-native organizations WSO2 Architecture for Agility Maturity model and delivery approach that transforms any organization to be integration agile. WSO2 Methodology for Agility WSO2 Research for Integration
  19. 19. The WSO2 Subscription Legal certainty and global 24/7 SLA 10 Year Update SLA WSO2 Updates: Continuous access to bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements, for up to 10 years post version release Security Scanning Security Monitoring: Private security bulletins and early access 24/7/365 SLA WSO2 Support: 24x7 incident response and resolution times, with option for more aggressive SLAs via TAMs or dedicated support team Developer Support Query Support: on-demand experts to address open questions on implementation Legal Certainty Warranties and Indemnities that eliminates risk from open source
  20. 20. THANK YOU