Van Morrison Still Rocking


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Go to to buy your own Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. A must for every serious guitar player and collector.

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Van Morrison Still Rocking

  1. 1. ==== ====Van Morrison plays a Renaissance guitar. Shouldnt you? ====In August 1945, a baby was born in Belfast Ireland who would grow to be one of the mostinfluential musicians of the twentieth century. Named George Ivan Morrison by his parents, "Vanthe Man" by his fans, and more commonly Van Morrison by music lovers throughout the world, the"baby" is now into his sixties and both he, and his music are still going strong.Playing a variety of instruments including keyboard, saxophone and harmonica he played invarious groups until he found stardom knocking on his door when his Irish rhythm and blues band"Them" released in 1964 (ironically released as the B side of "Baby, Please Dont Go!"). Threeyears later, it would be "Brown Eyed Girl" that would bring him to an even higher level, only thistime as a solo performer. "Brown Eyed Girl", a song that is considered synonymous with VanMorrison, has been listed in many top 100 best song lists - and in 2007 was inducted into theGrammy Hall of Fame. Despite this, Van Morrison remains adamant that because of a contract hesigned without professional advice, he has never earned any royalties for this song.Another of Morrisons songs that has achieved greatness is the title track from his 1970"Moondance" album. Although released as a single 7 years after the release of the album, thesophisticated sound of "Moondance" has made it an ideal choice for singers like Michael Buble.Many of Van Morrisons songs have also appeared on movie soundtracks over the years.Despite his public appeal, and the way his music reaches out to his fans, Van Morrison himself isnot one of the music worlds more flamboyant celebrities. In fact, at one time he suffered fromserious stage fright which kept him from performing live for a time in the 1970s.Since regaining his stage confidence he has played in front of such notable people as then USPresident Bill Clinton, as well as concert venues worldwide packed with thousands of fans. Hesalso no stranger to TV appearances and appeared as one of Jay Lenos final guests before hisshow was moved to prime time in May 2009.One of the things that makes Van Morrison so popular is his ability to mix musical genre. Mostperformers stick within a particular genre and thats the foundation of their fan base. Van Morrisonhowever reaches across genres, blending his native Celtic tones with blues, folk, rock and roll, andeven pop. Consequently his music reaches a wide audience that spans generations.Although Van Morrison doesnt tour, he does continue to perform live, so if you havent seen himyet, make sure you get a ticket next time hes in your area!van Morrison concert fans can know about the artist discography and also how to book tickets
  2. 2. here at tickets Van Morrison []Article Source: ====Van Morrison plays a Renaissance guitar. Shouldnt you? ====