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Jean-Fredric Hugel - Hugel & Fils approach to the Asian wine markets @wbis2014


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Jean-Fredric Hugel - Hugel & Fils approach to the Asian wine markets @wbis2014

  1. 1. HUGEL & FILS 12 generations of family tradition
  2. 2. A brief presentation  Family business, today run by 3 members of the family (12th generation) – 28 employees  100% family-owned and fully self-financed.  Wine growers from father to son in Riquewihr, Alsace since 1639  Total annual production averages 110,000 cases; over 90% is exported to more than 110 countries
  3. 3. Today’s Hugel headquarters in Riquewihr
  4. 4. Establishing stable export markets Loading a shipment for Sao Paulo in 1950 The labelling room in 1930
  5. 5. How wrong we are on wine in China?
  6. 6. 5 things to remember about China: The most capitalistic Socialist country in the world.  An upcoming major wine producing country.  A different alphabet than ours.  Wine was almost non existent only 10 years ago!  China has a strong culture of gift giving. 
  7. 7. China is opening to the world Only 15 years ago the country was closed and isolated.  International trade and globalization allowed the appearance of a Chinese middle class. 
  8. 8. China and Brands: Private property did not exist 15 years ago!  Intellectual property does not (barely) exist!  Brands did not exist 15 years ago!     This explains counterfeits This explains the thirst for brands This requires wine education
  9. 9. China and long vs short term “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  China is today a country of trading.    Wines are traded Wines are stored for speculation Luckily, some wines are still consumed
  10. 10. Producers view China as a goose that lays golden eggs! The price increase of Bordeaux 2009s and 2010s  Distribution channels and brand building  China is about to become a mature market  A thirst for wine and wine education 
  11. 11. What do we do to help the Chinese with wine?  Blackberry? Elderberry? Blackcurrant?    European wine descriptions are not adapted to the Chinese culture. Chinese culture is hitting wine culture! Mangosteen? Durian? Ginger? Lychee?  Is European wine culture ready for China?
  12. 12. An informative and supportive website
  13. 13. Translation is critical! The website includes the main categories in both simplified and traditional Chinese.  Translation was made by real Chinese wine people.  Sales sheets are available in Chinese for all the products sold in the country.  Back labels are 100% in chinese. 
  14. 14. We are working on long term:  Present for now over 10 years in China.   Unique partner is Summergate China. Present in hotels, high end restaurants.  The focus is to pair Alsace wines with Chinese gastronomy.  China is a growing market, with huge potential, but which requires a lot of work!
  15. 15.      Our wines match Asian cuisines like no others Elegant downloadable A5 documents ready to use, available in most Asian languages Chopstick holders for diplay and giveaways Ebony Hugel sustainable chopsticks A real opportunity for our wines in top Asian restaurants
  16. 16. HUGEL & FILS 3, rue de la première armée 68340 Riquewihr France Tel: +33 3 89 47 92 15 Fax: +33 3 89 49 00 10