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The Future of Marketing: a Neo-Conversation


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How the face of marketing has changed and how we keep the marketing conversation with our consumers relevant. The face of marketing has transformed substantially. It’s no longer a one directional banter or broadcast dais dominated by a production line of messages. The future of marketing has signalled the end of one-way advertising as we know it. The zeitgeist of post-advertising reigns.

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The Future of Marketing: a Neo-Conversation

  2. #MISCONCEPTION Wayne Kotzé-Flemming Experience Architect + Marketing Purist @uberwayne wayneflemming.wordpress.comwf.
  3. #JOURNEY Consumerism in a post-advertising age leading to a neo-conversation zeitgeistwf.
  4. #CHANGE Marketing has changed It is no longer a one directional conversation or broadcast dominated by a production line of messageswf.
  5. #CLASSICAL PRODUCT-CENTRIC PRODUCT-CENTRIC BRAND-CENTRIC Features Benefits Experience 1980 Database marketing 1941 Relationship marketing TV Advertising Computer Generated Spam 1880 1970 Earliest Trademarks as Branding 1950 E-commerce Systematisation of Telemarketing 1905 University of Pennsylvania offers 1867 a course “The Marketing of Earliest Billboard Rentals Products” 1922 Radio Advertising 1860 1900 1925 1950 1970 1980wf.
  6. #EVOLUTION BRAND-CENTRIC CONSUMER-CENTRIC Emotions Identification Social-branding 2004 Facebook and Digg 1991 Integrated Marketing reaches 2003 2005 academical status My Space YouTube Vimeo 1984 1998 2006 THE FUTUREGuerilla Marketing 1985 Google and MSN launched 2001 Twitter Post-Advertising age Desktop Publishing Social Bookmarking 2002 Photo Sharing 1990 2000 2005 2011wf.
  7. #CHANGE Change is one thing - progress is another Betrand Russelwf.
  8. #IT’S A NEW WORLD Defined by technology and consumer controlwf.
  9. #CONSUMER-CENTRIC To understand the heart and soul of the consumerwf.
  10. #REVOLUTION The dialogue will continue It’s a conversation that engages An era of co-creationwf.
  11. #CONSUMER Consumers control our brands and the stories we tell about that brand They choose how, where and when we engage with them They trust fellow consumers more than they trust brandswf.
  12. #CONSUMERS People will always stay the samewf.
  13. #CONVERSATION The way we speak to consumers changewf.
  14. #SUCCESS Engage consumers in dialogue and leverage their insightswf.
  15. #INSIGHTS The understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specificwf. context
  16. #EPIPHANY Context Relationships Insight Behaviours Cause Effectwf.
  17. #OUR JOB Understand consumer behaviour to build communities of interestwf.
  18. #COMMUNITY Architect of the Community Simon Mainwaringwf.
  19. #EVANGELISE Don’t think audience - think community We need them to evangelise our stories on our behalfwf.
  20. #STORYTELLING It has become an organic, non- linear brand conversation It occurs through time and space, tailor-made to each touch-pointwf.
  21. #SOCIAL COMMUNITY A group of like-minded individuals connected by interactionwf. Liz Strauss
  22. #PROSUMER Is the reason two people are talking to each other Hugh Macloedwf.
  23. #CONTEXT Relevant content across multi-platformswf.
  25. # TIP 1wf.
  26. # TIP 2 Understandwf.
  27. #TIP 3 The herd will be heardwf.
  28. #TIP 4 Listenwf.
  29. #TIP 5 Thinkwf.
  30. #TIP 6 Conversewf.
  31. #TIP 8 DQwf.
  32. Listen Think Converse Research & Product Integration Analysis Context Relevance Concept Ideation Impact Tracking/ Analytics/ Insights Measurement Paid Touchpoint Owned Planning Earned Strategy Implementation Conversation & Contentwf. Development
  33. #THE END References Sapient CMO Survey 2011 Mitch Joel - Twist Image Forrester 2010 Google Statistics wikipedia.comwf. Images: Google Images THANK YOU