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Why Berlin?


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Berlin is seen as a very hip city. Described as a “center of arts and creativity” by the rest of the world, Berlin is the go-to destination for young Europeans. Take a tour of Berlin on the infographic we’ve created below, so you can get a feel for the fashion capital yourself!

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Why Berlin?

  1. 1. WHY BER LIN Sources: Want to relax and catch up on your reading? Enjoy your downtime with some of Berlin’s finest fashion writers. MUST-READ PUBLICATIONS 5 It’s showtime! Berlin is buzzing with world famous fashion fairs and tradeshows that attract attention from across the globe. MUST-SEE FASHION SHOWS 4 Looking for some fashion souvenirs? Berlin is home to 6 major fashion retail stores worth visiting. MUST-GO-TO FASHION RETAIL STORES 3 2 1 3 5 4 Check out some home-grown Berlin brands. Fashion labels are springing up across the city at exponential rates. MUST-HAVE BERLIN MADE LABELS 2 Known as a creative hub, Berlin is a fashion capital city that is famous for its young and talented artists who have made a name for themselves. DESTINATION: BERLIN FASHION SCENE OVER 70 FASHION SHOWS & PRESENTATIONS APPROX 120 MILLION EUROS PER FASHION SEASON