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Paris Flea Market proposal


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Looking to enhance and improve marketing promotions? There are always opportunities to elevate vendor presentations, décor and

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Paris Flea Market proposal

  1. 1. Paris Flea Market May 2013 Project Goal: Identify opportunities to add a French “accent” to the Flea Market event. As shoppers stroll past vendor booths, Enhancements include: Bistro chairs and tables for guest seating Strolling musicians French music in sound system Finessing of existing canopy structures French flags Visual interest @ fountain Keywords:Eiffel Tower, Seine, Notre Dame, Edith Piaf, Louvre, Marais, bistros, Flea Market, street vendors, chalkboards, cafes, street signage, romance, flags, berets, bicy cles, maps, “love locks”, balconies, wrought iron, the Metro, formal gardens, booksellers, fleur de lis.
  2. 2. Where possible, create clusters of French flags along canopy rows.