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C:\Fakepath\Siteco Daylight En

  1. 1. For further information please contact a sales office in your vicinity! Sales Offices Germany Sales Offices Austria Sales Offices Europe Sales Offices Worldwide Berlin Graz Belgium Hungary Sweden China Nonnendammallee 42-43 Straßganger Straße 315 C.T.R. s.a. Siteco Lighting, spol sr.o. Annell Ljus + Form AB Siteco Prosperity Lighting D-13599 Berlin A-8054 Graz Rue J.B. Deckockstraat, 99-101 U Nikolajky 1085/15 Surbrunnsgatan 14 (Langfang) Co Ltd Tel. (030) 355309-12 Tel. +43 (316) 28 45 03 B-1080 Bruxelles CZ -15000 Praha 5-Smichov SE-11421 Stockholm Beijing Branch Office Fax (030) 355309-20 Fax +43 (316) 28 64 77 Tel. +32 2 410 50 10 Tel. +420 251 013 800 Tel. +46 8 442 90 00 Room B2903 Eagle Plaza eMail: eMail: Fax +32 2 410 02 46 Fax +420 251 560 772 Fax +46 8 442 90 25 No. 26 Xiao Yun Road eMail: eMail: eMail: Chaoyang District Frankfurt/Main Innsbruck Beijing P.R. 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Kat. 10 Fax +82 2 556 1644 An der Wethmarheide 34 A-1220 Wien Ole Deviks Vei 4 NL-2950 AA Alblasserdam TR-81120 Atasehir / Istanbul eMail: D-44536 Lünen Tel. +43 (1) 250 24-0 N-0666 Oslo Tel. +31 78 69 20 92 9 Tel. +90 216 455 45 65 Tel. (02306) 2004-0 Fax +43 (1) 250 24-255 Tel. +47 23 37 32-50 Fax +31 78 69 20 92 0 Fax +90 216 455 40 73 Kuwait Fax (02306) 2004-20 eMail: Fax +47 23 37 32-60 eMail: eMail: NGEECO National & German eMail: eMail: Electrical and Electronic Services Sales Offices Switzerland Norway Ukraina Company Mannheim Finland (Indoor Lighting) Siteco Belysning AS A2 Design LLC P.O. Box 6612; 32041 Hawalli Josef-Meyer-Straße 13-15 Siteco Schweiz AG Pejan Oy Ole Deviks Vei 4 Zhilyanskaya str. 30/32, r. 42 Tel. +965 241 8888 D-68167 Mannheim Airport Business Center 62 Matinpurontie 8 N-0666 Oslo UA-01033 Kiev Fax +965 246 3222 Tel. 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OG Portugal eMail: office industry traffic shopping public sports Allersberger Straße 185 France Siemens S.A., Oman D-90461 Nürnberg ANDOMIA Sarl A & D Iluminação Waleed Associates LLC Tel. (0911) 94178-0 Parc Club des Tanneries BP77 Rua Irmaõs Siemens, I P. O. Box 437 Muscat P.C 113 Fax (0911) 94178-31 FR-67832 Lingolsheim PT-2720-093 Amadora Tel. +968 713313 eMail: Tel. +33 3 88 76 55 75 Tel. +351 21 417 82 69 Fax +968 715042 Fax +33 3 88 76 08 72 Fax +351 21 417 80 89 eMail: Daylight Systems. Stuttgart eMail: eMail: Rutesheimer Straße 24 D-70499 Stuttgart Greece Russia Tel. (0711) 880237-0 Siemens A.E. Siteco Lighting Systems Fax (0711) 880237-30 Artemidos 8 - P.O. Box 61011 Office 607, Tverskoy Bulvar,14/1 eMail: GR-151 10 Amaroussio/Athen RUS-103009 Moscow Tel. +30 210 6864 578 Tel. +7 501 792 5374 Fax +30 210 6864 562 Fax +7 095 792 5302 eMail: Get informed about innovative lighting concepts and attractive lighting instruments for your projects. Please request our free 440-page Book of Light. Siteco Lighting Sytems We can’t improve Order number: 1045 Headquarters: Georg-Simon-Ohmstraße 50 | D - 83301 Traunreut the sun, Subject to change without notice. © Siteco Marketing 07/2005 Fon: +49 (0)8669 33-822 | Fax: +49 (0)8669 33-397 but we can improve 2.000 DUS eMail: · Web: its light. You will see.
  2. 2. Daylight from the sun. Daylight Systems by Siteco. 2 3 “The sun is a ball of fire, Shedding some light on the matter The bright side of light … … the dark side of light … Evenly balanced. slightly larger than Greece.“ Sunlight is one of the essential elements However, sometimes too much light “All things are poison,” Introduction 3 for all life forms. It determines our natu- enters a room, creating direct or reflected wrote Paracelsus over Anaxagoras, 500 years ago“ … and Greek philosopher, Product overview 6 ral cycles and promotes our well-being. glare and overheating. As a consequence, nothing is without poi- 499–428 B.C. the atmosphere and energy balance of son. Only the dosage determines what is or is Movable systems Daylight provides us with important the building is disrupted; the people in- not poisonous.” This Movable prism panels 8 information. Changes in light intensity side feel uncomfortable, tire easily and quotation by the famous German scientist is also Venetian blinds 12 signal changes in climate, time and lose their ability to concentrate. applicable to light. A lack space. Windows, skylights and glass roofs of light can affect us just as negatively as too Static systems let daylight – and therefore life – into our … and Siteco Daylight Systems much light. Siteco’s Static prism systems 16 homes and workplaces, creating a unique This is why we developed Daylight Daylight Systems direct the correct dosage of • Sun protection prism systems atmosphere, allowing us to see our envi- Systems which regulate the incident sunlight into every room. • Light control prism systems ronment in its natural colors. angle and amount of sunlight to create Siteco Daylight Systems: Micro sun shielding louvers 20 optimal visual conditions, a comfortable the optimal amount of CombiSol 24 Sunlight is a free source of energy, but indoor temperature and a pleasant light. unfortunately, it is not always available in atmosphere, while incorporating the Design/Fabrication 26 sufficient quantity. We must therefore fascinating interplay of natural light. Guarantee 28 supplement it with artificial light Planning 29 sources. Siteco Daylight Systems: making daylight a welcome guest. Reference installations 30
  3. 3. Art gallery, Leoben Architects: Domenig + Eisenköck, Graz, Austria Orchestrated light ... ... is our term for design- ing light with the goal of optimising functionality, aesthetics and emotional well-being. An important instrument in this con- cept is the management of both natural and arti- ficial light sources. Siteco Light up your life. Daylight Systems let nat- ural light into a room while filtering out the glare. In combination with artificial light, this creates a new visual atmosphere – pleasant, comfortable and energy- saving. Siteco light management will light up your life. 4 5 Experience, Expertise, Some like it hot … ... others prefer Siteco. Siteco Daylight Systems: Esprit Take tropical plants, for example. When sunlight strikes high quality reflec- • reduce indoor temperature gain in Siteco is one of the lead- That’s why they thrive in hot and humid tors made from the purest aluminium, summer, thereby cutting air condi- ing manufacturers of Daylight Systems. For greenhouses. People, on the other hand, only a small portion of the short wave tioning costs, more than 20 years, we prefer a less extreme climate at work – radiation is converted to long wave radia- • direct natural light further into the have been researching, developing and produc- unless, of course, they are used to the tion. The lion’s share of radiant energy room and distribute it more evenly, ing systems for control- tropics. can exit the room. • reduce glare without darkening the ling natural light. As experienced manufac- room, turers of luminaires, we Why do offices turn into greenhouses Conventional insulated glass has an • enable more flexible positioning of know how to achieve the perfect balance when the sun shines? overall transmission value (g) of 72 %. workstations, between natural and Our prism and louver systems coated • do not cut you off from the outside artificial light. We pro- vide high quality cus- The radiant energy which penetrates with purest aluminium have a transmis- world. tomised solutions for window glass is converted to long wave sion value of less than 20 %. our client’s needs – all from a single source. (heat) radiation when it comes into con- tact with objects. This so called “remote In addition, prisms and louvers direct the Siteco. You will see. infrared” energy is then no longer able to sun’s rays into a room via the ceiling, pro- penetrate glass, i.e. to escape. The energy viding optimal lighting and maintaining remains in the room, increasing the a pleasant indoor climate without im- ambient temperature. pairing the view outside.
  4. 4. The full daylight spectrum. 6 7 Let there be light! Venetian blinds Because prism and louver systems are Optimal light for every room and build- Siteco’s venetian blinds can be easily fitted into panes of insulated glass, ing. Siteco not only outfits offices with installed in the interiors of either new they are movable and stationary Daylight Systems, buildings or historical sites with pro- • easy to install, but also schools, museums, government tected buildings, and provide an ideal • protected against moisture and buildings and many other establishments. solution for sun protection and glare impurities, We offer a tailor-made solution for every reduction in rented or leased facilities. • and completely maintenance free. building on the basis of the following product groups: Static prism and louver systems Siteco Daylight Systems. These are fitted into panes of insulated Because light is what you make it. Movable prism systems glass, and are especially suited for These are mounted either vertically or use in glass roofing and covered court- Applications of our systems horizontally in front of or behind trans- yards, as well as vertical glass surfaces. parent sections of the building. They are The unique functionality and pleasing Façade Roof New Renovated Sun Glare particularly suited for façade integration, design of these systems make them ideal building building protection reduction but they also regulate the irradiation of for interiors in which demanding visual covered courtyards. tasks are performed, as well as for decora- Movable Large panel prisms ++ + ++ o ++ o tive illumination applications. Venetian blinds ++ – + ++ o ++ Movable prism systems are most com- monly used in newly constructed build- Sun protect. prisms o ++ ++ o ++ o ings. In old buildings that have been ren- Light contr. prisms + ++ ++ o – ++ ovated, designers must consider whether Micro sun shielding these lighting systems harmonise with louvers o ++ ++ o ++ o CombiSol – ++ ++ o ++ ++ the overall design. ++ optimally suited + well suited o suitable under certain conditions – unsuitable
  5. 5. MOVABLE PRISM SYSTEMS Plenary building, Bonn Architects: Behnisch & Partner, Stuttgart Lighting consultant: Bartenbach LichtLabor, Innsbruck What’s your point of Mirror, Mirror ... view? Our movable large panel prisms change position according to the position of the sun, reflecting only those rays which strike the prism panel at a 90 ° angle. Light rays with other incident angles illuminate the entire interior area, thus generating a dynamic visual environment. The view out of doors is un- 90° impaired, and the inte- 45° rior appears in a clear and friendly light. reflected sunlight Movable large panel prisms from Siteco: let the sun shine in. 8 9 The prism panels are The basics of optics Efficient and attractive What’s especially important is that fabricated from highly transparent 8N acrylic When light strikes a boundary layer be- Our movable large panel prisms direct people indoors don’t feel closed in, rather glass. They are not mir- tween a high density and a low density light rays precisely and also offer protec- they enjoy the view through the trans- rored, and are resistant to ultraviolet rays and material at less than the maximum inci- tion from the sun – all in one attractive lucent panels – contact to the outside inclement weather con- dent angle, it will be reflected. solution. These top quality prism panels world. ditions. They measure 750 x 310 x 12 mm, are eyecatching design elements for and their g-value is We applied this law of total reflection modern buildings. And the sun protection makes sense, extremely low. With Siteco’s movable large optics in the development of our movable financially too, for expensive air con- panel prisms, less than prism systems. Horizontal and vertical ditioning systems can usually be 15 % of the total radiant energy enters the build- The translucent sun protection systems dispensed with. ing’s interior. These systems consist of translucent can be implemented both vertically on acrylic glass panels with an extremely building façades, as well as horizontally precise prism structure. The movable for enclosed glass courtyards. panels are adjusted to ensure that light always strikes the back wall of the prism Good for you and your wallet at a 45 ° angle, i.e. the critical angle for Our prism panels reduce the high concen- total reflection at the transition point tration of luminance in the vicinity of between acrylic glass and air. This en- windows, creating an ergonomic illumi- ables direct radiation to be reflected, nation of the workplace, as well as a while diffuse daylight is allowed to beneficial indoor atmosphere – for offi- enter the room. ces, conference rooms, exhibition halls or courtyards.
  6. 6. Redirecting light. STATIC PRISM SYSTEMS A roof over your head. 5° Panes of insulated glass 42° 12 with integrated prisms are extremely effective and give your roof a completely new look. 28° The photograph shows 12 such panes at Bonn’s Haus der Geschichte (Museum of Contem- porary German History). 36° Siteco prism systems We “covered” everything … 12 put things in a good light. At Siteco, we have developed various types of prism panels manufactured from 45° 8N acrylic glass, so that you can see each room in its best light. 12 … to provide complete solutions. In order to protect the mirror coating from moisture and impurities, the prism panels are always mounted between A few details ... panes of double glazing. We deliver only Siteco prism panels are entire functional units, so that we can injection molded from 8N acrylic glass (made by provide an allround guarantee on our 206 Röhm GmbH). Alternate products. We assemble the prism ele- flanks are coated with an extremely thin layer ments, cut them to the required size and of purest aluminium integrate them into the double glazing. (AL 99.99). As is the case with metal coated double glazing, colour variations may arise. 206 18 19 Exemplary: Haus der Geschichte, Bonn.* Retrospective, introspective, circumspec- tive, perspective: The building’s architecture reflects the “open space” concept in Bonn’s Haus der Geschichte. Three barrel vaults, covered entirely in glass, form the main design element and supply the exhibition rooms with daylight. The glass elements contain two prism systems. Sun protection prisms regulate the indoor atmosphere, preventing the rooms from heating up – even on hot days. Deflection prisms ensure evenly distributed, glare free illumination. The effect is light flooded interiors with a pleasant temperature, and perfect illu- mination of the exhibits from all sides. Siteco prism systems – and history appears in a new light. * Architects: Rüdiger & Rüdiger, Brunswick Lighting consultants: Bartenbach Lichtlabor, Innsbruck
  7. 7. MICRO SUN SHIELDING LOUVERS Keep cool. Glass roofing is attrac- tive. Less attractive, on the other hand, are those who must work in the heat beneath one. Getting the best Micro sun shielding lou- vers by Siteco reflect direct sunlight, thereby out of light. maintaining a mild, comfortable atmosphe- re – even beneath a glass roof. Siteco micro sun shield- ing louvers: because people who work in glass houses should enjoy the summer sun! Exemplary: Presentation hall, DaimlerChrysler AG, Sindelfingen.* Not only inner beauty is important, even for cars. They should be presented in their best light, both indoors and out. 20 21 This is why DaimlerChrysler AG empha- Only the best light is good enough sised the synthesis of artificial and natu- Our micro sun shielding louvers are inte- ral light when planning the construction grated between double glazing panes, of their special design building. The pre- just like our static sun shielding prisms. sentation hall was to be outfitted with The only difference is the way they work: a glass roof to provide plenty of natural with our sun protection louvers, the sun’s light. The challenge was to distribute the rays strike vertical and horizontal lamel- daylight evenly, and to minimize glare lae, which are coated with vaporised top and heavy shadows. After analysing simu- grade aluminium. lations, lighting consultant Roland Greule chose Siteco's micro sun shielding lou- The louver is closed to reflect direct sun- vers. The advantages they offer are high light when facing south. Diffuse light light transmission, precise colour rende- passes through the north facing louver, ring, and a pleasant indoor atmosphere. supplying the room with pleasant, ergo- nomic light. In addition, movable sails were mounted beneath the glass roof, to prevent reflec- Like the aforementioned stationary sun tive glare of the cars' surface. Narrow and protection prism systems, our micro sun wide beam luminaries, mounted on the shielding louvers were developed espe- supports of the glass roof, supplement cially for installation in slightly sloped the natural light when necessary. glass roofing. Siteco micro sun shielding louvers: light to work and display by. * Architect: Renzo Piano, Genoa Lighting consultant: Roland Greule, Norderstedt
  8. 8. MICRO SUN SHIELDING LOUVERS Reaching up to the sun. Edgework detail of a micro sun shielding louver Exterior Tempered glass Perimeter sealant A few details ... Siteco micro sun shield- ing louvers are injection molded from ASA (BASF AG). They are coated with an extremely thin Aluminium spacer layer of purest alumini- um (AL 99.99). As is the Laminated glass case with metal coated insulated glass, colour variations may arise. Interior 22 23 Burda Media Park, Top notch quality from a single source. Offenburg.* In order to ensure optimal sun protection Striking “ fingers of independent of a building’s construction light”: the vaulted roofs of the six semi-circular type and geographic position, Siteco arches in the administra- has developed micro louver panels with tive building elements have integrated skylight differently pitched main lamellae. strips. Together with the large window frontage, these strips create a As is the case with the stationary prism bright, friendly atmos- panels, our micro sun shielding louver phere. Solar heat gain is prevented by Siteco’s system is only part of a wider concept. The micro sun shielding louvers are coated with an extremely thin louvers, which are integrated into the layer of vaporised top-grade aluminium skylight. and are extremely sensitive optical ele- *Architects: Ingenhoven, ments. To protect them from ambient Overdiek & Partners, influences such as dust or moisture, they Düsseldorf; lighting con- sultants: HL-Technik, are integrated into double glazing units. Munich; Werning, We deliver only entire functional units, so Tropp & Schmidt, Feldafing. that we can provide an allround guarantee. For stargazers. Skylight strip in a wing of Burda’s Media Park: the micro sun shielding louvers are discernible as a fine fishnet struc- ture in the glass. Innu- merable perforations give an unimpaired view outside. Siteco micro sun shield- ing louvers. Cool pros- pects.
  9. 9. COMBISOL Sun and glare protection in a single system. Combines high quality sun shielding with re- liable glare protection in a single system: the outer half is for sun shielding, the inner half for glare protection. 24 25 A real eye-opener. Two in one. Like all other stationary daylight systems Effective honeycombs. An allrounder. Working in a nice CombiSol is an enhancement of our tried from Siteco, CombiSol is mounted inside CombiSol’s sun and glare protection lou- CombiSol offers the following advan- atmosphere no longer and true micro sun shielding louvers. It is a double glazing pane. ver system is double layered. In the up- tages: has to mean forfeiting comfort. Siteco’s Combi- the first louver system to combine high- per layer, the honeycomb shape forms an • sun and glare protection in a single Sol creates a healthy quality sun protection with reliable glare CombiSol is therefore: entry and an exclusion area. The louvers system, atmosphere in interiors with glass roofing or protection. • easy to install, are open facing north, and closed facing • excellent protection from the sun – all sloped glass façades – • protected from moisture and impuri- south. Direct sunlight is completely day long and all year long (g* < 15 %), without expending any energy. And CombiSol CombiSol reduces the solar heat gain to ties, reflected off the mirrored surface, which • good light transmission (53 % directed eliminates glare so well a minimum and creates an excellent in- • completely maintenance free. is coated with pure aluminium. transmission, approx. 13 % diffuse that even computer users can stop squinting door climate. In addition, CombiSol com- transmission, including double and open their eyes. pletely eliminates glare from direct sun- Although CombiSol completely filters out The second layer directs the light to de- glazing pane), CombiSol by Siteco: light, making it ideal for demanding direct sunlight, the louvers still permit an fined areas, thereby reducing glare and • allround glare limitation, we combine practicality lighting tasks, e.g. in offices with com- outdoor view. People in the room can see distributing diffuse light evenly through- • non linear structure, with comfort. puter workstations, museums and ex- the blue sky and passing clouds, and can out the room. • very good colour rendering, hibition rooms. enjoy the changes in weather and light • simple installation and no main- conditions in a comfortable environment. tenance necessary. Nothing but blue skies. We developed CombiSol especially for With CombiSol, the sky’s the limit. glass roofs and sloped glazing installed in buildings with demanding air and illumination requirements.
  10. 10. DESIGN/INSTALLATION Fittings and installation of stationary Daylight Systems 7 8 123 8 3 Silicone sealant (e.g. Sipro) 9 6 5 4 1 2 1. Air space with integrated Daylight System 6. Interior sealant, support profile (e.g. Sipro 70-80 2. Interior pane (laminated safety glass) Shore) lightly ribbed (not foam rubber stripping!) 3. Exterior pane (heat tempered glass) 7. Sealing groove (e.g. Sipro 60-70 Shore) 4. Beading space, drip edge 8. Glass retaining strip 5. Spacer 9. Sealing layer 26 27 Airport Business Center, Fundamentals. To prevent thermal cullets, heat accumu- Mounting area. Perimeter seal. Hallbergmoos Architects: Zobel & Stationary Daylight Systems are always lation and temperature variance within The mounting area of the panes should Standard sealants for multi layered Weber, Munich mounted in between double glazing lay- the multi layered pane must be avoided. not exceed DIN 18545 guidelines, to pre- double glazing must not be exposed to Light consultant: Bartenbach LichtLabor, ers to protect them from the elements. vent variations in temperature between direct sunlight, because ultraviolet radia- Innsbruck These glass layers are fabricated just like Inclined glazing. the perimeter and the rest of the pane. tion will damage them. The perimeter conventional double glazing panes. Stationary Daylight Systems are generally sealing can be protected by cover plates, installed in roofs. Since inclined glazing is In roof glazing, glass retaining strips strips, silicone tape or a UV-shielding film. For the construction of glass roofs and subject to greater thermal stress, the should always be mounted on the exteri- the installation of these elements, the exterior pane is fabricated from heat- or, since interior mounted strips form the We recommend the use of specially fabri- latest versions of the glazing guidelines tempered glass, and the interior pane is drip edge in a sloped element, making cated silicone perimeter sealants, which issued by St. Gobain Germany and speci- made of laminated safety glass. sealing nearly impossible. provide sufficient protection even when fic technical guidelines on glazing pub- exposed to direct irradiation. They are, lished by the Deutsches Institut für A pitch of less than 10 degrees is not The drip edge and the sealing layer must however, gas-permeable and therefore Bautechnik (DIBT) have to be followed. recommended, since water runoff must be separated from one another, and the unsuited for use in gas filled glazing be ensured. This applies to both the glass drip edge should be below the sealing elements. The insulated glass panes must bear all element and the frame construction. layer. The exterior glass retaining strips interior and exterior loads and fulfill all When installing such a system, special must hold the glass securely to withstand Beading space. construction requirements. attention should be paid to ambient suction effects. Metal contacts in the beading space influences, e.g. excessive amounts of (e.g. studs, angle brackets, etc.), as well To guarantee the load-bearing capability impurities, falling leaves, etc. Constant as contact between the insulated glass of the glazing elements, external static exposure to moisture can cause material panes and the frame construction must loads must be calculated according to fatigue in the pane’s surface. be prevented by spacing blocks. The blocks DIN 1055 standards. If local building must not hinder condensation discharge authorities publish their own standards, or vapour pressure compensation. then these should be used.
  11. 11. PLANNING Heliotropic Diagram Siteco’s Traunreut site: latitude 47.9 º, longitude 12.6 º Planning. Top quality lighting solutions cannot be purchased “off the rack”. Every building and every room has different optical properties and different lighting require- ments – particularly in terms of natural light. This is why we develop an individu- al, customised Siteco daylight solution for each site. For planning purposes, we use results from theoretical calculations, as well as actual measurements. When calculating complex requirements – e.g. when the interior decoration elements and surface texture have to be taken into considera- tion – we utilise lighting simulations in addition to computer aided design. 28 29 Zenith Our guarantee. Consultants use models to demonstrate Siteco Daylight Systems are top notch and visualise the interplay of all interior products which undergo stringent quality and lighting components. “Artificial skies” P control checks. act as a light source for this process, Sun L O simulating changes in the amount of We believe in the quality of our products, daylight and the position of the sun. This and guarantee their functionality and allows innumerable luminance variations durability. N to be tested in quick succession. The technical data quoted in this bro- Comprehensive calculations, precise mea- chure were gathered by independent as _l _s surements and exhaustive simulations testing authorities in accordance with the guarantee the best possible planning – respectively applicable norms. The test 6_ S and the perfect lighting solution for each results are documented in test certifi- individual client. cates, which are available upon request W from Siteco. The measured values may be Siteco Daylight Systems: to each his own. subject to variance for different pane for- When designing a Day- mats and material combinations, differ- light System, you have to bear in mind natural ent installation techniques and external and architectural aspects influences. and meet technical re- quirements relating to light, materials and Siteco Daylight Systems: quality is our structures. goal.
  12. 12. 1983–2002 REFERENCE INSTALLATIONS Bern Art Museum Wolfsburg Procter & Gamble, 1983 Art Museum Schwalbach 1992 2000 500 m2 of aluminium sun-protection louvers 1500 m2 of micro louvers 600 m2 of micro louvers and deflective reflectors in pyramid roofing Architects: Architects: Architects: Aukett & Heese, Berlin Atelier 5, Bern Schweger & Partner, Lighting consultants: Lighting consultants: Hamburg von Kardorff, Berlin Bartenbach LichtLabor, Lighting consultants: Innsbruck Bartenbach LichtLabor, Innsbruck 30 31 Reichstag, Berlin 1997 600 m2 of micro louvers Architects: Lord N. Foster & Partners, London Lighting consultants: C. Engel, Washington, D.C. Korean National Museum, Seoul Stuttgart Airport 2002 1989 920 m2 static prism 600 m2 of prism systems systems Architects: Architects: Von Gerkan, Marg & Junglim Architecture, Partner, Hamburg Seoul Lighting consultants: Lighting consultants: Bartenbach LichtLabor, Bartenbach LichtLabor, Innsbruck Innsbruck