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IoT Gent meetup


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Presentation given at the 1st IoT Gent meetup - 17/01/2014

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IoT Gent meetup

  1. 1. Towards an Interoperable, Scalable and Evolvable Internet of Things WALTER COLITTI (@waltercolitti)
  2. 2. The IoT vision 2010 Connected devices 2015 2020 4.5 Billions 25 Billions 50 Billions
  3. 3. Different devices
  4. 4. Our focus
  5. 5. IoT protocol problem Proprietary protocols + Application gateways = X Internet Intranet of Things No interoperability means vendor lock-in Gateways mean architectural complexity complex integration with the Web
  6. 6. The Internet success End-to-End principle Interoperability
  7. 7. Why not repeating the IP path?
  8. 8. Embedded IP technologies 6LoWPAN Enables IPv6 over constrained networks RPL Routing protocol for Low-power Lossy Networks
  9. 9. 6LowPAN INTERNET Wireless Sensor Network LAN Application Application Transport Transport Internet Internet (IPv4/IPv6) (IPv4/IPv6) (IPv4/IPv6) Link Link Application LAN/Internet border router Link Internet (IPv6) Internet 6LoWPAN Internet 6LoWPAN Link (802.15.4) Link (802.15.4) Internet/WSN border router (IPv6) TCP/IP enabled Sensor mote
  10. 10. Why stopping at IP?
  11. 11. Web technologies REST REpresentational State Transfer HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
  12. 12. Embedded Web technologies REST HTTP http://.........../temperature REST Web of Things HTTP
  13. 13. The problem REST/HTTP complex for tiny devices Relies on TCP REST/HTTP not designed for IoT/M2M apps Complex observation mechanisms No multicast support Long-lived transactions
  14. 14. CoAP CoRE Working Group Constrained Application Protocol HTTP functionalities for constrained devices Extra functionalities added
  15. 15. CoAP design CoAP TCP UDP IP Dual Layer HTTP Request/ Response IP Transaction Transaction layer for message exchange Request/Response layer for resource manipulation Features Small message overhead (4 bytes binary header) Client can observe resource status changes
  16. 16. CoAP principle a) Client Server c) Client Server d) Client Server CON (registration) Client ACK (+ piggybacked response) NON (notification 1) b) CON (registration) ACK (+ piggybacked response) NON request CON (notification 1) Server ACK CON request ACK (+ piggybacked response) NON (notification 2) CON (notification 2) ACK
  17. 17. CoAP Performance Response Time
  18. 18. CoAP Performance Energy consumption (server mote)
  19. 19. IoT/Web Integration Cross-protocol resource access (Proxy) Web App Internet Resource search and discovery (Resource Directory) REST / HTTP REST / CoAP Network of Smart Objects
  20. 20. IoT/Web Integration Web App RD Proxy Smart Object GET coap://[rd_ipaddr]/.wellknown/core?rt=core.rd 2.05 Content "</rd>; rt="core.rd" POST coap://[rd_ipaddr]/rd?ep=obj_ipaddr </temp>;rt=“Temperature” GET http://proxy_ipaddr/.wellknown/core/coap://rd_ipaddr/rdlookup/res?rt=Temperature 200 OK "<coap:// obj_ipaddr /temp>;rt="Temperature" GET http://proxy_ipaddr/.wellknown/core/coap://obj_ipaddr /temp 2.01 Created Location: /rd/obj_ipaddr GET coap://rd_ipaddr/rdlookup/res?rt=Temperature 2.05 Content "<coap://[obj_ipaddr]/temp>;rt="Temperature" GET coap://[obj_ipaddr]/temp 2.05 Content "temp value" 200 OK "temp value "
  21. 21. Interoperability/Scalability Web App Cross-protocol resource access (Proxy) Web App Internet Resource search and discovery (Resource Directory) Web App REST / HTTP REST / CoAP Network of Smart Objects
  22. 22. Interoperability/Scalability Network of Smart Objects Cross-protocol resource access (Proxy) Web App Internet Network of Smart Objects Resource search and discovery (Resource Directory) Network of Smart Objects REST / HTTP REST / CoAP
  23. 23. Conclusions Open standards eliminate vendor lock-in 6LoWPAN brings IPv6 in the IoT CoAP brings the Web in the IoT Integration with Web applications Interoperability Scalability
  24. 24. THANK YOU for your attention! WALTER COLITTI waltercolitti