What makes you gain weight


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What are you gaining weight? What are the real reasons why you are putting on weight? This presentation shows you some of the main reason that makes you fat. From portion size to less moving and hidden elements like sugar, fat and salt. How all these factors can affect your health and lifestyle? Watch it now!

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What makes you gain weight

  1. 1. Weight Loss, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Health and Beauty The real reasons you are gaining weight UK is the fattest nation in western Europe. The shocking truth is that around 26% of Britons are obese, compared withYour Belly 2% back on 1970.Blasting Listof Food and seven ways to fix it…
  2. 2. facebook/weightlossworlduk @loseweightshop pinterest/weightlossworld Join in the conversation; get the best tips & deals on weight loss, bodybuilding and nutrition supplements
  3. 3. HEALTH &BEAUTY The real reasons you are gaining weight - OverviewWhat are the real reasons we are gaining of Japanese people between 40 and 74 yearsweight? old as part of their health annual check-up.UK is the fattest nation in western Europe. The The Japanese government limits are: 33.5shocking truth is that around 26% of Britons inches for men and 35.4 inches for women.are obese, compared with 2% back on 1970. These limits are based on International£50bn is the estimated cost per year of obesity Diabetes Federation guidelines to identifyto the NHS by 2050. health risks.According to the UK Health and Social Care What are the British government doing for thisInformation Centre the direct costs of obesity epidemic?are estimated about £5.1billion per year. Wehave more than 3 million of diabetics as a What are we doing different now in terms ofconsequence of the obesity. lifestyle compared back with 70s? And how we can fix it?Did you know that being fat is illegal in Japan? Let’s find out…Under a Japanese national law, companies andlocal government must measure the waistline
  4. 4. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 1: Portion SizePeople often say “I only had a handful ofcrisps”, but research shows there can be hugevariation in our perception of what that handful Try now:looks like. It is easy to overeat on a regular basis 1. Plates sizewithout realising you are doing it. • Use small bowls or plates • Stick to the recommended serving sizesPortion sizes have been creeping up over the detailed on packaging and weigh or measurepast few decades. portions. For example, a standard portion of mostYears ago, a scone provided around 200 breakfast cereals is 30g, but most breakfastcalories, now a coffee shop style scone can bowls hold at least double.easily contain 500 calories. 2. If you fancy a sweet or treat, eat just one portion.Back on 1970, portion sizes were moderate and 3. Cut that muffin or chocolate bar and sharefewer than 2% of adults in the UK were obese. it.Since the introduction of larger portion options 4. Use measurements tool when prepare yourhas meant many of us don’t even though it may foodmean we are eating the equivalent of two 5. Tip crisps or nut into a small dish.regular size meals in terms of calories and fat. 6. Read food labels.No coincidence that adult obesity figures havesoared to 26%.
  5. 5. HEALTH &BEAUTYReason 1: Portion Size The Diet Plate
  6. 6. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 2: Eating SpeedIt takes 20 minutes for the body to register consistency (there are not taste buds in yourfullness. If you wolf down your food, there is a stomach), don’t waste the good flavours.good chance you will eat more than you need 2. Digestion starts in the mouth, the digestivebefore you get the message to stop. enzymes in saliva are released as you chew, so allowing time for these to work will aidA study by Otago University in New Zeland found digestion. If you feel bloated after a meal,middle age people who ate slowly were much less maybe the cause is you are not chewinglikely to be overweight or obese than those who enough!ate faster. 3. Put your cutlery down between each mouthful or try chopsticks! Don’t reload your fork withTry now: food until you have chewed and swallowed what is already in your mouth.1. Don’ t eat on the hop Practice mindful eating Chew your food thoroughly until it is a liquid
  7. 7. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 2: Eating SpeedHow to tell if you are speed feeding!www.weightlossworld.co.uk1. If you are talking with your mouth full2. If you get hiccups3. If you ask for the bill before you have finished the cheesecake4. If you can’t remember what you had for lunch5. If you take a phone call during supper6. If your lunch hour lasts 12 min7. If you have a favourite flavour of Rennie Give Food Your undivided attention How not to eat (you know you are not engaging when…) www.weightlossworld.co.uk 1. The novel you are reading boasts thumb-prints of jam on page 32 2. The person on the other end of the phone says “are they salt & vinegar? 3. You shift your gum to one side of your mouth to eat a croissant. 4. You use 3 implements during supper: knife, fork and remote control.
  8. 8. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 3: StressStress can make you better at storing fat. 4. Breathing: A common response to our hurriedThe body reacts to stress by releasing the and fragmented lives is physical tension in thehormones cortisol and adrenaline as part of the body and shallow breathing through the chest.fight of flight response, these help us survive when Simply making a conscious effort to breathefaced with real response and one of the more deeply and slowly can lead to amechanisms for doing this to encourage and relaxation response to counteract yourmaintain fat storage. automatic stress response. Try to set aside 5 minutes 3 times a day and just focus onTry now: inhalation and exhalation. In addition to your breathing session, it would be helpful if you1. Exercise regularly could also include some aerobic activity, for2. Increase your B Complex Vitamins intake: instance walking, After 5 minutes walking, start these are important for good mood and high to become aware of your breathing system energy pattern, and begin to synchronize your3. Vitamin D helps improve mood and the body breathing with the steps you are taking. to absorb calcium and phosphorus.
  9. 9. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 4: Not getting enough sleepLack of sleep is linked to weight gain. Cause? Starship Enterprise, lit up with TV screens,Our hormones!, PC, CD player, etc. Let your brain switch off (no facebook, IPod, TV, computer…)Lack of sleep increases hormone ghrelin, which 3. Curb your caffeine intake, prefer to takestimulates appetite, and reduces leptin and infusions as valerian and chamomile.serotine, which indicates satiety. So the lessyou sleep, the more hungry you are likely to be 4. Keep good temperature in the bedroom.and more likely it is you will overeat and gain 5. Practice some yoga, meditation.weight. 6. Before prepare for sleep, gradually reduce the pace of your activities is best doneIt is a vicious circle, because we need sleep to slowly rather than stop suddenly and liehelp produce hormones which reduce satiety. down to sleep. 7. Moderate activity induces sleep20 years ago, people use to sleep longer hours. 8. Read a book or watch a movie with nice themes: funny or romantic.Try now:1. Stick with a regular rutine2. Some people’s bedrooms look like the
  10. 10. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 5: More unhealthy treats at the workplacesAccording to a recent study, 20 years ago, people use to snack less and take only64% of British office workers point the finger at co- main meals.workers for bringing in too many cakes and treats. Try now:14% feel under constant peer pressure to join in Get into a healthy routinewhen goodies are passed round. 1. Use an online weight loss programme tool or24% cannot resist the unhealthy snacks brought in to smartphone app: slimming.com, fitium.com,celebrate birthdays and other events. amandahamilton.com to track your intakes. 2. Keep healthy options to hand for snacking10.04am is the average time office workers will 3. Put your food on a plate - even the snacks, yousuccumb to their first sweet snack. are more likely to register what you eat.427 the number of calories in the snacks stored inthe average office worker’s desk drawer. Accordingto an audit commissioned by juice producerPomeGreat.
  11. 11. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 6: We joined the JamieDon’t be Jamie Olive Oil! Drizzle!Jamie Oliver is a tireless crusader for healthyeating, but his often liberal use of oil isn’t something tomimic.Little olive oil is good for heart health, use too muchand it piles a huge calorie load.Try measuring out 1 tbsp to drizzle next time thisweighs 11g and contain 99Kcal.20 years ago, people used 80% less oil to prepare theirmeal and due to smaller portions than we do currently.Try now:Measure the oil you use:Write the date on your bottle of oil, when is gonedivide the amount the bottle holds by the number ofdays it lasted and people in your house to get a roughoil intake per person per day. Prepare to be surprised. Science consultant Jen Green said: "The worst offender was the doner kebab. Doner kebab containing the equivalent of a wine glass full of cooking oil, and other fast food favourites are not far behind .
  12. 12. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 6: Less moving!The British Government’s target of 150 minutes’s bicycle your legs in the air to tone your bottomexercise a week. It seems daunting! and thighs or use a mini exercise bike.It makes a huge difference to our health when weembark on a new exercise regime, body adapts 3. Walk more: Get off the bus a stop earlier.quickly, as its job is work out how to conserve as 4. Make the stairs you new best friends.much energy as possible. 5. Team up with a dog: take your dog for walk and gradually increase the distance you cover every50% the reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes if you time.exercise for 150 min a week. 6. Press up is one must do exercise all trainers agree30% the reduction in risk of womb cancer in women on. Do as many as you can inwho exercise regularly. 1min, rest, 1min, repeat 4 times. 7. Jump to it: Skipping is fantastic total body20 years ago, people use to walk, cycle more! workout, burning a total of 120cal per 10 min.Try now:1. Keep surprising your body with variations on your . exercises and you will get great results.2. Exercise your way through the ads, put this time to healthy use, doing a set of triceps or cross training or lie on your back on the floor, then
  13. 13. HEALTH &BEAUTY Reason 7: You don’t notice hidden fat, sugar and salt!You may think you are eating a low fat diet, but will have to give the salt value by law.are you always aware of the fat/sugar/salt To convert sodium into slat, multiply the figure bycontent of snacks, condiments and convenience 2.5.products?Food producers have doubled the sugar, fat andsalt they add to foods in the last 30 years.75% of salt in our diet is hidden, so read labels –even on products that seem an unlikely source ofsalt. Some labels only show sodium, thecomponent of salt that increases bloodpressure, although in the future manufacturers
  14. 14. HEALTH &BEAUTY
  15. 15. HEALTH &BEAUTY5 Tips to Survive the Snack Attacks
  16. 16. HEALTH &BEAUTYWeight Loss, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Health and Beauty Thought of The Month