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PowerTV HSIA(High Speed Internet
Access) is a new system of Internet
Connectivity, created by VDA, that allows guests to surf from their own
laptop in their hotel room and common areas. HSIA is a revolution in terms of its ease of use, flexibility of
options and the creation of access codes. A high level of professionalism
makes the management of Internet connections by reception, incredibly simple.

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  1. 1. HIGH SPEEDINTERNET ACCESSExceptionally professional internet connectivity
  2. 2. 1 The SYSTEM is easy to usePowerTV HSIA (High Speed Internet A clear, practical web-based interfaceAccess) is a new system of Internet can be accessed from any computer connected to the network.Connectivity, created by VDA, thatallows guests to surf from their ownlaptop in their hotel room and commonareas. HSIA is a revolution in termsof its ease of use, flexibility ofoptions and the creation of accesscodes. A high level of professionalism 2CONNECTIVITY is quick to activatemakes the management of Internetconnections by reception, incredibly With only 3 clicks, the operator at re- ception can generate an access code forsimple. guests wishing to surf wirelessly. Another click and the code is printed out together with in- structions, meaning no more scratch cards and thus lower operating costs. Room connec- tions are even easier; guests simply plug in laptop cable and ac- cept the charge.
  3. 3. 3 Connection TIME is configurable 5 The PRICE is configurableHotels can offer Internet connections with The wireless connection selling price is de-multiple configuration options, including termined by the hotel with full autonomy.variations on connection duration, speed For connection in rooms via cable, hotels canand price. For example, hotels can configure also offer free connection to a single roomoffers from 1 hour to several days according or groups of rooms.to the level of usage or cut-off times.4Even the connection SPEED is variable 6Buying new CODES is simpleWith PowerTV HSIA the connection speed Hotels purchase code packages for salecan be configured according to either from VDA. Ordering is as simple as shoppingcustomer needs or those of the hotel to online. Simply enter the managementrestrict, for example, the consumption of total interface, and in a few steps the operationbandwidth. is completed.
  4. 4. 7 The USER INTERFACE is customizable NotesOnce connected, the user accesses an interfaceprovided with the logo of the Hotel and,among other things, a weather widget. Theinterface is customizable and hotels canchoose from the available templatesor create a look and feel based on anoriginal design layout.For special requirements, hotels can configurefree access to web pages or use a default loginpage like the one here to your right.8A SUMMARY is just a click awayThere are detailed reports on traffic volumes,access and revenue. All of the hotel’s internet ? Final informationconnectivity is organised in tabular form andgraphs. In accordance with the provisions of the Terrorism Act, VDA Multimedia will ensure the traceability of Internet traffic generated, both for navigation by cable and wireless from rooms and from public areas, thus relieving the Hotel of this responsibility.
  5. 5. VDA HQ ITALY VDA Multimedia Iberia VDA Multimedia S.p.A. Publishing & Communications Department © 2010 c/Tutor 43, 1° VDA Multimedia Spa 28008 Madrid – Espana Viale Lino Zanussi, 3 Tel. +34 911 299 521 33170 Pordenone tamayojf@vdavda.com Tel. +39 0434.516111 Fax: +39 0434.516200 MIDDLE EAST info@vdavda.com VDA Middle East FZ LLC VDA Elettronica Spa Office no. 134 Bldg. no. 10 Viale Lino Zanussi, 3 P.O. 37830 Dubai Media City – Dubai 33170 Pordenone Tel. +971 4 3914419 Tel. +39 0434.516111 desaij@vdavda.com Fax: +39 0434.516200 info@vdavda.com FAR EAST EUROPE VDA Asia Pacific Holding LTD 12/F Vip Comm. Centre 120 Canton R.D. VDA UK Ltd Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon – Hong Kong Unit 5, Orbital 25 Business ParkWD18 9DA Watford Hertforshire – UK VDA Asia Pacific LTD Tel. +44 01923 210678 170/36 12thfl. Ocean Tower 1 Bangkok howard@vdauk.com 10110 Sukhumvit 16 Ratchadapisek Rd. Klongtoey – Thailandia VDA Multimedia Germany GMBH Tel. + 66 (0) 2 260 6213-6 Fernewaldstr, 66 reales@vdavda.com 46145 Oberhausen – Germany Tel. +31 36.5475030 VDA Singapore Ltd wjteriele@vdavda.com Battery Road, #15-01, Bank oh China Building Singapore 049908 VDA Hungary Kft chanw@vdavda.com Vörösvári út 107 H-1037 Budapest – Hungary VDA China Tel. +36-1-481-0557 2101 CIQ Tower, 98 Suhui Road info@vda.hu Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou Jiangsu – China VDA Benelux BV edoardo.caminita@vdavda.com Versterkerstraat 3 1322 Am Almere – Netherlands AFRICA Tel. +31 36.5475030 wjteriele@vdavda.com VDA Tunisia and North Africa - Sousse - Tunisia Tel. +216.73.215178 VDA France Sarl info@vdavda.com 63 bis, rue de la Tombe-Issoire 75014 Paris France Tel. +33 (0) info@vdavda.com www.vdavda.com